The limited edition Singapore Airlines mahjong set makes a comeback after last year’s overwhelming response

If you kept up with the news last December, you would have known that there was a lot of talk surrounding a limited edition Singapore Airlines (SIA) mahjong set that was exclusively created by the Batik Label by KrisShop. The set retailed for S$338 and quickly sold out because it was just that popular. In fact, it was so popular that people were reselling it on Carousell for a whopping S$1,300.

Plenty of people expressed their disappointment over not being able to get their hands on the set, and despite many people asking SIA to bring in more of such sets and continue selling them, SIA said that they wouldn’t be taking in any more pre-orders.

Credit: KrisShop

After a long wait, here’s some good news for all you hopeful fans out there. SIA has finally heard our demands and granted our wish by bringing the limited edition mahjong set back!

KrisShop’s limited edition mahjong set

This new mahjong set comes in a slightly different design from the previous version. It is designed with SIA and travel in mind, so you’ll notice that the tiles feature the SIA logo on the back, along with the unique SIA batik motif and flight-related ornaments playfully inscribed on the front. Previously, the back of the tiles only had the batik motifs on them.

Let’s take a closer look at the individual tiles!

The flower tiles have the iconic batik motif on them, while the character suit has an Airbus A380 aircraft incorporated into the Chinese characters. The team has designed it so well and seamlessly that you might actually miss it at first glance.

Credit: KrisShop

The bamboos on the bamboo suit are replaced with runway lights in both SIA’s signature colours – blue and yellow – and a luggage is used in place of a whiteboard for the whiteboard tile.

Credit: KrisShop

The Green Dragon tile is depicted by an aircraft taking off. And lastly, different time zones are used to represent the circles suit.

Credit: KrisShop

The design of the mahjong tiles is so cute that you should definitely get a set if you’re both a mahjong- and travel-lover.

When you purchase the set, it also comes with 104 gaming chips in various colours like gold, purple, red, green, and blue, as well as a Wind Direction Dice placed in a holder, and three dice. These items, along with the 160 pieces of mahjong tiles, are housed in a luxurious green mahjong case with the KrisShop name engraved on it.

Credit: KrisShop

Where can I purchase this?

The limited edition SIA mahjong set is currently exclusively available for KrisFlyer members only, and you would have to login in order to purchase it. Don’t worry, if you’re not a member, this set will be made available to you from 16 January 2022.

Each account will only be entitled to one set, and do take note that you may experience a longer delivery lead time since there will most probably be an overwhelming response for this, just like last year.

Credit: KrisShop

This set retails for S$388 and KrisFlyer members can choose to either redeem the item with their miles or earn more miles with the purchase. You can purchase the set here. Here’s your second chance to get your hands on this before it sells out again!