25 new launches including fashion and electronics you can look forward to this December

The year is coming to an end and you deserve a treat – doesn’t matter if it’s a Christmas gift or not. If you need some ideas, here are 25. Happy shopping!


Beyond The Vines Dumpling Bags

If you’re a bag lover, you would probably have come across the brand, Beyond The Vines. If you haven’t, Beyond The Vines is most famous for its series of dumpling bags. These are fashionable yet affordable, so it doesn’t break the bank.

dumpling bags from beyond the vines
Credit: Beyond The Vines

The bag is designed to be for everyday use, so you’ll notice that it’s made of a durable lightweight water-resistant nylon. You can carry it both in your hand or sling it over your shoulder, making it very versatile. Plus, for added functionality, the bag has a large front flap pocket that can fold into itself for easy storage. It also has a D-ring so that you can attach your keys or your mask instead of placing it inside your bag when you’re about to have a meal outside.

This time, they’re back with the same collection of dumpling bags, but with an updated design and hardware.

dumpling bags from beyond the vines
Credit: Beyond The Vines

The bags now feature a brand type logo engraved on the front D-ring and adjustable strap hardware. Since there was feedback that the adjustable strap often slipped, Beyond The Vines improved the hardware by making it have a matte finish instead. Also, all the seams are now hidden inside the bag, so they cannot be seen from the outside. This gives a more seamless look to the bag.

Other than the updates to the features, the new Dumpling Bag series also comes in new colours, like Steel Blue, Fern Green, Ice Blue, Mustard, and Lime.

The Micro Dumpling Bag retails for S$59, the XS Dumpling Bag for S$79, the M Dumpling Bag for S$89, and the XL Dumpling Bag for S$109. You can purchase the new series online and in-stores.

Rawbought sleepwear for men

Who said that men cannot look good even as they sleep?

Rawbought is a brand that specialises in buttery soft sleepwear for women, but now, they are coming out with a new collection that is dedicated to all the men looking to sleep as beautifully and comfortably as women.

The men’s collection will be a part of their signature Je Dors Collection, and will be made of the same materials as the one used in women’s sleepwear. We’re talking about sustainable and breathable modal fabric, so you won’t feel hot at night. They will be available in two colours, classic Black and royal Insignia Blue.

men's sleepwear from rawbought
Credit: Rawbought

Other than the new men’s collection, Rawbought will also be releasing two new colour designs for the women’s sleepwear range. The Je Dors Shorts Set will be available in Insignia Blue, for those ladies who would like to have matching sleepwear with their partners, and a limited-edition Snowflake design to celebrate Christmas.

women's sleepwear from rawbought
Credit: Rawbought

Both the new men’s collection and new sleepwear designs for women start from S$79. They can be purchased at SIRI HOUSE or on the Rawbought website.

UNIQLO x Jil Sander +J Fall/Winter Collection 2021

+J is finally back with a new Fall/Winter collection and we’re all for the minimalistic and understated style. +J is a collaboration between UNIQLO and fashion designer Jil Sander, to bring high fashion to you at affordable prices.

+J collection from uniqlo
Credit: UNIQLO

The new collection features clothes that are suitable for the winter, especially if you’re making use of the Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs) to travel during the end of the year. Expect to see oversized silhouettes with a controlled fit, and materials such as polyester satin, cashmere, extra fine merino, tactile leather, and habutai silk.

+J collection from uniqlo
Credit: UNIQLO

The full collection will be available in UNIQLO ION Orchard, Orchard Central Flagship and online stores by early December. All other stores will only have selected items available. Prices of the items will range from S$49.90 up to S$329.90. Click here for more information.

Goldwood x Sanrio Collection

Sanrio fans can once again treat themselves to a new collection of adorable character T-shirts thanks to Goldwood. These graphic tees are the best way to show your love for them, and make for a good OOTD shot. You can even get them for your kids and wear them out as a matching family set!

sanrio x goldwood
Credit: Goldwood

The characters available are Hello Kitty, Gudetama, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Kuromi, Cinnamoroll, Pompompuri, Keroppi, Badtzmaru, and Dear Daniel.

sanrio x goldwood
Credit: Goldwood

If you would like something that you can use daily for school or for work, you can also purchase tote bags with your favourite character on them. Plushies are also up for grabs at just S$14.90.

sanrio x goldwood
Credit: Goldwood
sanrio x goldwood
Credit: Goldwood

The Sanrio T-shirt collection starts from S$16 and can be purchased online here.

Supreme x Missoni

Following the collaboration between Supreme and Tiffany & Co., the cult skatewear brand is already working to launch a new collection with Italian luxury label, Missoni.

supreme x missoni
Credit: Missoni

This collection will include bomber jackets, hooded sweatshirts, bucket hats, and colourful knitwear, something iconic of Missoni.

supreme x missoni
Credit: Missoni

The collection starts from S$190 and can be purchased on the Missoni official website. Do note that the Supreme/Missoni Reversible Knit Jacket has already sold out.

New Balance x Concepts

New Balance is launching a brand new pair of New Balance 992 and this collection is called “Low Hanging Fruit”. It honours Frieda Rapoport Caplan, the “Kiwi Queen”, which is why the shoes are in the colours of a kiwi – lime and brown.

concepts x new balance
Credit: Concepts

This collaboration with Concepts is also designed with Concepts goal in mind, which is to tell a story while being subtle about it.

The shoes will come in an exclusive Concepts box. An extra set of laces will also be included so that you can switch up the laces to suit your own personality.

concepts x new balance
Credit: Concepts

The New Balance 992 retails for USD240 (~S$326.73) and is now available for purchase on the Concepts website.

Zara x UCLA

Zara has collaborated with UCLA Trademarks & Licensing, an enterprise of Associated Students UCLA, to launch a new collection for men and kids.

zara x ucla
Credit: Zara

The collection features the UCLA brand on its fleece sweatshirts, hoodies, and long-sleeve T-shirts. The collection also features UCLA’s Bruins mascot, making for a cute touch to the clothes.

zara x ucla
Credit: Zara

These items will be categorised under the Zara “JOIN LIFE” label.

The collection is available for purchase at all Zara outlets and its online store. Prices begin from S$25.90.

Molly & Stitch high fashion dog collars

While this isn’t fashion for humans, it is fashion for your furkids if you’re intending to make your pets look good and feel good. Walk your pets in style by purchasing a collar and leash from the all-new Molly & Stitch Butter Leather collection. The new collection features a limited-edition colourway called Mango, and the colour is reminiscent of Hermes.

molly & stitch butter leather collection
Credit: Molly & Stitch

The collection not only provides practicality but also offers elegance and a sense of luxury as you fit the collars and harnesses on your furkid. Together, you can strut the streets as if you’re on your own fashion runway.

The products are made of premium leather, ensuring that your furkids will be comfortable while they go for a walk.

The collection starts from €29 (~S$44.57) and can be ordered from the Molly & Stitch website.

Adidas x Xbox

OG fans of the XBOX can show their love for the console out in public thanks to the latest collaboration between Adidas and Xbox.

adidas x xbox
Credit: Adidas

The Xbox-inspired sneakers features a black colourway, with the iconic Xbox neon green lining the side of the sneakers. The leather sneakers are in the Basketball Classics style, with a translucent rubber sole. The Xbox logo is small but noticeable on the side of the sneakers, making it a subtle yet fashionable pair.

The Adidas Originals x Xbox Forum Tech Boost can be purchased from the AFEW Store here for €214.90 (~S$330.28) inclusive of shipping.

Louis Vuitton Charlie sneakers

Louis Vuitton has just unveiled its first-ever eco-designed sneakers, with the shoes being made out of 90% sustainable materials. The sneakers are called Charlie, and are available in both low-cut and high-top designs. The outsole is crafted with bioplastic from renewable sources, while the upper parts are made with a mix of recycled and bio-based materials.

louis vuitton charlie sneakers
Credit: Louis Vuitton

They are available in two colourways, a classic white with large LV initials on the side, the LV upcycling logo on the tongue, and a monogram pattern on the outsole, as well as a monogram denim version.

louis vuitton charlie sneakers
Credit: Louis Vuitton

The sneakers are available for purchase at Louis Vuitton outlets in Singapore and on its online store, subject to availability. Click here to find out more.

Rick Owens x Converse Chuck 70 DRKSTR

Rick Owens has collaborated with Converse to bring to us the Chuck 70 DRKSTR with an elongated tongue.

rick owens x converse
Credit: Rick Owens

Those who are familiar with Owen’s sneakers would know that previous sneaker releases showcased a square toe. If you’re not a fan of those, you would be relieved to know that the collaboration this time features a pair of sneakers with a rounded toe instead.

The sneakers are available in both low-cut and high-top designs from €165 (~S$253.59) and €170 (~S$261.27) respectively. Purchase it here now on the Rick Owens website.


Supermat x The National Gallery, London Yoga Mats

Calling out to all yogis and fitness enthusiasts! What if we told you that you could actually do exercises on one of the world’s most famous paintings, like Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh?

This is now possible thanks to a collaboration between Sugarmat, a yoga mat brand, and The National Gallery, London, which is home to Great Britain’s national collection of European paintings. This new limited edition collection is called The Masterpiece, and the artworks are printed on Sugarmat’s LUX Form mats.

yoga mats from supermat
Credit: Supermat

These mats are cushioned and designed to have ultra grip, where the top side is coated with polyurethane and the bottom is made from textured natural rubber. This makes it perfect for those looking for a mat that they won’t slip on easily.

The yoga mats retail for USD129 (~S$175.50) and are available on Sugarmat’s website. Check out the collection here now!

Fitbit Premium StrongWill

Don’t have a personal trainer but want to start working out? Now you can do so simply by just putting on your Fitbit tracker and signing up for the Premium membership.

Unlike other platforms where you work out alone with a trainer you’re not familiar with, the Fitbit Premium allows you to work out with a familiar face and voice, allowing you to feel more motivated now that you have someone else in the same situation as you.

Introducing the Fitbit Premium Will Smith: StrongWill curriculum! This curriculum is meant to be approachable and adaptable to your schedule, no matter where you are in your fitness journey. You’ll be able to have sweat-inducing, endorphin-boosting workouts, as well as mindfulness sessions with Will Smith.

will smith x fitbit
Credit: Fitbit

Together, follow the steps of Will’s trainer and have a good workout session without the usage of any equipment or gym.

will smith x fitbit
Credit: Fitbit

Will is also using the latest Fitbit Charge 5 for his workouts, and if you’re interested, you can consider getting it as a tracker for yourself too. It retails for S$288 and can be purchased in stores or on the Fitbit website.

Start your Fitbit Premium membership today and get started on working out with Will Smith and his trainers.

Food and beverages

The Glen Grant 15 Years Old Speyside Single Malt

The Glen Grant 15 Years Old Single Malt was crafted by Scotland’s longest-serving distiller, master distiller Dennis Malcolm. This drink has an alcohol by volume (ABV) percentage of 50%, and was matured in hand-selected first-fill ex-bourbon casks.

the glen grant 15 years old
Credit: The Glen Grant

The flavours of it are also enhanced by non-chill filtration and gives off the aromas of citrus fruit and toffee. You’ll also get hints of spiced pear, apricot, and vanilla, with a nutty finish.

Now that The Glen Grant has just celebrated its 181st year anniversary, it has finally bestowed the honour upon us to try this magnificent drink.

The Glen Grant 15 Years Old is available for purchase from Dragon Chamber, Oublic House, One Place Bistro Bar, and Sweetea Caffe. You can enjoy exclusive promotions at Malts where it’s S$188++ for a bottle and S$358++ for two, as well as J’s Bar and Grill where it’s S$208++ for a bottle and S$358++ for two. You can also purchase the bottle online from Cellarbration, Redmart, and Amazon for S$125. Tipsy Topsy sells it for S$115 here.

Unique Time health beverage and probiotics

Don’t have enough time to get all the vitamins that you need? Unique Time, a health supplement brand housed under SGCE International Group has a solution for you.

Unique Time is committed to producing award-winning, world-class health products that will be beneficial for your overall health and immune system through simple and convenient methods.

Introducing their latest creation, Rejuvenate!

rejuvenate from unique time
Credit: Unique Time

This is an antioxidant-packed health and immunity-boosting beverage as it is packed with all the essential nutrients and vitamins that you need to stay active. All you have to do is drink one shot of it, and you’re done for the day. This is a super-easy way for you to stay healthy amidst your busy life.

Unique Time also has another product, which is called the Premium Probiotic 10. This is suitable for those looking to protect their gut health, strengthen their immune system, and boost their overall health. According to their research, just one serving of this product a day will be enough to increase your mental clarity and make you feel happier.

premium probiotic 10 from unique time
Credit: Unique Time

Rejuvenate is available in a seven-pack or a 28-pack, and it costs S$33.90 and S$128 respectively. The Premium Probiotic 10 retails for S$69.90 for 28 sachets. You can purchase these products on Lazada, Qoo10, Shopee, and the official Unique Time website.

NUTRIPE Essence dry pet food

nutripe essence pet food

Okay, so this is not food for humans but more of the kind that you feed your precious furkids.

But it’s worth highlighting because NUTRIPE Essence contains green tripe, a key raw ingredient and well-known superfood that aids digestion and benefits the health of your pet dog or cat.

Based in Singapore, all NUTRIPE products are made in New Zealand and Australia using ethically sourcing core ingredients that are natural, free-range, pasture-fed, and hormone-free from both countries.

NUTRIPE Essence is priced from S$9.81 for cats and S$10.35 onwards for cats on NUTRIPE’s official e-store.


Anne Klein Apple Watch cases and straps

Through its recently acquired WITHit subsidiary, Anne Klein has decided to venture into the new era of wearable technology. The brand has recently released a series of elegant watch straps and protective cases compatible with the Apple Watch. The launch aims to provide women with an affordable way to remain classy despite wearing smart watches.

anne klein
Credit: Anne Klein

The collection includes straps like chain link, metal mesh, ceramic link, genuine leather straps, and scrunchie-like leather straps. The protective cases are not just functional, but also exude a sense of luxe thanks to the designs with genuine crystals.

While Anne Klein currently does not ship to Singapore, the collection can be purchased on Amazon Singapore from S$71.70.


Casio G-Shock has announced that a new watch will be added to the MUDMASTER series, which offer watches purposefully designed to endure the most extreme conditions. The new MUDMASTER GWG-2000, similar to the other watches in the series, is fitted with a dust- and mud-resistant structure that cna withstand land environments with high exposure to dirt, sand, mud, dust, or rubble.

casio gshock mudmaster series
Credit: Casio G-SHOCK

But here’s what’s different. The MUDMASTER GWG-2000 is the first G-SHOCK to be made with forged carbon, a material that is typically used in aircraft and racing cars. It is lightweight, yet so strong that it is superior to stainless steel. The lug connecting the bezel to the band on both sides is made with this material, so it offers good structural protection to the face of the watch. This means you won’t have to worry about any damage to the watch face.

Furthermore, the watch has newly developed Mud Resist buttons, which feature a combination of stainless steel button pipes and internal silicone buffer material. This allows the buttons to have a tighter seal so that no dust or mud will interfere with the watch mechanism. The new buttons also absorb shock better.

Due to the way forged carbon is made, you will also be able to see fine carbon particles on the lug as they will form a random black and grey pattern. This makes the watch even more unique.

Despite the new additions to the watch, the MUDMASTER GWG-2000 is 1.9 mm slimmer than the MUDMASTER GWG-1000 thanks to the rearrangement of the structure.

You can purchase the MUDMASTER GWG-2000 in three different colours – stoic monochrome grey, military-look khaki, and sand beige. You can purchase it online or in-store for S$1,099.

Casio BABY-G BGA-290

Other than the new MUDMASTER collection by Casio G-SHOCK, its sister counterpart, BABY-G, is also debuting a new series for the BABY-G BGA-290.

casio babyg bga-290 series
Credit: Casio BABY-G

The models have an analogue face with Roman numeral hour markers, giving the pieces a sense of timeless elegance. The colours used this time are also muted to give a slightly more mature feel, whilst still maintaining the series’ classiness.

The watches are lightweight, yet shock-resistant. They also have 10-bar water resistance, allowing for the watch to be used for low-intensity sports and everyday wear.

The watches come in three colourways, black, brown with a light pink face, and grey. You can select a time from 48 different cities, and visibility at night or in dark places is still possible thanks to the double LED light that illuminates the watch face.

The Casio BABY-G BGA-290 is available for purchase on the online website for CASIO ID members and in physical stores for S$179 each.


Fujifilm Instax mini Evo

Film cameras have once again become popular, and Fujifilm is releasing a new Instax camera called the mini Evo. The design of the mini Evo is just like any old school camera, but it has a couple of new features that make it even cooler than other types of cameras.

fujifilm instax mini evo
Credit: Fujifilm

It has an analogue design on its side, and it’s called the film dial. Turn the dial and you will be able to flip through the different film designs available. There is also a lens dial, which allows you to choose the lens effect by turning it. And once you’re satisfied with the photo, simply pull the print lever and wait for your photo to be developed.

The LCD screen present on the camera allows you to quickly see how your photos will turn out. Alternatively, you can also connect the camera to your smartphone. Print and shoot photos on your camera by using your smartphone as a remote control. Photos taken on the camera can even be saved in its polaroid format on your smartphone.

The hybrid instant camera will be coming to stores just in time for Christmas for you to capture precious memories with your loved ones. It will retail for S$299 across all authorised Instax retailers from 1 December. 

DJI Action 2

DJI is known for its high-quality civilian drones and creative camera technology. With the success of its previous model, DJI is now launching a new action camera called the DJI Action 2. This new action camera boasts a smaller, more versatile, and more powerful technology, allowing one to shoot 4K quality and stable footage no matter what adventure they are on.

dji action 2
Credit: DJI

There are a few modes that the DJI Action 2 offers. Firstly, you can record videos in slow motion. This is perfect if you’re doing trick shots or if you just want to savour a moment for much longer. Secondly, it has Hyperlapse and Timelapse. These cool features will allow you to take creative videos and make it seem like the world is moving at a faster pace than you.

dji action 2
Credit: DJI

Thirdly, it offers QuickClip, which is an easy way for you to take short 10, 15, or 30-second videos. This way, you can easily upload them onto social media and Instagram Stories without having to edit the videos to a shorter duration. Next, there is the Livestream option, where you can broadcast a livestream with a stable stream output of up to 1080p/30fps. Your smartphone is then free to use during the livestream to look through comments.

And lastly, the DJI Action 2 can be used as a USB video device class (UVC). Simply plug it into your computer and you’ll be able to capture high-quality video for video calls and live gaming broadcasts.

You can purchase the DJI Action 2 Power Combo for S$639, or the DJI Action 2 Dual-Screen Combo for S$779. Click here to purchase now. The camera is also available on Lazada and Shopee.

JBL True Wireless earbuds

JBL has just celebrated its 75th year anniversary, and as a way to commemorate so many years of audio excellence and innovation, it has launched a new campaign called ‘Our Heritage, Your Sound’ to promote its True Wireless line-up.

The first up on the list is the JBL TOUR Pro+ TWS, which is perfect for business professionals who are always on the go and are required to take business calls from time to time.

jbl tour pro+ tws
Credit: JBL

These earbuds provide a good way to block out excessive noise and ensure you capture all the details during the business call. If you would still like to hear your surroundings, you can do so by just adjusting to a suitable level of background noise with the Adaptive Noise Cancellation feature.

You no longer have to touch your smartphone because the earbuds are equipped with smart features like the built-in Google voice assistant, and the Fast Pair function. The JBL TOUR Pro+ TWS offers more than 30 hours of total music playback, and is equipped with a triple-mic beam-forming array technology for enhanced voice clarity.

If you’re looking for something a little more value-for-money, you can consider the JBL Wave 100TWS. These earbuds are powered by JBL Deep Bass Sound, ensuring that you get to enjoy your music in all of its glory, just like how it’s meant to be. Your voice assistant can also be quickly activated whenever you need something with just one touch.

The JBL Wave 100TWS offers 20 hours of total music playback, and since the case is compact, it fits comfortably in your pocket or your bag.

jbl wave100 tws
Credit: JBL

Other products within the lineup include the JBL CLUB Pro+ TWS, JBL Live Pro+ TWS, JBL Live Free NC+ TWS, and JBL Reflect Mini NC.

The JBL TOUR Pro+ TWS can be purchased from all leading retailers and the JBL online store, while the rest of the products are available on the JBL online store, Lazada, Shopee, and all JBL authorised leading retailers.

Redmi Buds 3

Xiaomi has unveiled its new wireless Bluetooth earbuds that are now available for purchase. The Redmi Buds 3 come in a sleek white charging case that fits perfectly into your pockets or in a small bag. Each earbud weighs only 4.5g, making it lightweight and more comfortable if you’re using it for prolonged hours.

redmi buds 3
Credit: Xiaomi

A single charge will allow you to use the earbuds for five hours, and with the charging case, your listening time is increased to 20 hours.

If you’re in a hurry and you forgot to charge your Redmi Buds 3? Don’t worry about it at all. It supports fast charging, so even with just 10 minutes of charging, you get to enjoy up to 90 minutes of listening time.

The earbuds are also equipped with the Qualcomm QCC3040 chip, which makes them compatible with the new generation BLUETOOTH 5.2. This lowers power consumption, providers faster transmission and a more stable connection.

Rest assured that your voice will be super clear when you talk on the phone thanks to the dual-mic feature brought about by the Qualcomm cVc Echo Cancelling and Noise Suppression Technology.

Since the Redmi Buds 3 is IP54 waterproof and IP54 dust- and water-resistant, you can use them with ease no matter what situation you’re in – rain or shine, exercising or not.

With such great features, you might think that this will cost a bomb. Thankfully, the Redmi Buds 3 retails for only S$49 and is available for purchase at official Xiaomi stores on Lazada and Shopee, authorised Xiaomi stores, and other official retailers in Singapore. 

SteelSeries limited-edition Ghost Collection

SteelSeries is a common name amongst tech experts and gamers as it is one of the best brands to go to for a good mechanical keyboard and a lightweight, high-performance mouse.

Their latest limited-edition Ghost collection is one that a game enthusiast would be highly interested in, as it features the award-winning Aerox 3 Wireless mouse and Apex 7 TenKeyLess (TKL) keyboard in a limited-edition Ghost colourway.

steelseries limited edition ghost collection
Credit: SteelSeries

The SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Ghost mouse is super lightweight, weighing only 68g, allowing it to make fast and light mouse swipes. It is also equipped with a TrueMove Air sensor, silky smooth 100% Virgin Grade PTFE glide skates, water-resistant AquaBarrier, and a 200-hour battery life with fast charging. Owners of this mouse can toggle between a wireless and wired mouse, allowing duality and convenience suited to each individual.

The SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL Ghost Edition keyboard has mechanical switches that can handle 50 million keypresses. On the top right corner, the keyboard has an integrated OLED Smart Display with on-board storage that can function as a command centre whenever there is new information from a game or Discord. Furthermore, the RGB illumination lights allow you to customise and choose from 16.8 million colours.

The SteelSeries limited-edition Ghost Collection can be ordered from the SteelSeries official website. The keyboard retails for S$299 while the mouse retails for S$169.

Jabra Evolve2 75 headset

jabra evolve2 75 headset

Jabra’s new Evolve2 75 headset is designed to re-energise the hybrid working arrangement that most of us are currently adhering to.

To do so, Jabra has packed the Evolve2 75 with new features that push sound quality and comfort even further, namely an 8-microphone technology for crystal-clear calls, a unique dual-foam technology with an ergonomic earcup design outfitted with ultra-soft leatherette ear cushion for improved ventilation and reducing ear pressure for enhanced comfort, as well as advanced triple chipset for a faster, smarter, and more powerful performance.

The Evolve2 75 is now available in black and beige at selected retailers for S$549. There’s also a bundle option at S$628 that comes with a charging stand, but the headset only comes in black.