12 gifts for Secret Santa exchanges that everyone will love

Secret Santa gift exchanges can go so many ways – you’re either lucky enough to pick your work BFF, even your boss or a co-worker whom you… don’t really know all that well (wait, have I even seen them around in the office?).

There’s just tons of gifts to buy and so little time, not to mention the headache of figuring out what your Secret Santa will like. Before settling on a gift, maybe you could take a peek at their desk or social media and find their favourite colours, interests or hobbies.

If you need some inspiration and ideas for your upcoming gift exchange, we’ve got you covered with these 14 budget-friendly, universal gifts that everyone will love!


1. Lush Secret Santa Gift Set

Packaged in an adorable Christmas-themed box, this gift set includes two bath time treats – the Candy Cane reusable bubble bar, and lavender-scented Snowman Dreaming bath bar!

This set will be especially befitting of that one sustainable and environmentally conscious friend, because the packaging in this ethical gift set is made from recycled materials, including the printed ribbon which was made from recycled plastic bottles.

The Lush Secret Santa Gift Set retails for S$30 at Lush.

2. The Body Shop Soothing Almond Milk & Honey Gift Pouch

This soothing and bodycare set doesn’t just nourish and soothe, but also smells great! The value-for-money set includes a pouch, shower cream, hand cream, and body butter, all of which are scented with a lovely combination of almond milk and honey.

The Body Shop Soothing Almond Milk & Honey Gift Pouch retails for S$22 at The Body Shop.

3. Baylis & Harding Midnight Plum & Wild Blackberry 3 Piece Set

Know someone who needs some good ol’ pampering and self-care? Inclusive of three luxurious midnight plum and wild blackberry scented bodycare products (creme body wash, shower creme, and body lotion), this set will be perfect for them!

The Baylis & Harding Midnight Plum & Wild Blackberry 3-Piece Set retails for S$24.50 at Guardian.

Home and living

4. Yankee Candle Medium Jar Candle in Clean Cotton

You can never go wrong with a lovely home fragrance, but it can be quite the dilemma trying to pick a type of scent – floral, fruity, woody, who knows?

One thing’s for sure, everyone loves the fresh scent of clean laundry. Perfect for those who prefer a softer fragrance, Clean Cotton combines sun-dried cotton with green notes, white flowers, and a hint of lemon for the ultimate clean scent!

The Yankee Candle Medium Jar Candle in Clean Cotton retails for S$29.90 at Yankee Candle stores.

5. Cocod’or Preserved Real Flower Reed Diffuser in April Breeze

A harmonious medley of strong florals, sweet berries, and a cosy and powdery note for a fragrance that delivers the sensation of a softener, this diffuser is sure to elevate one’s living space.

Not to mention, who can resist the simple packaging that just looks so clean and minimalistic? It’s the perfect gift for anyone who hates clutter and gaudy items in their home, really.

The Cocod’or Preserved Real Flower Reed Diffuser in April Breeze retails for S$20.99 at Amazon.

6. Humidifier with LED Light

Besides the usual adding moisture to the air to prevent dryness, this humidifier can also have your home smelling great if you add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oils. The humidifier also has a built-in LED light that can switch colours and cast a pretty glow across the room!

The Humidifier with LED Light retails for S$18 at SHEIN.

Everyday items

7. Stojo 12oz Cup

Know that one colleague who always needs their morning coffee? Do them and the environment a favour by getting them a reusable silicone cup!

The 12oz size is just right for about everything, and can be easily compressed and fit into a work bag. There’s also 22 colours to choose from, so you’ll definitely be able to pick a colour they like.

The Stojo 12oz Cup retails for S$23.50 at Pupsik Studio.

8. Bamboo Cutlery Set 

Here’s something that everyone is bound to love – a reusable bamboo cutlery set inclusive of literally everything one needs for meal times! The set even comes in an aesthetic pouch that makes it easy to bring around and carry out.

The Bamboo Cutlery Set retails for S$20.23 at Amazon.

9. Portable Blender

Know someone who loves fresh juices or DIY-ing their drinks? This portable blender lets them do it fuss-free and on-the-go. The compact glass bottle can be removed from the blender, and put straight into your purse as you’re heading out. How convenient!

The Portable Blender retails for S$18.08 on ezbuy.


10. Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Red Velvet Powder

Perfect for fans of anything red velvet, Coffee Bean’s red velvet powder lets you make your very own red velvet concoctions, right in the comfort of your own home (or office, for that matter, if you need a midday pick-me-up).

Pro tip: Stir it in with hot milk to create your own Red Velvet Hot Cocoa!

The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Red Velvet Powder retails for S$26.90 at Coffee Bean Tea Leaf stores.

11. The Cocktail Box Co. Premium Champagne Cocktail Kit

Anytime is a good time for cocktails, so if you’re still having trouble finding a gift for that cocktail connoisseur, this kit has got you covered.

Simply mix any vodka, gin, whisky or champagne to make great tasting cocktails with the ingredients in the kit to create a cocktail of your own.

This Champagne Cocktail Kit makes six premium cocktails, and it’s portable, compact size makes it easy to bring around too.

The Cocktail Box Co. Premium Champagne Cocktail Kit retails for S$23.99 at Amazon.

12. T2 Tea Mulled Wine Magic Loose Leaf Feature Tin

Yes, you heard us right – this is the beloved winter favourite in a unique tea form!

Encapsulating all the aromatic flavours of the traditional mulled wine, each sip warms you from the inside out and brings you back to the festive season, even if your giftee’s enjoying it long past the Christmas period.

The T2 Tea Mulled Wine Magic Loose Leaf Feature Tin retails for S$30 at T2Tea.com.