Sculptural vases are trending on Instagram – here are 12 to elevate your home with

Want to elevate your home aesthetics without breaking the bank with a total do-over? Take a leaf from the playbook of interior stylists and put together some gorgeous, Insta-worthy shelfies, tables or nooks in your home. As for how to style these just right, you’ll want to get your hands on the hottest item that is the secret behind many popular stylists’ work: the sculptural vase.

Sculptural vases come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and iterations. But one thing they all have in common – they’re absolutely eye-catching statement pieces that wouldn’t look out of place in an art gallery as much as they look so quietly elegant in your home.

These days, sculptural vases no longer have to hold stalks of flowers to earn their place on your shelf or table, they are veritable art pieces in their own right and look just like sculptures. Whether you favour pure white vases or colourful pieces, geometric shapes or human silhouettes, matte ceramic or pretty glass, there’s most definitely a sculptural vase you’ll take a fancy to.

Ahead, check out 12 sculptural vases AVENUE ONE has found for your styling pleasure.

1. Doughnut Vase

sculptural-vases-singapore-donut-vaseThis doughnut silhouette that resembles our favourite sweet glazed treat has become uncannily popular in recent months, earning its place in the home of many lifestyle social feeds and Pinterest boards. It brings that bit of simple craftsmanship to your home in a way that’s pretty yet unobtrusive.

Everyone loves it because it appeals to the aesthetic sense of almost any style you can think of. Minimalist? Modern? Contemporary? Scandi? Boho? Farmhouse? Yes, yes and yes!

Whether you like your doughnuts a perfect circle, slightly irregularly shaped or even half-eaten, there is a donut vase for you out there.

Get it at S$17.90 from Zalora.

2. Arch Vase

sculptural-vases-singapore-arch-vaseAnother well-loved shape that you will see on the feed of any stylist worth her salt is the arch vase. Arches are one of the hottest interior styling trends this year, and they’re popping up on painted walls, doorways, window sills, halls, cupboard doors and more.

If you don’t want to commit to the trend with something so permanent, a sculptural arch vase will do the trick. Evoking hopeful images of rainbows and better days ahead, it’s no wonder that we love ourselves these aspirational cuties.

You can find these in different iterations, looking like actual rainbows in solid pastel colours, with geometric additions like spheres to jazz them up a little, or made with marble for a touch of luxe.

Get it at approx. S$150 (US$110) from Garmentory. 

3. Water Ripple Vase

sculptural-vases-singapore-water-ripple-vase1If you find your calm by watching waves lap up on the shore, you’ll want to get your hands on a water ripple sculpture vase to lend some soothing vibes to your home. The organic flowy shape of this vase is an ode to the sea, undulating and rippled in turn.

It’ll certainly make a beautiful statement on your shelf or sideboard, drawing your eye and attention to its curves as you contemplate and centre yourself in the midst of the flurry of work and family life.

Get it at S$195 from BoConcept, located at #04-01/02/03, Paragon Shopping Centre. 

4. Anatomical Heart Vase

sculptural-vases-singapore-hay-chubby-heart-vaseIf overt saccharine sweetness isn’t your thing but you still want to lay your heart bare at home, this vase is for you. Resembling an actual human heart with its two valves (yes, really), it’s quirky and beautiful all at once thanks to its graceful curves. Made of ceramic in a lovely shade of neutral beige, this vase brings a strong, hearty character to any shelf it sits on.

We also spied a similar vase with a slimmer base from the same label Hay, made of glossy stone in a classy olive shade. It has a similar sort of anatomical vibe, and one would think these vases are the perfect addition to your home if human biology fascinates you to no end.

Get it at S$170 from Selfridges.

5. Hand Vase

sculptural-vases-singapore-hand-vaseAh, the sometimes graceful, sometimes dismissive hand, and it’s now sculpted into a vase for you to display in your home. Whether the hand connotes possibilities, power, aspiration, outreach… There’s no denying that there’s something about the human hand and its form that intrigues and draws you right in.

Looking very much like a sculpture right out of a museum, the hand vase is truly timelessness objectified. These hand vases have many details separating them – veins, wrinkles, heights – but one thing’s for sure, they’re all ace at making your home ooze handfuls of personality.

Get it at S$14.62 from Lazada.

6. Body Vase

sculptural-vases-singapore-body-vaseThe female form has always been a work of art, and it’s having a major moment right now. You can spot these vases in celebrity homes and on Pinterest boards all over, in iterations from bust to butt, in colours pale and bold alike – and we are absolutely loving it.

Read it as a cheeky proclamation of body acceptance or an ode to beautiful human bodies as they are – or just a gorgeous sculptural vase worthy of real estate on your shelf. Whatever it is, we are all for embracing these curves – boobs, booties, and bodies – for everything they are.

Prices start from S$32.58 on Etsy.

7. Infinity Vase

sculptural-vases-singapore-infinity-vase2The endless loop of the infinity sign holds a universal appeal, signalling eternity and mystery all at once. A graceful infinity vase is a beautiful addition to any home, whose beauty is heightened by its deep meaning. And as we know, carefully curating pieces that hold special significance to add to our homes is a joy in itself.

We found this ribbed vase in more than one shop, in various sizes and colour options, so you can be assured of finding the perfect one for your home no matter what your style preferences. Its form surely embodies its enduring appeal!

Get it at S$66.81 from

8. Stacked Vase

Stacked vases are effortlessly chic, combining clean lines and a minimalist outline with just the right amount of detail. Anything can be stacked, as you can imagine, so the possibilities with this type of sculptural vase are quite endless. We did a quick peep and found stacked rings, eggs, baubles, and even books!

Because their silhouette does call to mind baby stacker toys, adding one of these stacked vases to your home transforms the space with a touch of whimsy and fun without subtracting any style points. Score.

These bubble stacked vases handcrafted from coloured glass are especially breathtaking when they catch the sunlight.

Prices start from S$19.39 on Etsy.

9. Face Vase


Face vases are gaining popularity for many reasons, not least among them because they naturally attract second, third and fourth looks. No matter how big or small they are, they add exponential personality to your home.

Choose from almost any expression you can imagine, there are a plethora of choices out there. Tribal, ancient Greek, modern, abstract or cartoony – take your pick for a face that you’ll want to peep back at you every day at home.

These ones are reminiscent of Picasso’s work, bringing edgy and modern all at once.

Prices start from S$42.80 on Etsy.

10. Brutalist Vase


Inspired by the Brutalist architecture movement of the mid-20th century, these vases make unfussy yet statement pieces in your home. (If you’re wondering what Brutalism is about, think intentionally unadorned with a hard edge about the aesthetic.)

We love the juxtaposition of soft botanical stems peeping out from the harsh angles of this vase, creating an interesting visual point for display. These look a little like chimneys, perfect for the modern industrial-themed styled shelf, we say.

Get it at S$79.95 from Crate & Barrel.

11. Vessel Vase

sculptural-vases-singapore-vessel-vase-valentinaDisplay this vessel vase alone without any foliage or with choice blooms, it looks gorgeous either way. And that is the entire point of a sculptural vase. This rounded vessel silhouette is lovely and timeless, enduring the test of time from ancient times to today.

You can find vessel vases aplenty these days, of all shapes (from trendy mid-century vases to ornate Grecian urns) and with all kinds of motifs. This particular version we found even has the prettiest twisted side handles to differentiate it from the pack.

Get it at S$72 from Urban Outfitters.

12. Geometric Vases

sculptural-vases-singapore-geometric-vaseThere’s always room for another geometric sculptural vase at home we say. There’s something soothing about watching those lines zig-zag or curve decidedly into a bold vase, forming a unique geometric shape purely for art’s sake.

And that’s kind of the point of a sculptural vase, isn’t it? Standing for itself without the need to fulfil any function as a holder, displayed for its innate artistic value and enjoyed solely for how attractive it looks. Yes, please!

Prices start from S$55.99 at Etsy.