Scandinavian-style furniture and decor pieces you can get from Taobao at under S$200

The Scandinavians have a way of living in utmost comfort and conviviality, even in an era where technology is constantly evolving at the speed of light. Perhaps that has everything to do with their preference for minimalistic designs that sets living spaces in harmony!

Often characterised by their focus on simple yet stunning contemporary finishes, Scandinavian-themed interiors offer high practicality and functionality, all with the perfect aesthetic you’d love to sit back to after a long day at work.

It’s no wonder this style of design is so popular here in Singapore – but we also know that the well-designed ones typically rack up a huge cost, going up to the high thousands!

Thankfully, savvy home-owners in Singapore have discovered Scandinavian-styled furniture and fixtures on Chinese e-commerce site Taobao that are just as actually well-designed, and more importantly, do not break the bank!

No matter if you’re looking for inspiration for your new home or just finding something to jazz up your bedroom with, here’s a curation of Scandinavian-style furniture and decor pieces that you can find on Taobao.

Psst… If you’re unsure of how to purchase from this Chinese e-commerce site, check out this comprehensive guide that covers it all!

1. Scandinavian-style tables on Taobao

Perhaps we’ve lost our primitive connection with nature whilst jostling our way through this rat-race of life. Meanwhile, the Danes and Norwegians have been incorporating nature in their home furnishings through the use of natural materials such as leather, wood and hemp since the ’50s.

It is believed that energy can be drawn from our connectivity with the earth, improving our overall mental health and psyche. These tables could make the perfect addition to your living spaces with their impeccable wooden finishes.

Retails from ~S$56.10, shop here.

Retails from ~S$108.82, shop here.

This wooden office table is sure to keep you productive even on WFH days.

Retails from ~S$78.45, shop here.

Or if you’re looking for a way to optimise a Sunday of lazy lounging, this portable light-wood table would make a great option. Available in the colour of Tiger Wood Grain as well.

Retails from ~S$9.55, shop here.

More recently, the stunning combination of metal elements and wooden surfaces has been trending. This black on brown action puts a modern twist on this oak-inspired table with a lower grid rack for some extra storage!

Retails from ~S$78.25, shop here.

Or opt for this classy double-marble piece that collapses into just one surface to save space!

Retails from ~S$73.95, shop here.

If you’re looking for a pop of colour amidst the neutrality Scandinavia pieces tend to offer, here’s a four-piece set that features a white marble table top and sleek table legs with a golden touch.

Chairs available in orange, grey, and beige as well

Retails from ~S$108.44, shop here.

Check out this uber-cute vanity table that comes with customisable shelves and an illuminated mirror. Available in white and walnut.

Retails from ~S$50.52, shop here.

2. Scandinavian-style sitting spaces on Taobao

Load up on some sensorial and aesthetic comfort with these upholstered pieces that’ll hopefully soften things up after a long day at work.

Retails for ~S$139, shop here.

Retails for ~S$60.54, shop here.

This elegant mahogany sitting option comes in a wing chair style, finished with the same olive skin.

If you’re looking to navigate tighter spaces, the minimalistic faux leather-backed chair would make a better space-saving option! For a cosier setting, opt for the armed version instead!

Retail from ~S$90.52 – S$97.56, shop here.

This neutral three-piece set comes with a matching coffee table. Break them up across different rooms to create a blend of unity amongst sitting spaces.

Retails from ~S$198.13, shop here.

More seating options:

Available in five different colours, from pearl mist to midnight black. Retails for ~S$99.77, shop here.

Retails from ~S$54.11, shop here.

Retails for ~S$175, shop here.

3. Scandinavian-style space-saving options on Taobao

With one defining trait of Scandinavian interior designs being its innovative and functional use of space, this versatile sofa is certainly a good pick for the theme.

This 1.8m long couch seats up to four people and can be easily expanded into a single mattress, doubling up as a bed!

Available in nineteen other colours

Retails from ~S$56.30, shop here.

Consisting of an enclosed cabinet which serves as a convenient platform to fit your favourite books and magazines at the same time, this light-brown side table creates an illusion of space with its sleek design.

Available in ten other colours

Retails for ~S$29.57, shop here.

Available in a range of lengths, this highly-customisable wall-mount is water-proof and easy to install, making them extremely durable. Pop on a few decorative pieces for the perfect cottagecore aesthetic.

Retail from ~S$5.26, shop here.

This sofa is another space-saving item, offering storage for ugly household clutter that can still be easily accessed when needed. Available in six different lengths of 70cm up to 150cm, this minimalist-style sofa would make the perfect addition to study rooms.

Removable armrest and seat cover available as well

Retail from ~S$20 – S$112.64, shop here.

4. Scandinavian-style decor items on Taobao

As most Scandinavian countries have to deal with extremely cold weather for a couple of months at hand, it’s not uncommon to spy a warm rug or two in their living spaces. Throw in some textured carpets for a cosy homely look.

Check out this carpet, available in eight different sizes.

Retail from just ~S$4 – S$39.83, shop here.

You’re sure to find the perfect spot for this polyester carpet, available in 14 different sizes, up to 2x3m.

Retail from ~S$4.90 – S$43.25, shop here.

When it comes to prints, it’s best to opt for toned-down colours that allow the designs to stand out. To add subtle accents to your Scandinavian interior, decorate your couches with these black-and-white geometric pillow cases.

Retails for ~S$6.07, shop here.

Add a touch of opulence with these classy blue-and-white embroidered cases.

Retail from ~S$3.17 – S$5.11, shop here.

Besides turning any old bland couch insta-worthy in just a second, these stylish throw blankets make the best afternoon nap buddies. Add texture to the room with one hung over the couch or laid along the end of a bed.

We’re especially loving this one in a dusty pink shade that instantly breathes a sense of femininity to any room!

Retails for ~S$51.05, shop here.

5. Scandinavian-style lights on Taobao

In the winter season, most Scandinavian countries experience only a couple of hours of daylight, rendering lighting key to maintain a cosy well-lit home. With several evolving styles of lighting over the years, it seems the industrial-esque look might be the way to go!

Modern lighting such as wall sconces and pendant lamps are sure to add some personality to your rooms, take these retro wall lamps for example!

Retails for ~S$118.17, shop here.

Retails for ~S$60.34, shop here.

More great options:

Available in white as well. Retails for ~S$143.26, shop here.

Available as a wall and table lamp, in both black and white. Retails from ~S$84, shop here.

Retails for ~S$77.07, shop here.

This charming chandelier could make the focal point of your living room, borrowing heavily on the industrial-style design with its black metallic finish.

Check out the 23 other options available, ranging from dome-shaped fixtures to abstract designs. Retail from ~S$12.07 – S$56.60, shop here.

For a sleek minimalist addition, this modern low-hanging option would complement any style of furnishing while adding a touch of sophistication to the room.

Available in 80cm and 120cm lengths. Retail from ~S$59.55 – S$170.86, shop here.

6. Decorative flora on Taobao that fits a Scandinavian-style home

While fresh plants are usually found in the homes of the Scandinavians, we know how difficult it can get trying to maintain them. Consider some faux plants instead, to bring a breath of fresh air to homes without the burden of keeping them alive.

Here are some good options to fill in the tightest and most awkward spaces in your bathrooms or simply to keep next to your desktop for that extra green power.

Available in five other varieties

Retails from ~S$8.35, shop here.

Housed in pots made of a variety of different materials, pick one with a rattan finish to match the laid-back vibe of Scandinavian interiors. Retail for ~S$9.65 – S$100.37, shop here.

If you’re looking for something to fill up a little headroom, opt for these hanging ivy potted plants instead.

Available in several varieties

Retail from just ~S$3.98 – S$11.45, shop here.

Pop these in an old wine bottle for a chic decor piece.

7. Scandinavian-style statement pieces for homes

Accessorise your table tops with simple designs that maintain the neutrality of a Scandinavian-styled interior while allowing one or two major pieces to pop against the rest of the house.

Marrying a polished white marble surface with light-wooden finishing makes this vase a perfect statement piece for your fresh flowers.

Available in four different sizes

Retails for ~S$25.02, shop here.

These half metal-half ceramic vases demonstrate the very concept of metal finishes adding glimmer and shine to living spaces. Spice up your dining table with these luxurious centrepieces.

Retail from ~S$8.05 – S$15.29, shop here.

Drop a few stalks of fresh flowers in these exquisite ceramic vases for an elegant touch.

Available in four different sizes

Retail from ~S$8.05 – S$12.07, shop here.

Consider adding a family of cats as minimalistic decorative pieces that double up as paper weights.

Retails for ~S$34.19, shop here.

This deer stand could be a standalone ornament or jewellery holder. Check out the other variations.

Retail from ~S$2.17 – S$5.83, shop here.

If you’re looking for a few wall pieces, stay true to Scandinavian themes by sticking to simple line art. These illustrations framed in gold add an extra layer of sophistication to living spaces.

Six different designs available

Retail from ~S$3.09 – S$10, shop here.

Leaning a simple wooden ladder like this one against a barren wall might just do the trick in levelling-up your decor game instantly. This can double up as a hanger for hand towels; just make sure you don’t overwhelm it by hanging too many things on it.

Retails for ~S$160.72, shop here.

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