Samsung launches The Sero, the world’s first-ever vertical TV to watch portrait videos on

If you’re tired of squinting at your phone screen, there’s now a television that can replicate your smartphone experience in a huge way. Samsung has announced the arrival of The Sero, a 43-inch vertical TV that can be rotated from landscape to portrait orientation.

vertical tv samsung the sero

The Sero originally debuted in South Korea, and it is now available on Samsung Singapore’s online store. The unique vertical TV is priced at S$3,499, but it’s now on sale at a discounted price of S$2,582.

The Sero’s most exciting features

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Portrait mode is the default setting for this TV, but The Sero has a motorised stand that can accommodate both horizontal and vertical formats. All you have to do is hit a button on the remote or via Samsung’s SmartThings app.

To pull off its smart rotating design, The Sero has a non-removable stand that’s integrated with the television. This stand helps to prevent the TV from hitting the floor whenever it flips vertically.

vertical tv samsung the sero mirroring

Since it’s a vertical TV, you’ll be able to watch Instagram stories, YouTube content, and TikTok videos blown up on a big screen. With a 4.1-channel, 60-watt speaker system at the front of the sleek TV, it can function as both a music streaming hub too.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone, you’re in luck. You can sync your phone with the TV, so the screen flips automatically when you rotate your phone. Apart from its unique features, it still manages to be a gorgeous piece of furniture.

Other additions to Samsung’s range of lifestyle TVs

The Sero is Samsung’s latest addition to its line of lifestyle TVs, but you can also check out The Serif and The Frame.

The Serif

Designed to blend in with your living room aesthetic, The Serif comes with a metal stand that fits with its stylish frame.

You also have the option to remove the stand, which makes it even more versatile. Don’t worry, it balances perfectly without the stand, so you can place the screen on a table or even the floor.

The Serif is available here on Samsung’s online store. It comes in 43 and 55-inch sizes, priced at S$2,199 and S$2,699 respectively.

The Frame

Like its name suggests, The Frame mounts on your wall like an actual picture frame. You can also place it anywhere in the room, using Samsung’s various TV stand options. We can’t resist the one that looks like an easel.

The Frame functions as a TV when switched on and a piece of artwork when it’s not. It has an Art Mode that offers access to thousands of artworks, so it beautifies your space when you’re not watching the telly. The television also has a motion sensor that shuts off the display when you leave the room. It can also be set to switch off when the lights are turn downed.

The Frame is available here on Samsung’s online store. It comes in 55, 65, and 75-inch sizes, priced at S$2,999, S$4,299, and S$6,299 respectively.