Retro food-inspired mugs are making a comeback – here are 12 to get to add flair to your dining table

Most of us can’t function without our morning coffee, and what better way could there be to enjoy the sweet elixir of life than in an adorable food-inspired mug?

These food-inspired mugs are also known as novelty mugs, and first made an appearance in the late 1900s and the early 2000s. Many people wanted their mugs to have some of their own “personality” and flair, and so mug manufacturers began getting creative with their designs. So creative, in fact, that these retro food-inspired mugs are now seeing a comeback (a welcomed comeback, if you ask us).

Here are 12 food-inspired mugs to give your dining table some retro flair.

1. Creative Cartoon Cheese Milk Mug

Credit: Ezbuy
Credit: Ezbuy

This adorable Cheese mug looks like something straight out of a Tom and Jerry movie with how ‘cartoon-y’ it looks. The bright yellow mug even comes with a white little mouse head stuck on the side of the cup, giving the appearance of the mouse sticking its head out of your cheese mug.

The mug also comes with a lid for you to protect your beverage from actual animals trying to steal your drinks.

Creative Cartoon Cheese Milk Mug retails for S$40.94 on Etsy and S$10.69 on Ezbuy

2. Instant Noodles Ceramic Cup Mug

Credit: Shopee
Credit: Shopee

Instant noodles are a beloved food around the globe, and what better way to show your love for the noodles than by having a cup that looks just like the cup noodle packaging?

This instant noodle cup bears resemblance to a NISSIN cup noodle, and is large enough that you can actually use it to eat your instant noodles.

Instant Noodles Ceramic Cup Mug retails for S$23.90 on Shopee.

3. Xiao Long Bao Ceramic Mug

Credit: AliExpress
Credit: AliExpress

Xiao Long Bao is a much-loved Chinese steamed bun, and now you can enjoy this savoury treat as a mug. Complete with a ‘bao’ on the steamers, the mug also comes with a straw that has a spoon at the end for you to eat any treats out of the mug.

Xiao Long Bao Ceramic Mug retails for S$50.16 on AliExpress.

4. Donut Mug

Credit: Amazon

A sweet, confectionary treat, this Donut Mug is just the thing to use for your morning cuppa. An iconic glazed doughnut with sprinkles and the “Mmm…donuts” quote from the Simpsons at the back, this unique mug makes for an excellent gift to a donut-loving friend, or even just for yourself.

Credit: Amazon

It is also available in two “flavours”: chocolate or strawberry glaze.

Donut Mug retails for S$14.99 on Amazon.

Credit: Amazon

If you are looking for… well, more donuts, perhaps this mug will do the trick.

Donut Stack Mug retails for S$14.76 on Amazon.

5. Hedume Marshmallow Cups

Credit: Amazon

A sweet and adorable mug, these Marshmallow Cups have little faces on them for a cute finishing touch. They come in a set of four, and are perfect for showing off to guests.

Credit: Amazon

You can also choose if you would prefer the cups with handles or not, however, the cups with handles are currently unavailable on Amazon.

Hedume Marshmallow Cups (set of four) retails for S$20.99 on Amazon.

6. Avocado Espresso Cup

Credit: Etsy
Credit: Etsy

For a more interesting way to enjoy your espresso shot, you can have try this handmade ceramic Avocado Espresso Cup. The “seed” of the avocado is the cup, whilst the avocado acts as a saucer for the cup.

Avocado Espresso Cup retails for S$70.64 on Etsy.

7. Pumpkin Ceramic Cup

Credit: Lazada
Credit: Lazada

Although we can’t offer you a pumpkin carriage like Cinderella had, we can present you with this adorable Pumpkin Ceramic Cup for you to enjoy breakfast in style. You can use it to enjoy some cereal or oatmeal; it even comes with a lid and spoon to complete the set.

Pumpkin Ceramic Cup retails for S$35.59 on Lazada.

8. Ceramic Vegetable Mugs

Credit: Etsy

If pumpkins don’t catch your fancy, some of these other vegetable mugs might. These vegetable mugs come in a set of four realistic garden vegetables, such as corn and eggplant, and are perfect for any type of beverage.

Ceramic Vegetable Mugs (set of four) retails for S$62.29 and are available on Etsy.

9. Cute Strawberry Cup + Straw

Credit: Dokirella
Credit: Dokirella

In the shape of a lovely strawberry, this cup makes any beverage fresh and juicy. Complete with a leaf lid and straw, the cup even has a cute strawberry keychain detail for added loveliness.

Cute Strawberry Cup + Straw retails for S$21.65 on Dokirella.

10. Smoko Toast Mug

Credit: Hot Topic

This mug is in the shape of toast, and will perfectly complement your breakfast.

Smoko Toast Mug retails for S$13.93 and is available on Hot Topic.

11. Puckator Cutesy Cupcake Ceramic Mug with Lid

Credit: Amazon

For more adorable pastry cup options, this series of cupcake mugs are sweet and practical. Complete with a lid that looks like the cupcake’s frosting, the mug is great for any type of beverage or even dessert.

Puckator Cutesy Cupcake Ceramic Mug with Lid retails for S$14 on Amazon.

12. Ambrosia Novelty Burger Mug

Credit: Robin’s Kitchen

More of a savoury treats type of person? Savour this juicy-looking burger mug to add some fun to your meal time. This mug makes for the perfect gift for burger-lovers, or even just as a treat to yourself.

Ambrosia Novelty Burger Mug retails for S$14.99 and is available on Robin’s Kitchen.