Redroad V17 is the new all-round vacuum cleaner you need for deep cleaning

Redroad, a smart home appliance provider known for quality products, is about to release V17, a flagship cordless vacuum cleaner V17 that has cutting edge technologies, superb features, and a stunning look.

Keep reading to find out what you can expect from this all-new cordless vacuum cleaner.

It has an omnidirectional dual roller brush to clean with greater efficiency

redroad v17 side

With surging suction and an innovative dual motorised roller brush, Redroad V17 is great for deep cleaning. The two brush bars are independently motorised to roll towards each other and better collect dust and dirt.

The dual motorised roller brush of Redroad V17 has two floor bars and two carpet bars (all easily detachable) in total to clean in different scenarios.

For example, you can team up two floor bars or two carpet bars for hard flooring or carpets. Alternatively, you can place one of each type if you have both hard flooring and carpets that you want to clean at one go.

The dual motorised roller brush is also easy to manoeuvre and is able to clean in complex house layouts with the 360-degree caster wheels – no more lifting the vacuum cleaner or twisting your wrist to clean hard-to-reach spots anymore!

It is packed with features to make life healthier and more comfortable

redroad v17 customisable vacuum cleaner

The flagship V17 is another Redroad appliance you can count on for a refreshing, noise-free, and personalised way of home cleaning.

Redroad V17 is equipped with the third-gen Mandala filtration system. The inlet H12 HEPA filter protects the 12-cone motor and extends its service life, while the outlet H13 HEPA filter makes sure the outflowing air is cleaner than what you normally breathe.

The filters can capture 99.97% of fine particles at the scale of 0.1 micron including dust mites, moulds, pollen, and pet dander, protecting babies and people with rhinitis or asthma.

Vacuum cleaners are also, by stereotype, noisy machines, but engineers across the world have been striving to reduce the noise as much as possible. And Redroad is the leading force in noise reduction with its 9-stage Mandala system that allows the V17 to work at merely 60 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound of background music.

Another bonus for Redroad V17 is that you can also choose the colour of the HEPA filter cover to customise your own vacuum cleaner.

It has a surging suction with tons of accessories to boot

redroad v17 roller brush closeup

Cleaning power is arguably the most essential specification of a vacuum cleaner. To that end, Redroad redesigns all the parts and accessories, and produces them according to the highest quality standards, setting a higher bar for cleaning power.

With 120,000rpm top-notch digital maglev brushless motor and optimised air duct design, the Redroad V17 represents the highest suction in this category.

With a 450W machine that produces 155AW suction and 26,500pa vacuum, deep cleaning your house is a piece of cake for V17.

The V17 also comes with accessories that can clean both indoors and cars, including an extension rod, the main brush (to deep clean floors), crevice nozzle (with LED lights to illuminate hidden dust), wide nozzle and hose (for blind spots like the bottom of a car or inside a drawer), a motorised mite brush (to remove 99.9% of embedded mites and pet dander in couches and bedding), and a dusting brush (for keyboard, curtain, and car seats).

After cleaning the house, it’s quite easy to clean Redroad V17 too. The bin can be emptied with just a push of a button, and you can also do some deep maintenance every week if you’re worried about any lingering smell in the waste bin.

The top HEPA filter can be detached and cleaned with cool water, and be fresh as new after it has fully dried, while all roller brush bars can be easily detached and washed under a tap.

redroad v17 oled colour screen

Additionally, the Redroad V17 is equipped with an OLED colour screen that shows battery life, bin usage, error alert, as well as reminders for accessory replacements in 13 languages.

There is also a trigger lock on the main panel if you want to clean without continuously pressing the button.

It has a large battery and a smart design for multi-terrain and large area cleaning

redroad v17 front

A larger house requires a longer time to clean, that’s why many people are looking for a cordless stick vacuum cleaner with extended battery life.

The Redroad V17 has managed to balance the weight and battery life, packing a 2,500mAh lithium-ion battery inside the 1.7kg compact model. It can clean for 60 minutes on Eco Mode, allowing you to cover 200 square metres at a go.

To prevent the battery from wearing out prematurely, the Redroad V17 is designed to house a detachable battery. With this feature, you can extend your cleaning time by having backup batteries on hand that you can change into whenever you want.

Redroad V17 also has an advanced built-in battery management system. It monitors battery life with high precision and controls discharge accordingly, and is featured with remaining runtime estimation and floating charge.

Above all, Redroad V17 has a two-year warranty to offer you peace of mind when you purchase the new cordless vacuum cleaner for your home.

Redroad V17 retails for S$599 and is available for purchase online.

This article is brought to you by Redroad.