Here’s a sleek water dispenser with smart features that’s priced below most in the market

We know how hard it is to find the ideal water dispenser for your home. You want one that offers high-tech filtration, looks sleek and elegant in your kitchen, and at the same time isn’t too pricey.

We’ve been on the lookout too and we’re glad that we’ve found one that checks every single box of this list: Purehan Super Cooling All-In-One.


Already one of the most sought-after models in Singapore, this water dispenser is by Purehan, a brand established in South Korea that’s all about function, style, and affordability.

Read on to find out what makes the Purehan Super Cooling All-In-One the water dispenser of our dreams.

Sleek and modern design

Purehan_SuperCooling_LifeStyle4 (1)

As superficial as it may sound, looks matter. After all, we’ve spent so much time and money in renovation to make sure that our house looks exactly the like the photos in our Pinterest board. We definitely want a water dispenser that looks good on our kitchen countertop.

But it’s not just about good looks, the design serves functional purposes too.

purehan tray
Its hidden tray feature helps ensure you can work with more space on your countertop.

It has a slim design of just 11.5cm width and a hidden tray feature that allows you to have the luxury of a high quality water dispenser without taking up too much space on your countertop.

Its display is also a beauty to marvel at – intuitive and sleek, the buttons come with LED lights in six colours so you can easily check the status even if you don’t want to switch on the lights at night.

It’s no wonder the Purehan Super Cooling All-In-One has clinched several prestigious design awards around the world!

Smart features to make your life easier

The superior design of the Super Cooling All-In-One doesn’t end at just aesthetics, it has also gone through many thorough R&D, so that it has a consumer-centric design that delivers superior performance.

Multi-Cooling mode

purehan cooling modes

For instance, most of us would have seen water dispensers that are able to dispense varying hot water temperatures. However, the Super Cooling All-In-One takes it a step further; besides hot water temperatures, it is also able to control cold water, using a unique Korean technology it is designed with.

We’re talking about its Multi-Cooling mode, which adjusts cold temperature at three levels: from Super Cooling Mode, Normal Mode, and Mild Cooling Mode.

We recommend using the Super Cooling Mode on those super hot and humid days (May and June) and the Mild Cooling Mode as the climate gets cooler (December and January) in Singapore.

Superior filtration and hygiene system

Of course, most people looking for a water dispenser care very much about the level of filtration it can offer.

The Super Cooling All-In-One has a nine-step filtration system, which is able to remove four types of heavy metals and norovirus.

This superior hygiene level is further guaranteed with UV and electrolysis sterilisation of the dispenser, so as to prevent secondary contamination.

The water dispenser also has a three-level hygiene care system that cleans all paths where water flows: automated faucet sterilisation every two hours, automated water pipe sterilisation every five days, and detachable faucet tip for ease of replacement, to ensure that the water dispenser remains in tip-top hygienic condition.

In other words, what you’ll be getting is absolutely clean filtered water that is fresh and tasty.

Other smart features

Besides three preset cool temperatures that we mentioned previously, the Super Cooling All-In-One also offers four levels of hot water temperatures control: body temperature (a temperature for drinking water that’s good for the body), 50°C (for making baby’s milk), 70°C (for tea), and 85°C (for coffee).

It also offers preset volumes: 120ml, 250ml, 550ml, 1L to let you dispense the exact amount you need with a single touch, as well as continuous discharge.

purehan moving faucet

Besides these, we also appreciate that it has a moving faucet that you can slide up or down to fit any type of containers and minimise the inconvenience of water splashing when you’re using a shorter cup.

Affordable price that doesn’t break the bank

Purehan_SuperCooling_LifeStyle1 (1)

If you’ve done research into water dispensers, you’ll probably know that for a water dispenser that offers the same suite of features, you’ll be setting yourself back by S$3,000 or more.

Here’s where you’ll be surprised – the Purehan Super Cooling All-In-One retails for just S$2,488. And if you’re already impressed by this price, guess what – Purehan is currently having a showroom opening sale price of S$1,588 till end of December! This is definitely one of the most affordable water dispensers you can find in the market offering similarly comprehensive specifications and if we were looking for one, we’ll certainly contact them soon.

Visit the Purehan website or WhatsApp 87831212 for more information.

This article is brought to you by Purehan.