10 punny Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your partner or BFF who has a sense of humour like yours

Valentine’s Day isn’t all about roses and romantic candle-lit dinner dates, it’s also about appreciating the ones you love around you, whether they’re your partner or long-time best friend forever (BFF).

Sometimes, the best way to cut through the cheesy clutter on Valentine’s day is just to have a good laugh with the ones you love – and what better way to do that than with a punny gift for them this occasion?

We admit that the puns we have are pretty cheesy too, but we’re pretty sure that you’ll both think back and giggle about this silly gift for a long time to come.

Well, strap in because we’ve got these 10 most fastenating gift ideas for you!

1. Shizukesa Matcha Tea Ceremony Premium Kit Set for a matcha made in heaven

We’re not surprised if your BFF is yet another person who is crazed about all things matcha. Why not gift her this glorious matcha tea kit that has everything she needs to make her own smooth cup of matcha?

punny valentine's day gifts - matcha powder

The set comes complete with a ceramic tea bowl, bamboo whisk, tea scoop also known as chashaku, as well as a whisk (chasen) holder. Your best friend will be able to whip up a refreshing cup of matcha to perk her up during the day, even as she works from home.

punny valentine's day gifts - matcha tea set

It’s certain – the two of you are a matcha made in heaven!

Shop the Shizukesa Matcha Tea Ceremony Premium Kit Set for S$29.90 from Shopee

2. Skinfood Aloe Vera Soothing Gel because they had you at aloe

If your best friend appreciates a good skincare routine, then this Aloe Vera Soothing Gel makes a great gift for them this Valentine’s!

Skinfood’s Aloe Vera Soothing Gel is especially good for those with sensitive or irritated skin; it’s a soothing gel lotion that can be used to calm redness or moisturise dry patches, leaving the skin supple and hydrated after use.

punny valentine's day gifts - aloe vera gel

It can be difficult to gift skincare products because everyone has varying preferences about what they put onto their skin, but we think that Skinfood Aloe Vera Soothing Gel ticks all the boxes as a safe present: it’s lightweight, not sticky or greasy on the skin, as well as suitable for all skin types – especially sensitive skin.

Attach a little card to your gift that says, “You had me at aloe!”

Shop Skinfood Aloe Vera Soothing Gel for S$11.31 on iHerb.

3. Singapore Kopi & Loti Factory Tour for the loaf of your life

So many slices of bread at this bread factory, but you’re still my one true loaf! Instead of wrapping a present for your best friend or partner this year, why not share a unique experience together instead?

punny valentine's day gifts - kopi and loti tour

Go on a Kopi & Loti Factory Tour where you can discover how your favourite hawker centre kopis are roasted and brewed from start to finish. Then, visit a local bread factory where you get to whiff the fragrant aroma of freshly baked loaves as you witness the behind-the-scenes of how the pieces of bread are made and packed.

At the end of it all, you get to declare to your loved one that they’re always going to be – wait for it – the loaf of your life.

Book a Singapore Kopi & Loti Factory Tour for S$85 per pax on Klook.

4. Colourful Lithops because they make you be-leaf in love

punny valentine's day gifts - lithops succulents

Believe it or not, the little ‘pebbles’ you see are actually the leaves of a succulent plant called lithops. Lithops are also known as living stones, as their plump leaves make them look like rocks, and yet they are alive and growing.

This whimsical gift is not just for those who have green fingers – lithops need relatively little care as they only need to be watered infrequently, though they do require direct sunlight for ideally three to five hours a day.

Lithops can be used to decorate your best friend’s desk, and they’ll think of you every time they look at their colourful, adorable pot of succulents!

Shop colourful lithops for S$35 on Shopee.

5. Via Mercato European Shea Butter Soaps, you were soaping they’d be your Valentine

I was’soaping that you’d be my Valentine.

punny valentine's day gifts - via mercato soaps

The Via Mercato European Shea Butter Soaps come in a set of four flavours: pumpkin spice, sparkling cider, crisp caramel, and falling leaves.

The mix of pleasant fragrances will delight all their senses, from spicy scents, fruity apple smells, to subtle sweet berry aromas – they’ll feel extra relaxed each time they take a shower and wind down for the day.

Shop Via Mercato European Shea Butter Soaps for S$24.16 on iHerb.

6. Colourful LED Light Air Humidifier because they light up your world

Cliché, we know – but we can’t deny how much love and light our true friends really do bring into our lives.

punny valentine's day gifts - light air humidifier

This air humidifier doesn’t just release moisture into the room, it also has a seven-colour LED light function that softly fades from one colour into another, bringing a super chill vibe to your home.

Your best friend can even add essential oils to the device so that they enjoy a full pampering experience right at home!

Shop this product for only S$7.90, at a 78% discount on Shopee.

7. Clipper Tea Blissful Berries, because they are so to-tea-lly your type

Bes-tea, you’re so totally my type.

punny valentine's day gifts - clipper tea

For your tea-lover friend or lover, gift a packet of artisanal tea blends so that they’ll be refreshed by enchanting fruity tastes and scents as they sip on their mid-afternoon tea.

Clipper Tea is a family-run business that creates unique teas that range from Longan Paradise to Alishan Oolong flavours. Blissful Berries is one of their best-sellers that carries raspberry, blackberry, hibiscus, and strawberry flavours – a berry truly aromatic mix.

You can also both clink your teacups to toast your enduring friendship this Valentine’s!

Shop Clipper Tea’s Blissful Berries for S$22 from stores in Singapore, or online here

8. Retro Night Owl Ceramic Coffee Cup: owl be there for you

punny valentine's day gifts - owl mug

This mug could be for the friend that you’re always cracking up with because they’re such a hoot. Or, perhaps they’re a little bit of a knowl-it-all – though you love them just the same.

On the other hand, your bestie could be the person who never prepares but is forever winging it on the next big project – it’s kind of annoying, but you’ll take them as your friend regardless.

Anyhowl, the Retro Night Owl ceramic coffee mug is a super cute gift that you can use to promise them, “Owl always be there for you!”

Shop the Retro Night Owl mug for S$20.90 on Lazada

9. Star Wars LEGO R2-D2 Polybag, for they R2 good to be true

punny valentine's day gifts - r2d2 lego

Star Wars fans are sure to appreciate this LEGO set that lets them build a miniature R2-D2 using 70 pieces of LEGO. It’ll make a great display on their bookshelf, together with the note that you gave them: “You R2 good to be true!”

Shop this gift for S$50 on Shopee.

10. Watermelon plush toy, as life without them is melon-cholic

punny valentine's day gifts - watermelon soft toy

Water would I do without you? Life will be just melon-cholic. Get the one you love an adorable watermelon plush toy that doesn’t just make this pun work, but is also great for brightening up the bedroom and cuddling to sleep at night. It’s super soft too!

Shop this watermelon plushie for S$17.47 on Lazada

Jokes aside, we wish you lots of laughter with the one you love this Valentine’s!