Follow Success with PrepAway ACT Practice Test for your Career!

ACT is a non-profit organisation whose employees are dedicated to helping those in need to achieve success in education and workplace. The company offers a high-quality assessment by taking the American College Test (ACT). The ACT is a standardized entrance exam used by most colleges and universities to decide whether they will admit you or not. It is accepted and valued by all the U.S.universities and colleges and more than 200 non-U.S. establishments.

The ACT is a multiple-choice test, which objective is to assess the preparedness of high school students for college and career. It consists of five clusters: English, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and Writing. Let’s explore each of the exam parts in detail.

1. English

The ACT English test contains 75 questions that you should complete in 45 minutes. It covers areas of usage, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. It will also examine the learners on rhetorical skills in topic organization and development, word choice, and style.

2. Mathematics

The ACT Mathematics test has 60 questions to pass within 60 minutes. This part of the exam aims at mathematics skills, which are basic for an 11th-grade student. You will be tested on various subjects, such as elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, coordinate geometry, pre-algebra, plane geometry, and trigonometry.

3. Reading

As for the ACT Reading test, it is a set of 40 questions with a time limit of 35 minutes. This part is meant to evaluate your reading skills. It has five passages that require you to utilize your reasoning and referring skills to identify main ideas, points, and significant details, create a comparison, and analyze methods used by an author.

4. Science

The ACT Science test consists of 40 questions,and you should accomplish them in 35 minutes. This part of the exam gauges the learner’s skills to analyse, evaluate and reason, as well as tests their problem-solving ability and interpretation.

5. Writing

The ACT Writing cluster represents a prompt and 40 minutes of your time. You should write a unified, coherent essay with your own perspective based on the suggested topic. As it is a paper-and-pencil exam, you need to write your essay in pencil on the lined pages. This part of the ACT test measures your understanding of written English standards.

Continuing with the examination sections, the Science section isn’t about recalling specific scientific facts but rather about demonstrating scientific reasoning and problem-solving abilities. It consists of passages from various scientific disciplines, such as biology, chemistry, physics, and earth/space sciences, and it requires students to interpret data, draw conclusions, and make predictions.
Lastly, the optional Writing section measures a student’s skills in planning and writing a short essay. It asks students to evaluate different perspectives on a complex issue and construct their own viewpoint. This is where research paper help can be incredibly beneficial, especially for students.

Useful Tips to Make Your Life Easy

The most ideal way of approaching the various sections of the ACT test depends on both the subject section and the candidate’s own test-taking style. There are some basic points that can be applied during the very exam and before it.

First of all, you should take notes before the exam. Get yourself familiar with the instructions and main topics. Mark up a test booklet as much as you need: underline and cross out answers deemed to be wrong, circle the facts, draw diagrams. By preparing yourself in a proper manner, you will create an aura of relaxation that will accompany you during the whole exam. Unfortunately, it is possible to misread a question and get a wrong answer when you are pressed for time. Every section of the ACT assessments except for the Mathematics parts requires you to select the “best” answer. So, go through every question carefully without leaving the spot.

While preparing for your ACT exam, don’t forget to use the study guides that will help you during your knowledge organisation. We suggest you checking the ExamSnap site. It has all the needed materials for all the five sections of the test, including Q&A and premium files.

Another important task before the test is to rest well. Take a deep breath if you feel the anxiety coming and leave the time for your sleep. Let your body be prepared both mentally and physically. Remember there is always a second chance in case you blow it, you can always redo the exam.

Practice Tests

As for the exam day, pace yourself and try not to leave blanks during your answers. Remember the time you have for completing the test and use it for your advantage. It is also better not to discuss the exam with other test takers. There is a great temptation to discuss particularly difficult questions that you are sure you messed. Resist! Since you don’t know if a person you are discussing with got it right or wrong. Double-check your own answers instead.

Why Should You Take ACT?

Most colleges and universities require you to take the ACT test to determine your eligibility. This happens because of these two main reasons:

  1. The ACT grades show that you are academically prepared.
  2. If you are admitted, your test score will be displayed in the college’s ACT database.

Dedicate your time for detailed preparation and put more efforts during the test to get excellent ACT grades and you will earn you access to the college or university of your choice. The higher the ACT score, the easier it is to enter a leading university in the USA. According to the second reason, the university’s reputation is based on the ACT grades published for its students. It is true. Higher education institutions, such as Stanford, Harvard, and other leading establishments, are always associated with excellence because of the students’ grades. And you could be one of these people. Don’t you think you need even more useful goals?

Final Thoughts

In most cases, an American student who intends to join collegeshould take the ACT exam. With the help of this test, you can plan your future for college and career, and achieve gains in your life. Even with a good grade from high school, it is easy to get stress up because of the pressure that comes with a high ACT grade.

Therefore, you are required to increase the chances of getting good grades by easing the tension. This can only be achieved through efficiency and focus. The information mentioned above will help you concentrate on the test and be prepared for it. Thus, you will obtain the credential right away, and it will fulfill your life with success.