15 different ways to pose for the ‘gram while on a staycation

Eagerly waiting for your next staycation for a much-needed quick getaway from work? While you’re putting up in a nice luxurious room for a change, there’s no better way to make your money’s worth than to make full use of your hotel room to hold a mini photoshoot!

You could even trick your social media friends into thinking you’ve booked yourself an expensive photoshoot venue when you’re really just having fun snapping away in your hotel room. Up ahead, we’ve compiled some stylish poses you can strike to update your Instagram feed. Have fun!

1. Breakfast in bed

breakfast in bed
Image source: RED

A staycation is never complete without a morning of breakfast in bed. Get the Breakfast in Tiffany’s vibes going as you pose in style with the help of props such as your room service food, bath robe, and morning papers. Now, all you have to do is strike a chic pose and you’re good to go.

2. “Golden hour” in bed

Image source: RED
Image source: RED

No ring light, no problem! We often find various lights in hotel rooms but have you really utilised the lighting well enough if you didn’t make use of them for a mini photoshoot?

Pictured above, a user from RED can be seen making use of the warm bedside lamps to create an effect of a golden hour-like environment that looks natural.

3. Scenic hotel room views

magazine pose
Image source: RED

Want to show off the extraordinary view of the hotel? Simply strike a pose of your choice, and let the panoramic view take care of the rest.

The shot captured above was taken in a hotel in Singapore! Can you guess which hotel has this breathtaking city view?

4. Applying makeup

Image source: RED

After checking into the hotel, you’d probably have a nice restaurant dinner planned afterwards with good food and drinks involved. So, why not grab this opportunity to snap some shots of you beautifying yourself in your hotel room’s grand and luxurious bathroom?

5. Chilling in the bathtub

Image source: RED

We definitely won’t miss out on lounging in bath robes whenever we go on staycations. So, use it to the fullest by posing in different areas of the hotel room with it – the bath tub included.

6. Lounging in bed

Image source: RED

Simply want to laze in bed all day? Why not snap a quick shot as you do so.

7. Winding down with wine (or champagne)…

night time drink
Image source: RED

Have a drink or two and strike a pose for the camera. Trust us, that little bit of booze might make your picture appear more natural, giving you a nice flush on the cheeks.

8. …or cup of tea

cup of tea
Image source: RED

Not a fan of alcohol? Replace the wine glass with a hot cup of tea instead!

9. A chill night

robe set
Image source: RED

And of course, you have to snap a shot of you living your best life as you’re on staycation. Casually lounging by the plush sofa in your bath robe on a relaxing night is one option you can consider.

10. Portrait shots

dreamy shot
Image source: RED

Got natural light cast into your hotel room? Take a couple of dreamy close-up portrait shots while the lighting is still in your favour.

11. Pillows as a prop

pillow prop
Image source: RED

The main highlight of any five-star hotel staycation definitely has to be the extremely plush and comfy bed and pillows, so why not make complete use of it by using your pillow as a prop?

12. Telephone as a prop

hotel telephone
Image source: RED

An unexpectedly aesthetic prop you can feature is the hotel room’s telephone. Don’t dial for customer service by accident though.

13. Ice cream as a prop

instant noodle shot
Image source: RED

Getting a hotel room situated on a higher level is always a plus, with gorgeous rays of sunlight that shine into the room throughout the day. Got yourself some ice cream? Why not pose with your favourite dessert while taking advantage of the lighting that we can rarely get from home?

14. Flatlay shot

magazine flatlay
Image source: RED

If you’re a bigger fan of capturing aesthetic images, you certainly won’t run out of things to shoot a flatlay with so many props in the hotel room at your disposal. Once you’ve gathered some of your favourites, lay it however you like at your preferred spot that offers natural lighting.

15. Goofy shots with your friends

Image source: RED
Image source: RED

On a staycation with your best friends? Then you might want to capture these memories in pictures that will last forver. Whether it be goofy shots or a classic pillow fight scene that you guys would’ve experienced at sleepovers when you were younger, the key to getting natural shots is to just have fun!

Image source: RED
Image source: RED

Have a group of meme-worthy buddies? Here are some inspiration we found on RED that you can totally consider replicating on your next staycation with your friends.

These are definitely shots that will get you laughing 10 years down the road, reminiscing all the fun times you shared together!