11 party planners in Singapore to go to party it up like a Crazy Rich Asian

It’s only been over a week since Crazy Rich Asians has premiered in our local cinemas, and social media went absolutely fanatic over it.

So if you’re super up to date and have already caught the famed Crazy Rich Asians movie, one thing you must’ve been eyeballing over has to be the glamour, the lavish parties, the gowns… and perhaps wonder, is it even possible for an average Joe like yourself to throw a party on that kind of scale?

Sure, we may not all be Crazy Rich Asian socialites with a billionaire father who can afford to throw six-figure sums of money for the sake simply partying, so we’ve done a little investigating on where some socialites have partied, and who they were organised by, because hey, there might come a day you just might want to throw a super lavish party, money be damned.

1. aBite

If you follow the 44-year-old socialite, Jamie Chua on Instagram, chances are, you may or may not know aBite, a party planning company. And if you don’t, just think of the pretty recent Rose Gold themed party she threw just last year. Ringing any bells?

A white-and-rose-gold-themed party, the ultimate dream of millennials out there, fulfil your rose gold-filled dreams by putting aBite on your speed dial – because hey, you never know when you’ll have such a momentous occasion to throw a lavish party for yourself.

A party-planning company that specialises in quirky, classy-themed parties, such as an Hermes-themed party – think artfully created cookies like a Hermes handbag – including the logo! – a Gatsby themed party, amongst many other themed parties that can only be the things of dreams to us common folk. (In case you don’t know, Jamie Chua is most well-known for her incredible collection of Hermes handbags.)

With prices going from SGD880 (without all the customisation and just a single tiered cake!), if you wanna party it up like a crazy rich Asian, make sure to make this special day truly count!

2. The Wedding Entourage

Source: youngparents.com

A party-planning company that has famously helped organise Kim Lim’s super fancy 99-day celebration for her one-year old son, Kyden, The Wedding Entourage is another company to put on your to-call list.

Source: youngparents.com
Source: youngparents.com

With highlights like a merry-go-round, kid-friendly décor, unicorn floats, several tired 3D decorated birthday cakes, dessert tables laden with too-pretty-to-eat goodies (like unicorn popsicles!), and balloons piled to the ceiling, this is sure to leave your guests absolutely speechless.

Unfortunately, prices are not fixed and go by a case-by-case basis, although if you want to make your dreams a reality, feel free to contact them here to discuss prices!

3. Dreams & Doodle

Oh yes, this is real. The year of all things rainbow – rainbow highlighters, rainbow bagels, rainbow layered cakes – if you’re a lover of all things rainbow, this is the place you go to if you truly want to fulfil your rainbow-filled party dreams.

If you hate rainbows? They have other artfully created themed parties such as a super glam glamping slumber party…

A super fabulous flamingo birthday party…amongst other things that make millennials go squee.

Interested in partnering up with Dreams & Doodle for the perfect party? Simply contact them here, to discuss themes and budget, so they can be taking all your needs, must-haves into full account.

4. Party In A Box

Inspired by Korean designs, expect things you’d typically see in cafés – flamingos, unicorns, and fairy lights galore, Party In A Box will be hosting have you feeling like a princess with their fun, whimsical, fairy tale-inspired designs.

With their customised parties starting from SGD1,500, feel free to contact Party In A Box here for their party styling service to negotiate the details of your ultimate dream party.

5. Party Mojo

Party Mojo, a party planning company specifically curated for kids event planning, this is the place to go to if you want to do a baby gender reveal party, or any other huge milestones you feel are worthy dropping a huge amount of money.

Providing fun, kid-friendly things like pinatas, balloon structures, carousels, a cotton candy AND popcorn making station (amongst many others!), huge ball pits and other fun things you’d likely find in an IKEA showroom, give your kid the absolute time of their life with Party Mojo.

For those interested, you’ll need to contact them personally here.

6. Stitch X Marker

A party events planner that famously collaborated with Xiaxue to celebrate her son’s 3rd birthday to create an under water theme park party full of things made of children’s dreams – pinatas, balloon scluptures, and a giant theme park right behind it, Stitch X Marker also organises other quirky, fun parties like ones with a superhero theme…

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? A dazzling ✨ double-entrance decor @shangrilasg for a little girl’s #Superheroes ?-days old #party! ? Painted the characters instead of grabbing from the web, so that we get a standardised style of Superheroes! ? Of coz there’s many more but we tried to have a few more Sheroes like #WonderWoman, #Batgirl and #SuperGirl!!! ??‍♀️ #GirlPower Also worked in directional signs in comic bursts on the skyline! ? And check out our puffy cushion-stars!!! ? Superb fun to work on this #PowWow Party!!! ❤️?? #stitchxmarker #stylingstudio #eventstylist #eventstyling #partydecorations #partystylist #singapore #Spiderman #IncredibleHulk #Ironman #Superman #CaptainAmerica

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And even one that is Monopoly-themed!

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?Love how everything comes together for this #Monopoly inspired birthday party!? #MoneyGarlands ? ? ?, money ? strewn across tables setting, huge treasure chests (Community chests!) and all! ? At the #playarea, the kids became tokens, moving along the squares on a handpainted 3x3m #Monopoly board with every dice throw! ? Definitely an engaging game for the 4-8yo! ? Never would have thought that the orange cardboard jail was to be the most popular prop of the day!!! All the kids volunteered to #GoToJail excitedly!!! ? The craft area ? featuring cardboard monopoly houses ? for doodling was also a hit with the younger kids!!! Some even brought home their creations. Hit us up if you are looking for original themed party!!! ? #GiantMonopoly #upsizemonopoly #stitchxmarker #kidsparty #eventstyling #eventstylist #venuestyling #partystylist #monopolytheme

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Another company that organises parties based on your budget (so if you want a super lavish one, make sure you have a huge budget prepared!), contact them here to organise the party of your (child’s) dreams.

7. Sprinkle Parties

Describing themselves as curiously cute and dream-like, Sprinkle Parties will sure make you feel like you’re in a dream.

With jaw-droppingly gorgeous theme like their own princess royal, baby-blue theme, alongside playful, emoji balloons, cartoon characters, a bubble-gum coloured macaron tower, and other such quirky, playful themes, Sprinkle Parties is all about having your child feeling extra, extra special on their special day (with the additional gaping hole in your wallet). https://www.sprinkieparties.com

For an all-in-one-package (that is, all the organisation work, designing, and planning) going from SGD1,500, be prepared to really spend, Crazy Rich Asian style.

8 The Party Curators

When you think of crazy rich people, you think of the lavish parties they throw for their (very fortunate children). Think of the countless gender revelation parties and other jaw-dropping parties thrown by the Kardashians have thrown, for themselves, and their barely cognizant babies.

Want to follow in their footsteps? The Party Curators is the place where you can throw children-themed birthday parties galore, from fun dinosaur themed birthday parties, to one with a nautical theme, to a chick-themed (the chicken kind of chick, not the chick you were thinking of) one – perfect for a gender revelation party!

A premium, customised designed dessert table and birthday cake goes from SGD1,450 and up, depending on the number of guests you were thinking of inviting! For more information, check it out here.

9. Pixie Dust Events

Willing to cater to near any theme you have in mind – like a nurse-themed one if you happen to be a nurse! – or one with a beautiful floral theme, or even one that is cookie monster, minion, or unicorn themed, for that bit of magical touch to your special day, Pixie Dust Events will be able to do it.

Starting at SGD200 for custom designed dessert tables, contact Pixie Dust Events to negotiate for the entire package!

10. Little Red Balloon

Another party planner that previously hosted Jamie Chua’s Swan Lake Party, Little Red Balloon sure doesn’t pull back its punches when it comes to impressing – expect hipster designs like cupcakes with a gorgeous, galactic frosting, and unicorn cakes and balloons that’ll have people pulling their phones all night out to snap a pic.

For those interested, contact Little Red Balloon by email on their website, or their phone number at 9296 6590, to book an appointment to sort out the logistics, and total price.

Bonus 11. Sunday Morning Celebrations

Ok, well, let’s assume you waded through this entire list, and just went, well, I can’t really afford this!

Sunday Morning Celebrations is a curator that has extravagant looking balloons – from pastel balloons, to multi-coloured, marbled balloons, to mini balloons within balloons, to grand balloon structures and other such props.

Sure, this place may not organise parties, but if you’ve already booked a pretty swanky looking place (after all, balloons are one of the best ways to glam up a place!) or just want to wake up in a room full of balloons, this is the place for you.

Prices start from SGD63 for a balloon package, and orders are done only online here.