Finding part-time cleaners in Singapore: everything you need to know about getting the help you need for spring cleaning

Need a little extra help for spring cleaning efforts this year? We feel you.

After all, cleaning up can be particularly trying, especially when a whole year’s worth of junk has piled up. Thankfully, you don’t have to go at it alone. Or hire someone full-time to help.

The solution? Part-time cleaners, of course. Here is everything you need to know about hiring one, how much it’ll cost you, and more.

What can a part time cleaner do for you?

A part-time cleaner is here to help you with the cleaning and tidying of your house, though it really depends on the agreement you have signed as to the areas they will be cleaning.

Most of the time, part-time cleaners mop, vacuum, dust, as well as clean up your toilets and kitchens. Some of them do help with laundry and ironing, too, depending on the agreement at hand.

If you will be enlisting your part-time cleaner to help with spring cleaning, make sure to inform the agency (or the cleaner themselves!) about what you’d like dusted, swept or thrown out specifically.

Remember: the more detailed your instructions are, the better!

How much does it cost to hire a part-time cleaner?

It really depends on a number of factors. Did you contact an agency for help, or did you find the part-time cleaner yourself? Are they coming in once a week, or twice? What are the areas they will be cleaning up?

The charges vary according to your answers. Typically, fees are charged by the hour or by blocks of three or four. The cleaner will be engaged to work a certain number of hours at regular intervals. For instance, four hours of cleaning a week should suffice for someone living in a four-room apartment.

Currently, the market rate for part-time cleaners is about SGD80 to SGD90 for blocks of 4-hours, or at least SGD20 to SGD30 per hour.

Cleaners charging an hourly rate will usually impose a minimum number of hours (usually two to four hours) per visit. All in all, you can expect to pay at least SGD50 to SGD60 per visit.

Should you go to an agency, or try to find a part-time cleaner by yourself?

This, ultimately, comes down to your preferences as well. Part-time cleaners from agencies tend to be more reliable, of course, but their prices also tend to be a little higher as compared to independent cleaners.

Also, agencies are able to dispatch other cleaners to come down should your usual one fail to turn up. You’ll also be able to voice any complaints you have and obtain a replacement quickly, should any conflicts arise.

Now, you don’t get any such guarantees with independent cleaners, though most of them don’t charge as much as agencies do.

When it comes down to it, it really just depends on your priorities and preferences. Choose wisely!

Where can I book a part-time cleaner in Singapore?

1. HomeCleanz Cleaning & Laundry Services


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One of the biggest cleaning service providers in Singapore, HomeCleanz Cleaning & Laundry Services is a great option when it comes to hiring reliable and effective part-time cleaners in Singapore.

With a team of 70 cleaning and laundry staff at the ready, you can rest easy knowing that each member is sufficiently trained by experienced housekeepers. They also provide house maintenance services like upholstery cleaning, carpet shampooing and curtain laundry.

HomeCleanz Cleaning & Laundry Services: 

Contact: 6653 2640 | [email protected]  | Site 

2. NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service


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You can expect professional, efficient and enthusiastic part-time cleaners from NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service.

With several years of experience under their belt, NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service provides two different packages for home-owners: the Weekly Cleaning Package as well as the One Time Cleaning Package.

You can pick one according to your needs, though do note that the One Time Cleaning Package applies peak charges three weeks before festive occasions such as Chinese New Year, Christmas, and such.

NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service: 

Contact: 6788 8788 | Send them an enquiry here | Site

3. Absolute Cleaning

Affordable, flexible and reliable: that is what you can expect from Absolute Cleaning. With prices starting from as low as SGD159, you just know that you won’t be overcharged for their services.

They also ensure to train their part-time cleaners in being efficient and effective, with every effort being made to provide timely and good services. Sounds perfect.

Oh, and did we mention that they also highly recommend hiring their part-time cleaners for spring cleaning services? Click here to check out some great testimonials as to how helpful their part-time cleaners have been to several households.

Absolute Cleaning: 

Contact: 6844 8444 | Site

4. Helpling Singapore

The preferred home-cleaning service by Singaporeans and expats, you just know that you can depend on Helpling Singapore to provide part-time cleaners that provide high-quality service.

Apparently, the cleaners even undergo rigorous background checks and aptitude tests to ensure their reliability and quality of cleaning! And, get this: they also offer the most affordable recurring cleaning package in the market.

It costs from about SGD20 per hour for weekly or fortnightly bookings, though do notes that a three months commitment period is required.

Helpling Singapore: 

Contact: 8598 4399 | Site

5. Whissh Home Cleaning Service


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With impressive clientele such as Sentosa Cove and St. Regis under their belt, Whissh Home Cleaning Service is the agency to turn to if you’d like your house to appear spick-and-span.

They have a well-trained crew as well as a industry-first dedicated Service Assurance Team on hand, for starters, and are also committed to improving on their service constantly so as to stay on top of their game.

In fact, they’ve gotten so good, they have recently expanded their list of services to include laundry, plumbing and even air-con servicing. Uh, talk about convenient!

Whissh Home Cleaning Service: 

Contact: 6221 8626 | Site

6. Kmac International


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Established way back in 2010, you can trust in Kmac International to give the quality service and part-time cleaners you deserve.

They are also accredited with large corporations such as IAF and the National Environment Agency, with their work having received stellar reviews from both private residences and commercial ones. Click on over here to see what their clients have to say about them! (Spoiler alert: they are overwhelmingly positive).

Kmac International: 

Contact: 6909 3822 | Site

7. House Cleaner Singapore


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Offering a wide range of housekeeping and cleaning services, House Cleaner Singapore is rapidly growing to be a pretty large player in the cleaning industry.

What sets them apart from other cleaning agencies is that no agent or placement fees are required, with the company providing other related services on top of the usual cleaning duties. Think carpet cleaning, laundry cleaning, aircon servicing and even house painting!

House Cleaner Singapore: 

Contact: 6844 3382 | Site

8. SG House Cleaning


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With a team skilled cleaners that are available to work 7 days a week — yes, including public holidays  — SG House Cleaning makes sure that they’re able to suit your schedule perfectly.

Another pro when it comes to hiring SG House Cleaning? The fact that there are no hidden fees or contract termination charges. Their services can be stopped at any time without having to deal with any type of fallout whatsoever. Neat!

SG House Cleaning: 

Contact: 9625 3079 | Site