Crafting the Ideal Home Office for Me as an Entrepreneur: Here’s Our Journey

As an entrepreneur who splits my time between office and home, crafting the perfect setup in my home office became paramount.

Upon our recent move to a new residence, I delved into the challenge; it wasn’t just about functionality for me, but also about accommodating the needs of my husband, who utilises it for both work and gaming.

After thorough research, we opted for the Omnidesk, and here’s how it fared for us.

Tailored Solutions to Suit Our Preferences

omnidesk review home office overall
Our Omnidesk setup integrated perfectly into our interior design.

Navigating through the user-friendly website, we effortlessly tailored the desk to our precise specifications. With an array of table tops and table legs, we fashioned a sleek, modern look that seamlessly integrated with our existing decor.

omnidesk options webite

Beyond choosing the desk’s appearance and dimensions, I was guided through the process of incorporating the following add-ons according to our preferences:

  • Cable management solutions
  • Power management system
  • Monitor and desktop mounting solutions
  • Desk risers
  • Floor mat
  • Desk mat
  • Desk organisers
  • Lighting solutions
  • Seating solutions

For me, the most useful personalised features for us were these:

omnidesk review personalised touches
I opted for a curve table (pictured left) for better comfort. I also went for the Anchor Beverage & Headphone Holder (pictured right) as an add-on.
    • Curved table top: This gives me for comfort and space for movement
    • Anchor Beverage and Headphone Holder: This hybrid holder keeps my drinking cup and headphones away from the desk to reduce clutter and prevent spillage accidents that had happened before in the past. Made with industrial grade aluminum for strength, this clamp is also cushioned with a non-slip silicone pad to make sure it doesn’t cause scuffs on the desk. It’s a simple but elegant solution that I love.
omnidesk review personalised 2
I also had an Arka Desk Riser, under the monitor and CPU (left) and a Hestia Desktop Organiser (right) that allows me to do further personalisation.
    • Arka Desk Riser: Available in many styles and colours, this is great for adjusting the monitor to an even more comfortable level to reduce neck strain, and also acts as extra space to put things away. For instance, I keep my laptop in the column on the right while my husband keeps some documents there.
    • Hestia Desktop Organiser: I love adding a touch of personalisation like cards from friends or photos at my work desk that lift my spirits during a stressful work day. I also love that it has a modular bracket system that allows me to change the way I want to organise my things whenever I want to.
omnidesk review desk organisers
You can add on the Keep Desk Drawer (left) if you want some simple storage or the Tandem Mobile Steel Storage Drawer (right) to really keep the clutter out.
  • Keep Desk Drawer: This is out of stock at the time of writing, but is an add-on that my husband really appreciates as it helps him put away knick-knacks with convenience. And you’ll be surprised – this can hold up to 5kg of load!
  • Tandem Mobile Steel Storage Drawer: This has three tiers of drawers and a built-in locking mechanism. I love that it has a minimalist look and provides me with adequate storage – something that I think every home needs because we’re always space-starved. Extra tip: if you want to further save space, you can add a Saddle that works with the Tandem to convert the drawers into a mobile seat!

This comprehensive range ensured that every conceivable need could be met with a single purchase, guaranteeing a harmonious combination in terms of size and aesthetics.

Omnidesk in Review: Did it Meet Expectations?


Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the real allure lies in the desk’s memory mode for adjustable settings.

omnidesk review sitting position
Most days, I set it to my regular sitting position for work.

Now, my husband seamlessly transitions between his preferred work height, a comfortable standing position for video calls, and a customised “gaming mode” tailored for extended gaming sessions. Gone are the days of wrestling with knobs or wasting time readjusting the height.

omnidesk review standing position
With its adjustable function, I find myself alternating to a standing position, which helps me feel less lethargic, especially during midday.

For myself, I have several presets: my standard sitting position, standing position, and one tailored for live-streaming during work engagements.

However, Omnidesk surpasses mere height adjustments. My husband was able to personalise his gaming setup with the desk.

omnidesk gaming setup
The work desk transforms into a gaming setup for my husband in the evenings.

The smooth, scratch-resistant surface provides an ideal platform for swift mouse movements and intense gaming sessions. Furthermore, the frame’s stability ensures his setup remains secure even during the most intense gaming moments.

omnidesk review floor mat
I highly recommend the Atlas Max Anti Fatigue Mat & Floor Protector for both comfort and function.

To enhance the experience, we incorporated a floor mat. Not only does it shield our floor from scratches, but it also serves as a comfortable footrest and offers a slight cushion during extended gaming sessions.

I appreciate how the Omnidesk’s minimalist design elevates our home office, seamlessly blending with our decor and fostering an environment conducive to productivity for me, and immersive gaming experiences for my husband. We both eagerly anticipate spending time at this beautiful and functional workstation.

Bonus: Minidesk for Our Son

minidesk omnidesk review

Let’s not overlook the Minidesk we acquired for our 5-year-old. He enjoys using it as both a conventional desk and a standing desk when he craves variety.

minidesk review omnidesk

Its adjustable height ensures it will “grow” with him, making it a valuable investment for years to come.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Omnidesk has metamorphosed our home office into a sanctuary of productivity and inspiration, catering to both work and leisure.

Their customisation options, functionality, and elegant design render it the ideal choice for entrepreneurs or individuals seeking a workspace that mirrors their style and supports their diverse needs. I will highly recommend it!

Visit the Omnidesk website for more information. Delivery is free for all desks and Omnidesk offers up to 10 years of warranty for their products. You can also visit its showrooms, located at #02-328 Suntec City (in the Aftershock PC Showroom) and #03-K03 Funan Mall.