Omnidesk launches Pokemon-themed standing desks and we wanna catch ’em all!

Just two months ago, French fashion house Longchamp collaborated with Pokémon to produce a collection of bags featuring the iconic Pikachu.

And this month, the Pokémon characters strike again with home-grown standing desk company Omnidesk launching a series of Pokémon desks.


The latest addition to the company’s flagship premium electric standing desk series, PRO 2020, the Pokémon collection by Omnidesk offers three statement-making ergonomic desk models to equip aspiring Pokémon trainers, popular culture enthusiasts, and working professionals by bringing together some of the world’s best-loved Pokémon with Omnidesk’s line of products.

According to Omnidesk’s managing director, Benjamin Huang, this is just the start of more exciting announcements to come as the company is keen on presenting more trend-setting products to consumers in Singapore and the region.

Huang also shares that Omnidesk, which is currently available in Singapore as well as Australia (with regional expansion in the works), has seen a sharp increase in sales, and he expects this to continue as “more companies allow their staff to work from home in the future. Even those who are back in their offices are starting to realise the importance of ergonomics on workplace performance.”

The full line-up of the Pokémon desk collection by Omnidesk

Injecting a sense of adventure and camaraderie into your workspace, the Omnidesk Pokémon desks showcase a blend of stylish aesthetics with top-of-the-line customisable functionality. Each desk comes with meticulously crafted designs, from the tabletop to its accessories.


There are three designs in the entire collection, the first being The Evolution, a striking yet classic design that features the iconic Pikachu, as well as the well-loved Eevee and its eight evolutions on a red and white, Poké Ball-inspired tabletop design.

The subtle addition of Poké Ball motifs instantly jazzes up the desk and offers an element of surprise

There are also Poké Ball motifs subtle decorating the desk’s black legs and cable management bar that’s located under the table, which you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see… once it’s pointed to you, of course.


Prefer the starter Pokémons instead? Then, you’ll like The Classic, where you’ll meet with Pikachu and the starter Pokémon from the Kanto and Galar regions on a pure white tabletop, desk legs and cable management bar that are lightly adorned with Poké Ball motifs in light grey.

Apart from the adjustable height, the desk also comes with memory preset function so you can get your preferred settings in just a click of a button

For The Classic design, the button controllers are adorned with Poké Ball motifs in multiple colours to differentiate the different functions of the standing desk.


Last but certainly not list, there’s The Icon where everyone’s favourite fire-type Pokémon, Charizard, sits majestically atop a vibrant orange and black tabletop – it’s a guaranteed eye-catching centerpiece in any home office or workplace.

For The Icon, you’ll find Poké Ball motifs on the black desk legs that exude understated luxe with a touch of whimsy.

A closer look on the Pokémon characters which are all UV-laminated onto a wooden tabletop base for a seamless design

As mentioned briefly earlier, the Pokémon collection is part of the Omnidesk PRO 2020 series which is the company’s flagship fully height adjustable desk that allows you to transform the way you work or play.

A fully modular and upgradeable electric desk platform that offers infinite possibilities, you can create a customised set-up and achieve your ideal position, whether you sit or stand, with choices of accessories, size, shape, and finishes.

Key features of the Omnidesk PRO 2020 include:

  • Signature tabletops: Made from the highest grade MDF wood and engineered for the best standing desk experience, the bevelled edges of the desktop allows for maximum comfort when standing or leaning with forearms on the edge of the desk.
  • Ergonomics made easy: The console features smart memory programmable presets to save up to two favourite profiles. With a highly sensitive anti-collision mechanism and a child-lock feature, switch to your ideal sitting, standing or even bean bag table positions easily at a touch of a button.
  • Customisable and future-proof: Electric motors allow you to raise or lower the desk to your exact preferences. The extendable frame fits multiple sizes table tops from 42” to 74”, allowing for future upgrades for larger and new table tops. Accessories and options such as monitor arms, cable management tools, PC holders, and speaker mount capabilities allow you to upgrade your desk however you want it.

Prices and where to find the Omnidesk Pokémon desk collection

The Omnidesk Pokémon collection retails from S$1,000 (inclusive of GST), and there’s currently a S$50 promotional discount to celebrate the launch.

The prices come with free flat-pack delivery and an extended five-year warranty – we’ve been told that there’s an additional two-year warranty that can be granted if you share your purchase on social media.

You can now check out the Omnidesk Pokémon collection at the official Ommnidesk website or in person at the Omnidesk showroom at 996 Bendemeer Road, #04-02, B-Central, Singapore, 339944.

Orders placed before next Tuesday (15 December) will be delivered just in time for Christmas, while all orders placed thereafter will be fulfilled after Christmas.

For more info, visit here.

Images featured: Omnidesk; writer’s own.