Nipple covers you should get to look good in any outfit

It may be hard to find a bra that you can wear with backless dresses or clothes with a plunging neckline. In these cases, your best option is nipple stickers, which will help you create a smoother silhouette and avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

Besides fashionable reasons, nipple covers are also a great go-to option to feel more comfortable in hot and humid Singapore.

Go through this list for nipple stickers to try and the best stores to purchase them.

Best nipple covers to get in 2022


We know what you’re thinking: going without a bra can make your boobs look less perky. If this is a concern, Barebodies’ latest innovation – Liftstick – will be perfect for you.

This nipple tape is designed to help give your boobs are lift so that they look better behind your clothes.

Packaged in a five-metre roll, simply cut the length you need for a more customised fit. The sweat-proof and water-proof product is also secure and transparent.

The Liftstick retails for S$39 for 6cm X 5m, S$42 for 10cm X 5m, and S$45 for 15cm X 5m, available on its website. It is suitable for cup sizes A to DDDD.


The beauty of Bristol6 lies in how inclusive it is. Its nipple stickers are available for a range of skin tones; including darker ones, which you don’t usually find in the market.

What’s more, these nipple stickers are ultra-thin and offer smooth coverage.

Each set of nipple covers is priced at S$26.50 on its website


The worst feeling that you can have when you have nipple stickers on: feeling like they will fall off anytime.

Get this worry off your chest – no pun intended – if you go for these ones by Nippies.

Made from medical-grade silicone, Nippies’ nipple covers promise to be gentler on the skin. It also has durable adhesive and can continue to remain secure even after multiple uses if you maintain them well.

Each set of nipple covers costs S$26.50 on Amazon.

More affordable alternative to nipple covers

We have also found more affordable alternatives that you can consider. These may not be as durable as the ones we’ve recommended above, but if you don’t wear them frequently or just want to try going bra-less before deciding if it’s for you, then these options may be practical for you. !

These stickers are latex-free and will lift your breasts. They give your cleavage a boost especially if you are wearing low-cut tops.

You can even wear these to swim as they are waterproof too. However, this may not be suitable for those who are more well-endowed.

Retails for S$2.24 on Shopee.

These nipple covers are perfect for formal events and parties as they lift your breasts and offer a natural look.

They retail for S$5.50 on Shopee.

For those who are not used to wearing nipple stickers, this may be a good start for you. This stick-on bra has more coverage and can help you get used to having adhesive on your chest.

Besides serving as nipple covers, these also have a push-up effect and a 2.1cm padding to give your cleavage a boost.

Retails for S$7.90 on Shopee.