15 cute and pretty night lights that will send you on your way to dreamland just like tha……

Coronasomnia. If you’ve never heard of it, good for you. But if you’re one of the 51% of frustrated Singaporeans who are battling it, you’ll know just how frustrating it can be, especially when it now feels like your bedroom – your once hallowed sanctuary of rest – has become a place you dread to be in.

Some of the reasons that we are losing sleep during this pandemic are an overwhelming sense of anxiety and fear over all that is happening around us, and a blurring of lines in the home since working from home became part of our daily lives. How many times have you had to reply to an email late at night while in bed? And have you started working from bed too, further blurring the lines between your work and rest space?

Reclaiming your sleep haven isn’t difficult though; one of the ways to start is by getting a new night light that will make the room so irresistibly cosy that you can’t help falling asleep. Ahead, AVENUE ONE has found 15 night lamps that’ll help make you drift away into sweet, sweet slumber, thanks to the use of low lumens that create a warm cocooning glow.

Some of these are so reminiscent of lands far away, like other galaxies and misty forests that you’ll find yourself mesmerised by how your room has been transformed, just watt and see!

Night lamps that remind you of nature

1. Seashell Lamp

Go on, bring your wave-tossed dreams of the sea to life with this gorgeous clamshell pearl night lamp.

It’ll look equally at home on the Little Mermaid’s dresser or on yours, transforming your room into a mermaid princess’s abode.

The softly glowing pearl is such a beautiful reminder of the sea and its treasures, we’d gladly let ourselves drift off to slumber.

Get it now at S$17.50 (U.P. S$35.07) from Lazada.

2. Tree Night Light

At the end of yet another WFH day, turn this delicate LED tree lamp on and feel your spirits lift as you admire the twinkling boughs.

And as you lie in bed winding down for the night, feel your mind amble off on a dreamy walk in misted forests with elves and fairies.

Get it at S$34.85 (U.P. S$50.16) from Lazada.

3. Pressed Flower Night Light

There’s something about beautiful flowers that are like a soothing balm for the eyes and soul – and this night light adorned with pressed flowers is so pretty, you’ll be tempted to get more than one. Real flowers are artfully pressed and dried between two clear acrylic boards, which have been sealed with an anti-moisture sealant so that the flowers retain their colour for a longer time.

This merchant uses a variety of flowers like iris, delphinium and pampas to make different lamps, and they’ve all got that cute rustic charm about them.

Get it at S$67.31 from Etsy.

Night lamps that remind you of faraway lands

4. Floating Planet Lamps

For those of you with childhood dreams of exploring the galaxy, these magnetic levitating planet lamps will be a wonderful addition to your room.

Watch the cosy glow of Jupiter gently floating above its stand and feel yourself drift off into the Milky Way as your eyes slowly flutter shut.

Trust us, you’ll be zipping between the planets and stars in your dreams before you realise it.

Get it at S$78 from Shopee.

5. Cinderella Castle Lamp

Dreams do come true, dreams of having a good night’s sleep that is.

This beautiful statement castle is a miniature version of the iconic Disneyland castle and seeing it lit up every night will remind you not to let anything dull your shine, no matter how dreary the workday has been.

You can light up your room with other landmarks from all over the world too, such as the Empire State Building and Notre Dame Cathedral – just check out the merchant’s other listings for these variants.

Get it from S$38.12 from Etsy.

6. Hanging Cotton Ball Fairy Lights

Make your room extra cosy with a string or two of flowy cotton ball fairy lights that come in a rainbow of colours of your choice.

Drape them across your headboard or stylishly from shelves and enjoy their pretty colours in the day.

Then come eventide, watch your room turn into the very definition of hygge – we swear you’ll never want to leave your bed again.

Get it at S$4.15 (U.P. S$12.60) from Shopee.

Night lights that remind you of your last holiday

7. Japanese Paper Lantern

If you used to make an annual pilgrimage to Japan for your much-anticipated break, you’ll appreciate these paper lanterns printed with traditional Japanese imagery that evoke memories of your favourite sushi restaurants tucked away in cosy nooks that only the locals knew about.

Get it at S$36.90 (U.P. S$40.27) from Lazada (excluding light bulb).

8. Woven Bamboo Lamp

Give your bedroom a little beach vacay vibe with a woven bamboo lamp that exudes some major Bali villa vibes.

This will definitely put you in a relaxing mood and take you back to sun-soaked, breezy days on beautiful sandy beaches with the sparkling ocean beckoning you for a dip.

If this doesn’t lull you into a sweet slumber, we don’t know what will.

Get it at S$78 (U.P. S$128) from Lazada.

Adorable night lamps to keep you company

9. BT21 Lights

Feeling a little down from the ongoing pandemic? Light up your room like a dynamite with these cute BT21 character mood lamps!

All seven characters are available here so you can rep your bias all through the night. These are also motion sensor sensitive, so they’ll automatically turn off when you’ve stopped tossing in your sleep and settled into smooth slumber.

Get it at S$31 from Shopee.

10. Furry Cat Lamp

If you’re someone who needs company to sleep deeply at night, this kitty lamp is perfect for you. Each lamp has a fluffy sleepy kitty that calls it home.

If looking at these contented kittens snooze in their pretty pastel-coloured homes doesn’t make you want to curl up in your warm sheets and snooze too, we honestly don’t know what else will.

Get it at S$39.53 from Etsy.

Night lights that resemble your favourite things

11. Strawberry Lamp

Sweet dreams are made of these adorable strawberry lamps!

You can almost smell the perfume of strawberry fields as you fall asleep to its warm, saccharine sweet glow.

Mmm, such a delicious summertime dream, don’t you think?

Get it at S$15.60 (U.P. S$17) from Shopee.

12. Book Lamp

There’s nothing quite like burying your nose in a book before bed. How about feeling yourself slip into a sweet slumber with this unique book lamp?

The cosy light goes on when the book is opened and off when you shut the book, perfect for you if opening and closing books are your favourite feeling in the world. Comes in three sizes and two colours.

Get it from S$13.88 from Shopee.

13. Little Dumpling Lamp

If you love Din Tai Fung’s renowned xiao long bao, this lamp is made for you!

With the cute smiley face of a xiao long bao peeping out of a bamboo basket, you’ll also find yourself smiling in response as you look at it sitting on your nightstand.

It automatically shuts off after one hour so you don’t have to worry about getting up to switch it off. Simply fall asleep with no worries to delicious xiao long bao-fuelled dreams.

Get it at S$29.90 from Lazada.

Night lights that transform the atmosphere of your room

14. Sunset Projector Light

Bring beach sunsets or twilight evenings right into your bedroom with this projector lamp.

Stand this projector strategically in a corner and with the flick of a switch, you can busk in an instant gorgeous red-and-yellow sunset right on your bedroom wall in all its golden glory.

Get it at S$10.47 (U.P. S$20) from Lazada.

15. Starry Night Projector Light

Falling asleep under the stars has to be one of the most liberating feelings in the whole wide world.

Finding it hard to do that here in Singapore? This star projector lamp will do the trick.

Light this up and be awestruck by the sight of gorgeous stars scattered all across your ceiling like an intergalactic tapestry.

Get it at S$15.94 (U.P. S$30) from Lazada.