11 new gyms that opened recently that you can visit to achieve your fitness goals in 2022

It’s February and it’s time to check in with reality: have you started working towards that fitness goal you’ve set for yourself at the start of 2022?

If you haven’t really done so, it’s not too late to start. Here are a few newly opened gyms that debut in the last few months for you to consider along with other options.

The Ripple Club

Previously known as Aqua Spin, The Ripple Club underwent a rebranding to provide more variety of aquatic fitness classes in hotels.

Its latest collaboration with Fairmont Singapore has seen a new boutique studio in the urban luxury hotel that offers energising and fun aqua classes to hotel guests, gym members, and members of the public. Here are the high-intensity, low impact fitness classes that The Ripple Club offers.

Credit: The Ripple Club/LinkedIn

The Ripple Ride features specialised stationary bikes in water where participants pedal against the water resistance. There are three fitness classes you can choose from under this segment – Ripple Endure Class (50 minutes), Ripple Signature Class (45 minutes), Ripple Liit Class (50 minutes). Each class targets different parts of your body, so if you’re looking more for a lower body workout, opt for the Ripple Endure Class. If you’re just starting out, consider trying the Ripple Liit Class instead to get yourself warmed up to the exercise first.

The Ripple Box is an aqua boxing class that will give you a full-body workout. With the pumping music and energetic instructors around, you’ll be able to work on both your cardio and your strength with this class.

The Ripple Circuit is an all-rounded class that provides you with both cardio and strength training. You’ll get the chance to try out the aqua bikes, water-resistance equipment, and have lots of fun training.

Interested to give aqua fitness a try? Book a class here right now!

The Ripple Club is located at 80 Bras Basah Road, Hotel Fairmont Singapore, Singapore 189560.

Urban Den

Urban Den is a grunge-style boutique fitness club that just opened at Change Alley Mall, which is convenient for those who are looking for a new gym to head to right after work in the Central Business District. The gym spans close to 15,000 square feet and is equipped with a full range of fitness gear and classes to cater to all of your needs.

Credit: Urban Den

Looking for a high-intensity workout? Opt for the BodyAttack, BodyCombat, or BodyPump workouts to strengthen and tone your body. Urban Den also offers other classes like indoor cycling for that pump, and yoga to help you increase your flexibility and build strength.

Credit: Urban Den

You can choose to purchase class-only packages (S$29 per session), or sign up for a monthly membership to gain access to both the gym floor and classes. A six-month membership will cost you S$189 a month, and an annual membership will cost you S$149 a month. Getting a membership with Urban Den will also entitle you to exclusive discounts from partners like Coocaca and Gear Up Beachbody.

Interested to have a fitness programme tailored to you? Don’t worry, because the in-house fitness coaches at Urban Den will be there to assist you. Simply approach them to discuss more about private training sessions.

With so many facilities and perks, Urban Den is definitely the gym to head to for all your fitness needs. Click here to book now!

Urban Den is located at 30 Raffles Place, #B2-01, Change Alley Mall, Chevron House, Singapore 048622. It is open from 6am to 10pm (Mon – Fri) and 7am to 8pm (Sat).

BE. Pilates

BE. Pilates is a pilates studio concept opened by Instagram influencer and fitness trainer Eugena Bey and the studio currently operates on a semi-private basis where only those with an appointment are allowed into the studio.

The private setting of each session allows for a more customised and personalised workout that caters to each individual no matter their fitness level, needs, and goals.

Credit: BE. Pilates/Instagram

Each class is 55 minutes long. You can book a solo trial class to get a feel of how pilates work for S$80. You will go through the foundation of Pilates, have a postural analysis, and learn the set-up of each piece of equipment. It is necessary for all first-timers at BE. Pilates to go for this session. If you’re intending to go with a friend or your partner, sign up for the duet trail instead which costs $150 for two.

Liked the trial session and interested to go for more? Book the solo introductory five sessions for S$500 if you’re going alone, or sign up for the introductory five duet sessions for S$1,000 and split the package with a friend.

BE. Pilates is located at 14C Keong Saik Road, Level 3, Singapore 089121. Click here to book a class now. 

XYCO Studio

This pet-friendly indoor cycling studio opened its doors just this year, and it not only offers a room for you to get lost in the music as your ride on state-of-the-art Stages SC2 bikes, but it also has a patio where you can chill out and play with some of the XYCO furfriends.

Credit: XYCO Studio/Instagram

Classes start at S$45 per session, and they get more economical when you purchase more sessions. If you’re a first-timer, consider getting their three-class trial for S$70. That means you’ll only pay S$24 per class.

Knowing that exercising is way more fun when you do it with a friend, XYCO also offers packages that you can share with your friends, making it super worthy! You can simply bring a buddy and book up to two slots per class.

And since this studio is pet-friendly, bring along your furkid and have them play around the patio as you go for a quick workout session.

Credit: XYCO Studio/Instagram

XYCO Studio is located at 22 Martin Road, #02-02, Singapore 239058. Click here to sign up for a class!

Sugar Boxing

Sugar Boxing is said to be the biggest group boxing studio in Singapore, and you’ll get a heart-pumping workout when you head there for a session.

Credit: Sugar Boxing/Instagram

Each 45-minute class will have you boxing a few rounds on the aqua bags, and engaging in a few HIIT or Strength rounds on the ground right after that. And of course, while you workout, there will be music blasting through the speakers to give you that extra pump that you’ll need to feel the adrenaline rush through your body.

A single class will cost S$49, but as you book more classes, the price per class will be lower. Sugar Boxing also offers packages that you can share with up to three others, and you’ll all get to enjoy each class at just S$24.90.

For first-timers, you can sign up for four trial sessions for just S$49, and see if you enjoy the workout before committing to buy a package.

The newest Sugar Boxing outlet is located at 8 Grange Road, #03-04A, Cineleisure Orchard, Singapore 239695. For more information, click here.

Trapeze Rec. Club

Trapeze Rec. Club is a holistic wellness club that spans more than 8,000 square feet over four floors, with a cafe, yoga studio, recreation rooms, reflexology studio, an outdoor cold plunge pool, and a sauna all in one space.

This one-stop shop will allow you to meet all your wellness needs, and you can go yoga or fitness classes, and then go for massages after your workout sessions. Prices are also set at very affordable rates, where each yoga and fitness class costs only S$25, and a massage session starts from S$30. If you’re a member, you can expect these rates to be much lower.

Credit: Trapeze Rec. Club/Instagram

As a member, you also get exclusive promotions at the in-house canteen, the Trapeze Store, as well as other partner perks and privileges.

Memberships come in three tiers – Social Tier (S$88/month), Leisure Tier (S$188/month), and Ritual Tier (S$388/month) – and are charged on a month-to-month basis. There is only a minimum commitment of one month, so you are free to cancel the membership at any time as long as it is done before the commencement of your next-month’s membership.

For more information about Trapeze Rec. Club, you can click here. Trapeze Rec. Club is located at 27 Tanjong Pagar Road, #02-01, Singapore 088450. 


We all know that indoor cycling classes are the trend these days, but here’s where Axiom stands out. They don’t just offer indoor cycling classes where you work out to the beat of the music, they also offer a more challenging one where you get to cycle through different terrains, and engage in sprints, team challenges, timed races, and climbs.

Credit: Axiom/Instagram

Other than indoor cycling, Axiom also provides strength training where you get to learn how to lift properly with the right form and push your metabolic threshold.

Trial classes are available at two sessions for S$45. Subsequently, each session will cost S$45, but there are various packages that you can purchase if you’re looking to workout more often. All packages signed can also be shared with up to three people, making this another fun-filled activity with your friends.

Axiom is located at 18A Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277678. To book a class, click here

BodyFit Training

Bodyfit Training, also known as BFT, is a circuit-style fitness studio that uses science and technology to reduce fat and create lean muscle. Training sessions are 50 minutes each, and focus on cardio, strength, functional, core stability, fight fit and pump, and many more to give you the exciting workout that you need. Plus, since there are endless numbers of exercises available, you’ll never be bored of working out.

Credit: BodyFit Training/Instagram

Now, it has a total of 15 outlets in areas like Bugis, Farrer Park, One North, Orchard, Raffles CBD, Tampines, Tanjong Pagar, and Upper Thompson. For a No Limits pass, you get unlimited class bookings and access to all BFT studios worldwide at S$75 a week. If you’re looking for a six-month membership, go for the Lifestyle pass which gives you all the benefits but at S$65 a week.

With so many outlets close to home or your office, you don’t really have an excuse to not work out now. So grab your workout gear, and sign up for a membership at BodyFit Training now!

Virgin Active @ Sands SkyPark

Many would probably be familiar with Virgin Active, as it is one of the biggest gym brands out there, with more than 270 clubs in 10 countries. Due to the restrictions earlier this year, Virgin Active launched a new experience that lets you do yoga with unparalleled views of Singapore’s skyline.

Credit: Virgin Active

Yes, we’re talking about the Virgin Active yoga experience at Marina Bay Sands SkyPark. Enjoy a 45-minute yoga session on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands either at sunrise or sunset with Virgin Active yoga teachers as they guide you through the exercises.

Each session is priced at S$30 for members of the public, and S$15 for existing Virgin Active members.

For more information, simply click here. SkyPark Yoga by Virgin Active is conducted at 10 Bayfront Avenue, Level 57, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 3, Singapore 018936.


R10T is a new gym that opened this year that offers four different concepts of exercising – HYBR1D, R1DE, REV1VE, and D1VE – in one location.

Credit: R10T/Instagram

The 50-minute HYBR1D class combines strength, cardio, and conditioning where you’ll make use of equipment like adjustable dumbbells, rowers, treads, bike ERG, and cables. This class will allow you to feel the burn and shed at least 500 to 750 calories per session.

The R1DE class lets you clip into their customised bikes and ride to the beat of the music. Sprint and pedal up hills in this 50-minute indoor cycling class and burn at least 350 calories!

REV1VE with three yoga programmes that targets different areas that you might want to focus on. For Flow, you will get to engage your muscles and make that mind-muscle connection as you focus on balancing and meditating. For Core, you will get to build a strong and stable centre by engaging your abdominal muscles with yoga poses. This will arm you with better posture and increased confidence. And lastly, for Stretch, you will work on lengthening your muscles, increasing your range of motion, and improving on your flexibility and mobility through a series of poses.

R10T has a lap pool where you can D1VE into and swim around for that much-needed respite in the middle of a workday. With a floating sound system, play your own tunes and have your own personal pool party with up to three others.

For first-timers, you get to enjoy a three-class trial pack at just S$50. Looking for more? Opt for the five-class trial pack for S$70. Following this, single classes will be S$45. You can also sign up for their purchases where you can choose between two classes a week, three classes a week, or unlimited classes. These memberships are billed biweekly and have a three-month commitment period.

R10T is located at 140 Robinson Road, Level 3, Singapore 068907, and you can book your trial session here.

Freedom Gym

Freedom Gym is a 6,000 square feet gym that is centred around the concept of “freedom”, and offers freelance personal trainers an optimal location to help their clients achieve peak health. Trainers can either pay by the hour or buy a package at the gym for S$20 to S$30 an hour, and will not need to pay any additional commission to Freedom Gym. Clients of these trainers can enter the gym without a membership and would just have to pay the trainers for their services directly.

Credit: Freedom Gym

For freelance personal trainers, you can purchase one session at Freedom Gym at S$30 for an hour, 50 sessions at S$25 per hour, and 100 sessions for S$20 an hour.

There is currently an early bird promotion where gym membership rates start from S$130 per month for a two-year package, $150 a month for a one-year package, and S$180 a month for a six-month package. For those looking to only commit for one month, it will be S$250.

Freedom Gym is just a five-minute walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station or Downtown MRT Station, making it very convenient to those working in the area. And with the Shenton MRT Station opening in 2022, it will be even more accessible.

Freedom Gym is located at 5 Shenton Way, #02-01, UIC Building, Singapore 068808 and is open from 7am to 10pm (Mon – Fri), 7am to 4pm (Sat), and 8am to 4pm (Sun, Public Holidays). Click here to find out more.