14 thoughtful gifts you can get for your wife, mum, and mum-in-law for Mother’s Day this year

Mother’s Day will soon be here and if you haven’t really been showing your gratitude to your mother or your wife for everything that she has done for you, here’s your chance! Although the most common gifts are flowers and cakes, why not do something a little different this year? Surprise them with something that shows you really put in the effort to find something that they would appreciate.

We know it can be tough, which is why we’ve decided to help you with your search. All you have to do is take a look at our round-up of Mother’s Day gifts for your mum, mum-in-law, and wife and choose what you think would suit them!

Mother’s Day gifts for your mum/mum-in-law

1. Philips Cordless Vacuum 8000 AquaPlus

Credit: Philips

It can be very tiring for mum to clean the house by herself, so why not invest in the Philips Cordless Vacuum 8000 AquaPlus that will make cleaning a breeze?

It may look average, but it certainly isn’t like any other vacuum out on the market. The Philips Cordless Vacuum 8000 AquaPlus vacuums and wipes at the same time, which means that your mum won’t have to sweep the house first before proceeding to mop it. This halves her job, and with the suction being twice as strong as regular vacuums thanks to its dual suction channels and unique Aqua nozzle that automatically adjusts to clean all types of dirt efficiently, this vacuum will give her clean floors in way less time than before!

But that’s not all, the Philips Cordless Vacuum 8000 AquaPlus is also equipped with an antibacterial microfibre cloth with Always Clean coating to prevent any bacteria growth after each clean. And since the vacuum is able to remove up to 99% of bacteria, her house will be kept germ-free too.

The Philips Cordless Vacuum 8000 AquaPlus retails for S$979 and can be purchased on Shopee.

2. OSIM uMoby Mini Neck Massager

Credit: OSIM

After a long day of doing chores, we’re pretty sure your mum could use a relaxing massage to alleviate her aches. And what better way to do so than to use the OSIM uMoby Mini Neck Massager?

While it is relatively small, this massager certainly packs a punch. It is made to fit snugly on your neck, and its Finger-Grip kneading massage technology will feel just like a professional masseuse’s and instantly melt away the pain caused by her neck and shoulder aches. This way, she can enjoy a massage any time she wants to, anywhere in her home.

The uMoby Mini Neck Massager retails for S$329 and can be purchased on OSIM

3. HULS Gallery Singapore Tanigawadake Botanical Plates

Credit: HULS Gallery Singapore

If your mum is a huge fan of fine China, you can consider getting her a set of Tanigawadake Botanical Plates from HULS Gallery Singapore. This delicate set of five plates features prints using delicate transfer technology of original paintings of plateau plants that grow naturally on Mountain Tanigawadake drawn by students of Tokyo University of the Arts.

The simplicity of the plates shines through, with each plate featuring one vibrant colour; perfect for use during special occasions. We’re sure this will bring a smile to your mum’s face once she sees it!

The Tanigawadake Botanical Plates set retails for S$177 and can be purchased on HULS Gallery Singapore.

4. Baseus Smart Tracker

Credit: Baseus

With so many things running through her mind each day, like the things that she has to pick up from the grocery store, what to cook for dinner, and perhaps even some of her work matters, it can be easy for her to accidentally misplace her things.

Get her the Baseus Smart Tracker, a tracker that she can attach to her keys, wallet, bags, or other belongings. Once the tracker is paired to her phone, she can locate her items easily using it. If she happens to lose her phone, she can press the button on the tracker as well and it will help her find it, making this a practical item to have!

The Baseus Smart Tracker retails for S$8.89 and can be purchased on Shopee.

5. Charles & Keith Circle Handle Tote Bag

Credit: Charles & Keith

This Circle Handle Tote Bag by Charles & Keith is sleek and practical thanks to its large size and detachable inner pouch that works as extra storage. This will be perfect for your mum if she often carries a lot of things with her when she heads out of the house.

We love that this bag is very versatile; the unique design of the bag allows her to carry the bag in two ways. She can carry it like a tote bag, or tuck the corners in to create a bucket bag for days where she isn’t carrying too many items.

The Circle Handle Tote Bag retails for S$89.90 and can be purchased on Charles & Keith.

6. Swarovski Sparkling Dance Set

Credit: Swarovski

A new set that has yet to be released by Swarovski, this Sparkling Dance Set is certainly one to keep an eye on. Both the stud earrings and necklace feature a clear ‘dancing’ stone in the shape of a clover. This stone looks to be floating inside the rhodium plated setting, giving it an elevated look.

This set comes in both a rhodium plated and a rose gold plated setting, and you can choose whichever that colour your mum prefers. As this is a new product that will be launching soon, it’s best that you check the online store periodically to place an order. Alternatively, you can approach any staff member in the Swarovski outlets to enquire about the availability of this set.

The Sparkling Dance Set will retail for S$255 and more information can be found on Swarovski.

7. SK-II Skinpower Cream

Credit: iShopChangi

We all know that SK-II is one of the best skincare products out there, with its hype over it starting years ago.

In order to celebrate the occasion, iShopChangi is having an exclusive promotion on many of its products, including the SK-II Skinpower Cream. Not only is it on 20% off, it comes in a bundle of two, so this is really a good deal you should take note of!

This anti-ageing cream features the InfinitPower Technology that will result in plump, soft, and glowing skin. The formula is highly moisturising and also lightweight, making it easy for it to be absorbed into the skin and for the moisture to be locked in.

The SK-II Skinpower Cream set retails for S$380.80 (U.P. S$476) and can be purchased on iShopChangi. Purchase this before 8 May to enjoy the promotion!

8. Eu Yan Sang Gift of Radiance Rejuvenate

Credit: Eu Yan Sang

You can never go wrong when you pick up a gift hamper from one of the longest-standing brands, Eu Yan Sang. The Gift of Radiance Rejuvenate is a good hamper to consider, as it comes with a box of Radiance Bird’s Nest Classic Rock Sugar, six bottles of Superior Bird’s Nest with Wild American Ginseng, six bottles of Essence of Chicken with Dang Gui and Pearl, and one bottle of Nourishing Rose Tea. These goodies are all packed in a beautiful, exquisite maroon Eu Yan Sang gift box.

Convey your well wishes for her health with this wellness hamper this Mother’s Day. We bet that she will be so happy with this gift that she’ll take lots of photos of it so that she can show it off to her friends!

The Gift of Radiance Rejuvenate hamper retails for S$168 and can be purchased on Eu Yan Sang.

Mother’s Day gifts for your wife

9. NestBloom Bundle Kit

Credit: NestBloom

NestBloom is a homegrown bird’s nest brand that started out back in 2017. Instead of serving the bird’s nest in bottles, NestBloom surprised everyone by freeze-drying the flavoured bird’s nest and shaping it into beautiful flowers. Once hot water is added, the bird’s nest will dissolve and you can proceed to drink it.

Surprise your wife with the NestBloom Bundle Kit, a gift box that comes with four bird’s nest portions in flavours of your choice, a double-wall glass serving bowl, a spoon, and a five-minute hourglass.

You can choose from a variety of flavours, such as Original Almond, Rose Almond, Matcha Almond, Vanilla Bean, Red Ginseng, and Pandan Rock Sugar. Seeing as to how this is a more visually pleasing way of eating bird’s nest, we’re pretty sure your wife will be happy with the gift!

The Bundle Kit retails for S$198 and can be purchased on NestBloom.

10. Handmade Heroes You Go Mama Care Package

Credit: Handmade Heroes

If your wife recently just became a mum, you can get her Handmade Heroes’ You Go Mama Care Package to show your care for her. New mothers tend to have little to no time to themselves after their baby is born, so it is up to you to make sure she gets the care and support she needs during this period!

We all know new mothers have to breastfeed a lot whenever their baby is hungry, and this can easily lead to painful, sore, and cracked nipples. Help relieve some of her pain with the Free the Nips Nursing Balm that will instantly soothe and moisturise. Trust us, she’ll be very grateful for this!

The Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo included in the package will come in handy when she has no time to wash her hair before heading out. With this, she’ll be able to head out confidently without wasting any time away from her baby. The package also comes with a Cocolicious Luscious Lip Mask and Beauty Warrior Face Mask so that she can pamper herself right before bed when the little one is asleep.

And the best part about the items by Handmade Heroes is that they’re all natural, vegan, and cruelty-free!

The You Go Mama Care Package retails for S$69.90 and can be purchased on Handmade Heroes.

11. Rawbought Je Dors Short Set Pyjamas

Credit: Rawbought

Who doesn’t like to crawl under the covers after a long day of work and just chill in your pyjamas? Unfortunately, not every material feels good to lounge around in. Treat your wife to Rawbought’s Je Dors Short Set Pyjamas that is made with naturally soft and breathable modal fabric that will make her feel cool all-night.

The Pressed Rose variation features the set in a beautiful pink with floral patterns all over, while the Classic Black features a timeless look that you can’t go wrong with. Match with her by getting your own Men’s Je Dors Short Set Pyjamas – just because it’s cute!

The Je Dors Short Set Pyjamas retails for S$79 and can be purchased on Rawbought.

12. Tiffany & Co Open Heart Lariat Necklace

Credit: Tiffany & Co

Celebrate your everlasting love for your wife with this Open Heart Lariat Necklace from Tiffany & Co. The evocative shape of the Elsa Peretti Open Heart is unique, and this can represent just how one-of-a-kind your wife it. The freshwater cultured pearl adds another touch of elegance to the necklace’s design, evoking a slightly more mature vibe befitting a mother.

The Open Heart Lariat Necklace retails for US$600 (~S$812.19) and can be purchased at Tiffany & Co.

13. NIO Cocktails The ‘Choc-tail’ Gift Set

Credit: NIO Cocktails

Any alcohol and chocolate-lover would be delighted to receive the ‘Choc-tail’ Gift Set by NIO Cocktails. Specially curated by Head Mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, this gift set features three of the brand’s best-selling cocktails – Old Fashioned Cocktail, Gimlet Cocktail, Man Tai – along with a box of six random chocolate Bon Bons crafted by Mr Bucket Chocolaterie.

Take a bite into the crisp, thin shell of one of the Bon Bons and feel the caramel, ganache, pate-de-fruit or praline centre ooze out from the filled centre. Pair this with one of the cocktails to wash down the sweetness, and you’ll get the perfect balance of flavours swirling in your mouth.

Surprise your wife with this and have an enjoyable night in, sipping tipples and having intimate conversations.

The ‘Choc-tail’ Gift Set retails for S$60 and can be purchased on NIO Cocktails.

14. LEGO Botanical Collection

Credit: LEGO

Sometimes, spending time together is more important than getting your wife a gift. So instead of splurging on a gift that may be impractical, consider getting the new LEGO Botanical Collection and spending the afternoon with your wife putting together a LEGO Orchid set or LEGO Succulents set.

This relaxing activity will be a refreshing thing to do and a good way for you to relieve some stress as a couple. Many have said that this can help put one at ease as they can lose themselves in the serenity of building their own personal project.

And when you’re done, not only will you feel much better, you will also have a beautiful display piece for your home that doesn’t require regular watering!

The LEGO Orchid set and LEGO Succulents set will be priced at S$79.90 each. You can purchase them from 1 May onwards from Lazada, Shopee, and Amazon.