Here’s where you can wear a Hanfu and dress up as a Chinese period drama character for a photo-shoot

Self photo-shoots have been the hype these days and we agree that they are great fun because you get to take photos with your loved ones in private. However, adding costumes to the mix can make the experience even better because it would be a unique photoshoot unlike the typical ones you see on Instagram!

How would you feel if you could dress up just like your favourite Chinese period drama character? We’re talking about those stunning hanfu outfits and wearing your hair in intricate buns and braids.

Credit: Nicole.Q妮小可/XiaoHongShu

If that sounds like a great experience that you would like to have, head on over to this studio in Chinatown!

Two available photo-shoot packages

梦回 Another Day is a modern Chinese cultural experience studio where you get to take an insider look into what people used to wear during the Han dynasty. If you’ve always been fascinated with hanfu outfits, here’s your chance to try one on and take memorable photos in it. You’ll get to travel back in time to the Han dynasty as you pose amidst beautiful backdrops.

Credit: Nicole.Q妮小可/XiaoHongShu

There are two packages you can choose from when you’re booking a photo-shoot with 梦回 Another Day.

Package A comes with the rental of one hanfu outfit, a complimentary hairdo from their staff to make you look exactly like you’re someone from that era, and a one-hour photoshoot session with various backdrops.

Package B, on the other hand, comes with the rental of two hanfu outfits so that you can have a variety in your photos, a complimentary hairdo from their staff, and a two-hour photoshoot session.

They have a huge collection of hanfu outfits so you’re going to be spoilt for choice. They also come in different colours so if you would like to make the selection process easier, you can either choose based on your favourite colour or your favourite design.

Credit: Nicole.Q妮小可/XiaoHongShu

Once you’re done with your choice, get ready to transform into a sophisticated woman from that era with intricate braids and hairpins at the hair-styling area!

Credit: Nicole.Q妮小可/XiaoHongShu
Credit: Nicole.Q妮小可/XiaoHongShu

Now that you’re ready, head to the different sets to take as many photos as you’d like. You can take photos in the lobby, on the oriental couch, in front of trees, at a vanity table, and in front of the scenic backdrops that they have available.

Credit: Nicole.Q妮小可/XiaoHongShu

Additional services

While makeup services aren’t provided in the packages, you can request for them by their in-house makeup artist for an additional fee.

Not very good at taking selfies? Don’t fret at all, because 梦回 Another Day has in-house professional photographers who can help you take photos for a slight fee. Engaging them will entitle you to at least 200 photos and five professionally edited ones. This cuts down the amount of work you would have to do before you post it on Instagram. Furthermore, these photographers may even give you tips on how to pose to achieve the most visually appealing photos.

Credit: 梦回 Another Day/Facebook

They also have a number of props available to facilitate the entire Han dynasty experience, with fans, umbrellas and the likes that you can hold in your hands. This is also perfect for those who don’t really know what to do with their empty hands when posing for photos.

Murder Mystery Game

The photo-shoot is not the only experience you can have at this studio. In fact, you can also play a Murder Mystery Game where you get to take on the role of a specific character in the script you choose. The host will be there to tell the story and guide you along, and as the characters, you’ll have to pick out clues and solve the mystery of the story.

Credit: Nicole.Q妮小可/XiaoHongShu

This is a great bonding activity for friends, families, and even couples because you get to do something slightly different from the usual activities available. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to wear the hanfu outfits as you play this game.

Photo-shoot details

梦回 Another Day is located at 278A South Bridge Road, Level 2 and 3, Chinatown Point, Singapore 058827 and it is open from 11am to 12am on Mondays through Fridays, and 9am to 12am on Saturdays and Sundays.

Package A costs S$55 on weekdays and S$65 on the weekends, while Package B costs S$88 on weekdays and S$98 on the weekends.

For more details, you can visit 梦回 Another Day’s Instagram or Facebook page.