Here’s a smart product that can help you fit a mask over your hijab

While practising safety measures like ensuring our masks have a snug fit is essential during the pandemic, not all masks are made to be compatible with hijabs or head covers.

If you’ve been trying to find a mask that can be worn with one, try 1929’s mask extenders to solve your woes! Inspired by Muslim women who struggle to take off their masks with their hijabs intact, the mask extender secures the mask at the back of the head, over the hijab, making it much easier for removal.

1929 Mask extender in silver
1929 Mask extender in gold (limited edition)

The mask extender is made of the same soft, stretchable, and water repellent material of their original masks, while looking subtle and stylish of the same time. Plus, the simple metal clasp is easy to use too: check out the short how-to video below!

Both their 3-ply Anti-Microbial masks and extenders retails at 1929 Mask’s site at SGD25 and SGD4 separately, although there are deals to snag if you buy in bulk for your friends and family.