Unleash your inner wizard with Marks & Spencer’s limited-edition Harry Potter collection

Can’t get enough of Harry Potter? This holiday season, unwrap your inner wizard spirit with a special collaboration between Marks & Spencer and Warner Brothers. The two renowned brands have recently teamed up to design enchanting product offerings that will capture the imagination of children and grown-ups alike.

Whether you’re a new young fan or a parent reminiscing the first time you fell in love with the magic of Harry Potter, we’re certain you’ll adore the special, spellbinding Harry Potter merchandise.

Whether your little one is a loyal and patient Hufflepuff, a brave and courageous Gryffindor, an ambitious and proud Slytherin, or a wise and witty Ravenclaw, there’s a big range of products to choose from – just check it out below!

M&S Harry Potter Kidswear


Every little, thoughtful detail inspired by the wizarding world is showcased in every product of the series, including colourful embroidery and fun prints that appeal to all ages.

Featuring everything from practical rompers for newborns to joggers and jeans for everyday comfort, to even glow-in-the-dark bedding and entertaining games, there’s something for every children in this magical collection.

Choose from the top favourites: a handy backpack, classic house sweatshirt, glow-in-the-dark bed set and the ultimate quiz game – perfect for testing your family’s (and your own) Harry Potter knowledge!

Get your wand at the ready! The collection is now available online while selected pieces are available exclusively at Marks & Spencer’s Wheelock Place outlet.

M&S Harry Potter Edibles


All Harry Potter fans can also enjoy a variety of food products inspired by Hogwarts and the wizarding world, thanks to Marks & Spencer’s assortment of spellbindingly delicious Harry Potter edible goodies. Psst… We think each of them makes for the perfect Christmas stocking fillers!

The food collection includes everything from a delicious Milk Chocolate Elder Wand (S$19.90) complete with Professor Dumbledore’s favourite Sherbet Lemon candies, a blink-and-it’s-gone Milk Chocolate Golden Snitch (S$9.90), Harry Potter Toy with Chocolate Wand (S$39.90), and everybody’s beloved Milk Chocolate Frog (S$2.90)!

If you really can’t decide, have a word with the Milk Chocolate Sorting Hat (S$29.90) to see if it can riddle out a recommendation for you. On top of that, you can also get your hands on the Harry Potter Enchanted Forest Advent Calendar (S$39.90) which contains more chocolates and a special Harry Potter quiz!

The Marks & Spencer Harry Potter food collection is now available at all M&S Food halls and on the M&S Singapore mobile app.