These mahjong-themed candles are what true-blue mahjong lovers should get

Mahjong is a huge favourite amongst many these days, and it’s the reason why many companies have recently decided to innovate mahjong-themed products to cater to these fans. Some examples include mahjong bags, mahjong cushions, and even mahjong tile beauty products. Even if you’re not a fan, you’d probably think they were pretty cute.

Now, here’s the newest mahjong-themed product that people are fascinated about. Mahjong tile candles.

Credit: LOVEELLSS 香氛/Xiao Hong Shu

Mahjong Tile Candles

The candles are huge in comparison to the usual mahjong tiles that we play with, but the design and the colour of the candles are something that we’re still very familiar with. If you would like to know the exact measurements, the mahjong tile candles are 6.8cm by 4.8 cm by 8.8cm, while the dice candle is 5.8cm by 5.8cm by 5.8cm.

Credit: LOVEELLSS 香氛/Xiao Hong Shu

These candles are made for you to feel extra lucky whenever you light them up. Furthermore, they come in a sturdy case to store the candles, with big Mahjong tiles on them. They’re also in red, a well-known lucky colour, so even the bags are enough to make you feel ten times luckier.

Credit: Taobao

Scents Available

If you’re curious about the scent, the shop does explain what the fragrance of each design is.

Woody Fresh Tone

Credit: Taobao

The Red Dragon, Sparrow, White Dragon, and Green Dragon all have a woody fresh tone to them, Upon the first whiff, you’ll realise that it smells like cedar and tangerine. As you continue to let it burn, it will smell like geranium and sea salt. And at the end, you’ll get hints of oakmoss and patchouli.

Floral Fresh Notes

Credit: Taobao

The Six and Eight Characters, along with the One and Nine Circles, have a floral fresh note to them. When you light them up, they will smell like mimosa and lily of the valley. The heart notes of the fragrance include light pink rose and water lily. And the scents that last the longest in these candles are moss and orris root.

Woody Tone

Credit: Taobao

The four directions, North, South, East, and West, all have a woody tone. The top notes of this fragrance are matsuba and orange blossom. It then transitions into sandalwood and oriental cedar. Lastly, you’ll get whiffs of tea and patchouli.

Oriental Woody and Floral Scent

Credit: Taobao

The dice has an oriental woody and floral scent to it. You’ll first get a whiff of ginger flower and cardamom, followed by amber and ylang-ylang. After it burns for a while, you’ll be able to smell benzoin and tonka beans.

Different Meanings

You can purchase these candles individually or in sets of two, three, or four. If you’re someone who really wants to gain more fortunewe would suggest looking through the different meanings that each set has so that you can maximise your luck when burning these candles!

Blessed with Good Luck All The Way

If you would like to ensure that you get good fortune throughout your life, the shop has strategically curated this set of One Circle, Six Character, and the Green Dragon.

Credit: Taobao

The significance of these tiles is that when placed together in Mandarin and in Cantonese, they sound like “一路发“, which literally means having good fortune all the way.

Luck In Your Hands

Looking to have more luck? Get this set of three and you will have all the luck in your hands.

Credit: Taobao

This set comes with a Dice, One Circle, and Nine Circle.

More Fortune Coming Your Way

Feeling a little down on your luck lately? Fret not, because this set is guaranteed to welcome more fortune into your life. In fact, so much of it will rush to you that you won’t even be able to stop it.

Credit: Taobao

The trio consists of the Six and Eight Characters, as well as the Green Dragon.

Fortune Coming From All Directions

Now, when you are looking to get more fortune, you don’t just want it to come from one direction. You would want it from various sources, right?

Credit: Taobao

This set of four mahjong tiles depicting the various directions will help you achieve this.

Succeed in Academics

If you have a child, or if you’re pursuing your studies, you would probably want to pray for good grades. Get the Red Dragon and White Dragon duo and you might just be able to get on the Dean’s list!

Credit: Taobao

Of course, studying helps a lot too. 

But it definitely won’t hurt to light these candles up while you’re studying. After all, you’re getting a good scent and good luck. Score!

Becoming Rich

A typical Chinese way to describe a rich person is through using the phrase, “白富美”. This translates to being fair-skinned, rich, and beautiful. So if you would like to become rich, try your hand at burning these three candles – the Sparrow, the Green Dragon, and the White Dragon.

Credit: Taobao

In all seriousness, these candles make a wonderful gift for a loved one who absolutely loves playing mahjong. When they’re lit, they exude a nice scent, but when they’re not, they serve as good decorations and an awesome conversation starter.

A single mahjong tile candle with a matching box is priced at ¥168 (~S$35.38). A set of two will set you back about ¥328 (~S$69.07), and a set of four will be ¥648 (~S$136.45). You can purchase them from Taobao. They are also available on Shopee from S$79.54 for a single candle.