6 luxury mahjong sets from Prada, LV, Hermes, and other of our favourite brands

If you’re willing to shell out more than S$5,000 on a luxury bag, will you part with this amount or more to get your hands on a limited edition, high quality mahjong set?

For collectors and fans of the brands, this is a possible investment. Whether you fall into this category or just want to know how luxurious can mahjong sets get, read on to see six gorgeous mahjong sets designed by our favourite luxury fashion houses.

1. Prada Saffiano Leather Mahjong Game


You love your Saffiano bag and now you’re going to love the mahjong set that has acrylic resin playing pieces wrapped in Saffiano leather. The case is also made with Saffiano leather and features metal lettering logo for an polished look.

This comes in two colours: Black and Black with Scarlet Red.

Retails for S$5,600 at Prada.

2. Brunello Cucinelli Walnut wood and Krion Mahjong set


For something high quality but understated, this set’s elegant design will charm you. Crafted with European walnut wood, its tiles and dice are hand-decorated and hand-made, and can be housed in stackable trays for added convenience and ease of storage.

Retails for US$7,900 (~S$10,500) at Brunello Cucinelli.

3. Tiffany & Co. Mahjong Set


Tiffany & Co. isn’t new in carrying game sets and already has a travel poker set, playing cards, chess set, among other items in its collection; this mahjong set is one of the most sought-after items by the brand.

Open up the box that’s in iconic Tiffany Blue to unveil the sterling silver mahjong set, along with four American walnut wood tile rests, and four sterling silver dice with Tiffany Blue enameled dots. Sounds dreamy.

Tiffany & Co. Mahjong Set retails for US$15,000 (~S$19,938). It used to be available online, but the item is no longer listed on the Tiffany & Co. website.

4. Hermes Helios Mahjong Set


The orange-brown leather tiles of this mahjong set brings to mind the colours that are most associated with Hermes. And like their bags, the best materials are used; we’re talking about palissander wood and Swift calfskin.

On top of how the premium quality gives it its gorgeous look, the leatherwork also lets you have a quieter game compared to the usual clattering sound you get with regular tiles.

Retails for US$40,400 (S$53,168) at Hermes.

5. Louis Vuitton Mahjong Set


This set was unveiled at Louis Vuitton’s Savoir Faire Universe showcase in Taiwan last year.

Housed within a pull-out trunk in LV’s signature monogram design, the tiles are made of jade and look like a piece of art.

Only 10 sets of these were available in Taiwan and each retails for NT2.3 million (~S$109,125).

6. S.T. Dupont Mahjong Set


S.T. Dupont worked with L’Aquart to launch a hand-crafted ruby mahjong set, that features the solid blocks of Tanzanian ruby as its main component.

This is the most luxurious mahjong set you’re ever going to find; more than 1,000 Burmese rubies and 300 top quality diamonds were used on the tiles for the ultimate luxurious experience.

The tiles, together with the dice and coins, are housed in a custom-made box made with mahogany wood with ebony veneer.

Retails for EUR795,000 (~S$1,282,585) here.