According to your Chinese zodiac sign, these are the lucky items to get in 2020

These items will not only give you good luck in the Year of the Rat, but also help you to look even more stunning and make life easier for a smooth year ahead!

We all could do with some luck in the new year – after all, who wouldn’t want good luck, right?

Even if you’re not much of a believer in Chinese zodiac predictions, this list will definitely have something that catches your eye, from the most gorgeous accessories to extremely useful tools that will give you an easier time with tasks this year.


Lucky colours: pink, yellow

Kate Spade Sylvia Chain Wallet Crossbody Bag- Rococo Pink

For the ones that will be out and about quite a fair bit this year, this pretty millennial pink bag made with polished leather and finished with a removable chain strap will accompany you to every occasion and through every outfit.

Wear it as a shoulder bag, crossbody, or clutch – it can fit everything you need and bring you to new places in 2020!

Get this at SGD400 on Zalora.

Loose yellow striped shirt

Life may get a little dreary as the year goes along, so add a bright yellow tee into your wardrobe for some cheerful vibes and good luck.

Get this at SGD9.80 on Lazada.


Lucky colour: fuchsia pink

Pomelo Belted Blazer Romper – Pink

Oxen are known to be hard workers, and this will be the year that your effort pays off!

While you are steadily climbing the career ladder this year, don’t forget to do it in style with a stylish fuschia romper that looks just as professional as it is casual.

Get this at SGD59 on Pomelo.

Microfiber mop slippers – Rose

Taking care of domestic matters may be a hassle when you’re busy with work, so this cleaning helper will come in handy. Slip them on and go about your daily activities as per normal to get your floor looking spanking clean – how much easier could life get?

Get this at SGD12.03 on Lazada.


Lucky colours: grey, purple

Only Blue Snake Pu Heeled Booties

You will be in full control of your life this year, so take the opportunity to make bold fashion choices.

This pair of heeled boots will help you assert natural dominance and flaunt your confidence at any occasion where you need to make a statement.

Get this at SGD89 on Zalora.

Fossil Prismatic Galaxy Watch

You can have everything in your hands this year, including the beautiful galaxy.

When times get tough this year, this lovely purple watch will help you to remember that everything is within your grasp.

Get this at SGD179 on Zalora or at Fossil stores.


Lucky colours: blue, pink, yellow

Aldo Amorfindra Cat Eye Sunglasses – Pink


If you’ve been making conservative choices in the past, this is the time to switch things up and try something wild and loud, starting from this pair of chic sunglasses.

Get this at SGD39 on Zalora.

Leith Dolman Sleeve Cardigan – Yellow Mineral

Office air-con taking a toll on your health? Remember to stay warm in this uplifting sweater that exudes only good vibes.

Get this at SGD100.41 on Nordstrom.


Lucky colours: ruby red, grey

Paper Dolls Red Ruffle Dress

You’ve always been known to be strong and independent, so this year you can go full-force with this powerful image and create an impactful year.

Go ahead and flaunt that figure you’ve been working hard on with a vogue dress in the most flattering cut and boldest shade of chilli red – you know only you can pull it off.

Get this at SGD142.90 on Zalora.

CAT Roll Cage 24″ Trolley Luggage – Metallic

The wanderlust will kick in pretty early in the year, and you’ll want to make sure that you’re ready to jet off any time adventure calls, so keep this lightweight and durable hard case luggage on hand.

Get this at SGD319.90 on Zalora.


Lucky colours: bright yellow, sky blue, peach

Michael Kors Wren Multifunction Watch

This is the year you should go all-in with colours and leave the monotony of the past year behind.

This stunner from Michael Kors is sure to be a conversation starter that will make socialising a lot more fun this year as you make your way through the countless gatherings.

Get this at SGD409 on Zalora and at Michael Kors stores.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera – Ice Blue

While you’re busy meeting up with loved ones and long-lost contacts this year, don’t forget to snap photographs as keepsakes of the good times.

Get this at SGD83.89 on Lazada.


Lucky colours: white, silver, vanilla

Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia Home Candle

The year ahead is set to be unstable and unpredictable, so chances are that you’ll be feeling more stressed than usual.

When times get tough, just light up this candle and indulge in the luxurious, fresh scent of just-ripe pears and musky wood.

Get this at SGD110 on Sephora and at Jo Malone London stores.

Katy Perry The Puffer Nylon Grab Bag

Make sure you have everything you need in this trusty grab bag that will fit all your daily essentials.

The metallic colour makes it hard to miss, so you won’t forget to grab your bag along no matter where you go.

Get this at SGD112.90 on Zalora.


Lucky colours: grey, blue, black

Adidas Originals Adidas Sleek Z W Shoes – Ice Mint

2020 symbolises new beginnings in many aspects of your life for you, and the best way to make sure you have a good headstart is with a pair of beautiful, yet reliable kicks.

Get this at SGD140 on Zalora and at Adidas stores.

JBL Everest 710GA Wireless over ear headphones

You’ll be engrossed in a lot of creative work this year, and if you belong to the crowd who needs to shut the world out for a while in order to focus on your work, this pair of headphones will do just the trick.

Get this at SGD298.90 on Lazada.


Lucky colours: yellow, bright pink

Public Desire Aurora Twist Detail Stiletto Heels

2020 is set to be a year of stability, so you can take the risk to try something new, such as this killer pair of stilettos.

Get this at SGD64.90 on Zalora.

Pomelo Maxi Cross Back Dress – Yellow

An optimistic year ahead should be matched with a dress that is just as cheery.

Made for comfort in Singapore’s sweltering weather, this is a comfy piece that you can wear anywhere and everywhere, be it work, brunches, dinner dates, or family gatherings.

Get this at SGD34 on Pomelo.


Lucky colours: pink, blue, white, silver

Ukunili Ukulele – Pink

This is the best time for you to pick up a new skill, so grab this lovely ukulele and invest your time in learning how to strum your favourite tunes – your effort is guaranteed to pay off!

Get this at SGD92 on Lazada.

Miss Selfridge Blue Grecian Maxi Dress

The stars point to a blossoming romance for you in the upcoming year, and even if you don’t quite believe in this prediction, there’s no harm investing in a sophisticated maxi dress that will make you look effortlessly stunning.

Get this at SGD149 on Zalora.


Lucky colours: Indian red, yellow, white

Furla Mimi Large Crossbody Bag

If you had a bad year in 2019, fret not – better things are coming, and you should definitely reward yourself for a year well-lived!

This brick-red handbag made with cow leather is an accessory that will match with all your outfits this year so you’ll never have to worry about the fashion faux pas of sporting bags that look terribly out of place.

Get this at SGD598.90 on Zalora and at Furla stores.

Swarovski Crystalline Oval Watch

We know you are guilty of being (fashionably) late more often than you would like to admit, but this sparkly timepiece will set things right for you this year, because you’ll be looking at this dazzling watch so often that it would be difficult to ignore the time!

Get this at SGD599 on Zalora and at Swaroski stores.


Lucky colours: bright red, yellow

Pomelo Faux Pearl Resin Plate Earrings – Yellow

Freedom and good fortune are in the stars for you, so it’s time to ditch the dullness of 2019 in favour of brighter and bolder items, such as this pair of adorable earrings from Pomelo.

Get this at SGD9 on Pomelo.

Smeg Toaster 50th Retro Style Aesthetic – Red

2019 might have brought on a slew of bad lifestyle habits, including skipping breakfast more regularly than you should.

With this stylish toaster in your kitchen, you’ll never forget to make yourself a PB&J right before you head off for work – you may even get around to doing meal prep for a healthier diet this year!

Get this at SGD240 on Lazada.