Guess what – this adorable smart fridge doubles up as a steriliser too!

Although it’s pretty much summer all year ’round in Singapore, it’s never too late to gear up for the mid-year heat as higher-temperatures roll around. This cute mini fridge might just come in handy!

Image credit: Ccomo Korea

In collaboration with LINE, South Korean crowd-funding platform Wadiz recently launched this fun-sized refrigerator, now available in two crowd-favourite LINE Friends characters – Brown the Bear and his tag-along buddy Sally.

Image credit: Ccomo Korea

Standing at just a little under two feet, you can conveniently park this gadget in the tightest corners of your room. It’s so light that you could even safely place it on shelves! Talk about portable: you’re sure to fit it in somewhere.

Image credit: Niusnews

What’s better is that this innovative product can be controlled remotely with your mobile phone. From storing soju to your latest K-beauty products you can set the temperature from anywhere between three to sixteen degrees celcius without getting up!

Image credit: Ccomo Korea

This fridge, with an internal height of 31.5cm, is highly customisable with detachable racks that offer up to four separate sections for you to load up on. It supports a total capacity of 31kg, the equivalent of 12 bottles of 500ml bottled water. Or 33 cans of 330ml beer.

Not only is this chilly addition a great storage idea, music lovers can now listen to all the best hits on its built-in speakers – simply connect via bluetooth.

We’ve not even gotten to the best part of this user-friendly device. Gently strike the noses of the LINE characters to open up a hatch on its upper half revealing an ultra-violet steriliser! You can now easily disinfect your phones and frequently-used items in well under five minutes in your own homes.

Image credit: Ccomo Korea

The steriliser is available with a 98,000 Won (approximately S$113) top-up.


In case you missed it, LINE released a smaller version of a bluetooth speaker a few years back. You can get these highly-portable devices here.

Sadly, Ccomo refrigerators are only delivered within South Korea at the moment, which means we’re left green with envy for these adorable smart mini-fridges. However, if you have any friends who are currently staying in Korea, try your luck and see if they can help you get hold of this and ship it over to you!

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