LINE Friends’ newest popcorn buckets let you bring home all three of your favourite characters in just one bucket!

If you’ve always loved popcorn buckets, whether it’s from the cinema or a theme park, here’s one to add to your collection.

LINE Friends Three-in-one Popcorn Bucket

We’re talking about the LINE Friends popcorn buckets, featuring beloved characters Brown, Sally, and Cony. But get this, you won’t have to deliberate over which character to get because it’s a three-in-one popcorn bucket featuring all three characters.

Donning either an adorable elephant or octopus case, you’ll simply have to slide the case around to instantly reveal another character.

We know what you’re thinking – what use would you have for a popcorn bucket?

In addition to holding your popcorn, it can also double up as a fun storage container for snacks or your knick-knacks. Of course, it’ll also look so cute in a picnic flatlay or on your table too.

This isn’t the first time LINE FRIENDS have launched popcorn buckets. Other fun designs from past collections the characters donning mouse, giraffe, piggy, dinosaur, and tiger cases.

Where to buy

Unfortunately, these popcorn containers are only available at China’s CGV Cinemas at the moment, but we’re hoping they’ll hit our shores soon.

In the meantime, if you’d like to snag one of the older designs for yourself, check out Shopee.

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