Best movies with surround sound effect to stream so you can enjoy a top-notch home theatre experience

Imagine laying on your comfortable couch, taking in the buttery aroma of homemade popcorn, and watching a blockbuster film on your favourite streaming platform. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a leisurely weekend without stepping out of the house!

To elevate the entire experience, picking out a movie that comes with multi-directional sound effect is key. And if you’re thinking that you’re not ready to invest in a complex home theatre system, don’t worry – here’s a hack that we’ve discovered recently and we’re sharing it with you: snag a pair of the new LG TONE Free T90 True Wireless Earbuds instead.

Fuss-free cinematic audio experience without the need of a home theatre system

LG TONE Free T90 review product

You may already know LG as a leader in tech innovation for earbuds, evident from its previous TONE Free models. The latest LG TONE Free T90s are the first Dolby Atmos wireless earbuds in the world with Dolby Head Tracking™ across all devices and entertainment. What this means is that it’s able to recalibrate sound as you move your head, allowing you to feel as if you’re in the centre of the very scene you’re watching.

To truly understand how the technology works, I used the LG TONE Free T90 to watch Over The Moon, an animated musical fantasy film that features sounds and original songs that shine through the Dolby Atmos sound system.

LG TONE Free T90 review: watching Over The Moon with them

LG TONE Free T90 review with movie

Right from the first few seconds of the movie, I could already tell that the LG TONE Free T90 was different. Besides cancelling out surrounding sounds effectively, the earbuds were also able to offer a stereo-like sound quality that helped me to completely immerse myself in the film.

One of the reasons why it’s able to do so is because they’re the first wireless earbuds to come with Dolby’s audio virtualiser, designed to expand spatial dimensionality so that you can enjoy a crisp audio performance.

Besides emphasising every minute sound detail in Over The Moon, I found that the earbuds also made the original songs in the film stand out. The movie had several moments that resemble a musical and in these scenes, the incredible vocals of the voice actors, along with the performance of the musicians were amplified with the earbuds.

LG TONE Free T90 review angle 2

It’s definitely impressive considering how small these earbuds are compared to the mega headphones that audiophiles tend to go to achieve a better sound experience.

Its Dolby Head Tracking™ feature was a highlight for me.

Moving my head around to test it out, it was almost like certain sounds were really coming from behind me while others were at my side or in front of me. The audio layers presented by the feature made the cinematic experience an immersive one even though I didn’t have a full home theatre system – something that would have set me back by a few thousand dollars plus a troublesome installation process.

LG TONE Free T90 review product 2

I was surprised that I actually cried several times at the most touching parts of the 100-minute movie – something that I haven’t done with any shows I’ve streamed from Netflix so far, simply because I just was never able to immerse myself as completely before – well, until now.

Besides the incredible cinematic experience, I also love that the earbuds, with their medical-grade silicone ear gels, felt comfortable for all of the three hours I was wearing them, even though they felt snug and secure. No aches, no redness – I swear I almost forgot I had them on.

It probably wasn’t surprising considering that the LG TONE Free T90s were created in collaboration with POSTECH Ergonomic Design Technology Lab, so that they come with an optimised shape that feels more comfortable in the ear even over extended use. Just so you know, the medical-grade silicone ear gels are also hypoallergenic so they reduce the risk of irritations in the ear canal.

LG TONE Free T90 review uvnano

For even more hygiene-boosting features, the LG TONE Free T90 comes with a UVnano charging case, which features an UV LED in it that helps to reduce 99.9%* of bacteria on the ear tips in just five minutes, whenever the earbuds are placed in the case.

Apart from these amazing features, the LG TONE Free T90 also allows greater connectivity, thanks to its Plug and Wireless feature.

This allows you to simply plug its charging case using a USB-C cable converter to a 3.5mm connector and then flip the switch on the side of the case to enjoy wireless audio on any device that has a 3.5mm AUX Line-Out connector.

Even though I didn’t get to try this while watching the film, I’m definitely going to bring the earbuds along the next time I use the treadmill at my office or if I were on a plane.

Movies with surround sound effect to enjoy a cinematic experience with

Want to catch more shows that will stand out in the Dolby Atmos sound system? Here are our recommendations from Netflix and Disney+.

Over The Moon, Netflix

over the moon

This was the film that I watched for the review. The animated fantasy film tells the story of resourceful Fei Fei, who builds a rocket to the moon. She was fueled by the memories of her late mother and endeavoured to prove the existence of Chang’E, the legendary moon goddess, based on the story her mum used to tell her as a child.

Wednesday, Netflix

wednesday netflix

Smart, sarcastic, and strange Wednesday Addams investigates a murder spree while she attended school for the outcasts, Nevermore Academy. The coming-of-age comedy-horror TV series is number one on Netflix in 83 countries and holds the record of most hours viewed in a week for an English-language Netflix series.

Falling for Christmas, Netflix

falling for christmas netflix

This new Christmas movie is seen as Lindsay Lohan’s comeback performance. The romantic comedy follows a young, spoiled, and newly engaged heiress (played by Lohan) who had a ski accident in the days leading to Christmas. Diagnosed with amnesia, the heiress finds herself in the care of a handsome lodge owner and his daughter.

Stranger Things, Netflix

stranger things

Set in the 1980s, Stranger Things follows a group of youths who witness supernatural forces and secret government exploits, as they unravel a series of chilling mysteries. There are several seasons now, but if you’re looking for the one that has the best audio experience, season 4 comes highly recommended by fans.

Birds of Prey, Netflix

birds of prey

Looking for something more lighthearted but with significant action? This film that sees the story of Harley Quinn after her breakup with Joker may just be it. In this movie, she teams up with an all-women squad to fight a crime kingpin that has its target on her head.

14 Peaks, Netflix

14 peaks

Even though you’re sitting comfortably at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t follow someone on their outdoor adventure. This film follows Nepalese mountaineer Nirmal Purja and his team as they attempt to climb all 14 eight thousander peaks. And it isn’t just that – they have to do it within a record time of under seven months!

Fatherhood, Netflix


If you prefer a more heartwarming film, this might be up your alley. The drama-comedy based on the memoir Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love by Matthew Logelin follows a new father who brings up his baby girl as a single dad after the unexpected death of his wife who died a day after their daughter’s birth.

Idina Menzel: Which Way to the Stage, Disney+

idina menzel which way to the stage

Newly released on 9 December, this documentary follows American actress and singer Idina Menzel’s path towards realising her lifelong dream of headlining a concert at Madison Square Garden, in her hometown – New York City. In this journey, Menzel reflects on the highs and lows of her career, including the struggles she faces balancing being a performer and a mother.

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

A TV special for Disney+, this has been recently released and serves as the conclusion of Phase Four of the MCU. In this Holiday Special, the Guardians go on a mission to make Christmas memorable for Quill and they head to Earth in search of the perfect present.

Moon Knight, Disney+

moon knight

This fantasy superhero film sees the story of mild-mannered gift shop employee Steven Grant who shares a body with mercenary Marc Spector, Watch them investigate the mysteries of the Egyptian gods from inside the same body.

Turning Red, Disney+

seeing red

This animated comedy film follows Mei, a 13-year-old who transforms into a giant red panda whenever she experiences any strong emotion. And you thought adolescence can’t get any tougher!

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Disney+


Of course, you can’t have a movie list that talks about cinematic audio without mentioning a Marvel movie. We recommend Shang-Chi to lend our support to the latest franchise that features an Asian superhero!

The Beatles: Get Back, Disney+

the beatles get back

Want to immerse yourself in good music? This is a docu-series that covers the making of the legendary band’s Let It Be album. It draws largely from unused footage and audio material, making it a series that fans and music-lovers can’t miss.

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Last Jedi, Disney+

the last jedi

Finally, we definitely have to mention at least one from the Star Wars series. We’re sure fans will say that every one is worth catching, but for the best audio experience, go for The Last Jedi.

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