Your favourite characters in Journey to the West are now available as LEGO figurines

The 500-year old story of The Monkey King (or Journey to the West) may be a legend that you grew up with – just like LEGO playsets.

While we’ve seen LEGO playsets featuring Star Wars characters or even Frozen characters, we haven’t seen a collaboration that is inspired by Chinese legends – until now.

Monkie Kid Secret HQ (SGD269.90)

LEGO has just launched the Monkie Kid collection, which is inspired by Journey to the West and The Monkey King.

Consisting of eight different sets in the collection, enjoy this modern take on the legend with your family and make it uniquely yours with its exciting characters and flashy vehicles, like the Cloud Jet that even has a hidden speed bike that’ll allow your characters to chase down its enemies whether it be mid air or on the ground.

Monkie Kid Cloud Jet (SGD84.90)

The young ones will love the updated looks and backstories of the beloved characters: the story begins with Monkie Kid, who is just like any other yellow LEGO figurine, until he chances upon the Monkey King’s famed golden rod and becomes his successor.

Along with Pigsy, who now runs the best noodle shop in town, brawny Sandy, who loves relaxing with his cats in his free time, and Mei, the White Dragon Horse, the quartet go on journeys to spread peace and battle demons like Demon Bull King and Red Son.

Check out the other sets below!

Monkie Kid Pigsy’s Food Truck (SGD99.90)
Monkie Kid Monkey Warrior (SGD229.90)
Monkie Kid Demon Bull King (SGD129.90)

In addition, Mediacorp will even broadcast an animated Monkie Kid TV series on Channel 8 and 5 later this year as the perfect accompaniment to your children’s new favourite toy inspired by the popular Chinese legend.

View the full collection on LEGO’s official site, and make your purchases here.