These helpful yet low-effort tools are perfect for those who just want to kick back and relax

If you’re always on the lookout for tools that make your day-to-day life as hassle-free as possible, you’re not alone. We, too, love products that help make life so much easier. Some people may call us lazy for always looking for an easier way to do things, but we prefer to call it being efficient. 

For all of you like-minded people, we’ve put together a list of all the tools that are highly-raved so that you can be more efficient. From a machine that helps you shell your sunflower seeds, to prism glasses that allow you to read while laying down, we’ve got everything you could possibly need.

1. Sunflower seeds shelling machine

Those who often eat sunflower seeds would know just how addictive this snack is, but at the same time, this addictive snack can cause your teeth to sometimes hurt from opening too many seeds. In fact, it can even cause damage because of how hard the seeds can be.

In order to solve this problem, we’ve found this shelling machine that does all the shelling work for you so that you get to enjoy the snack without the pain. You just have to pop the seed into the machine and it will dispense the snack to you within seconds thanks to its high torque motor.

Credit: Shopee

But that’s not all, this shelling machine is also able to distinguish between good and bad seeds, which prevents you from consuming the aflatoxin in the bad seeds. If consumed, it can affect your health negatively.

The shelling machine comes in three colours – blue, pink, and yellow – and it can be purchased from Shopee for S$13.45.

2. Rotating splash filter faucet

If you’ve ever tried washing your face at your bathroom sink, you would notice that the countertop will also soon be wet from the water dripping down your arms as you splash water on your face.

Here’s a solution: use a rotating splash filter faucet. This filter faucet is universal so it can fit in all taps, but the beauty of this product is that it can rotate 720° which will make washing your face and gargling after brushing your teeth much more convenient.

Credit: Shopee

There is also a splash-proof filter tap that you can make use of by just switching the rotary. This introduces air into the water stream and makes it larger and wider. Even as it hits your face, it doesn’t make a mess and splash everywhere.

Say goodbye to using your hands to wash your face, and say hello to your new helper!

This splash filter faucet can be purchased from Shopee at just S$6.20.

3. Jar opener

With this jar opener, you will never have to ask for help opening a jar ever again. Everybody knows how frustrating it can be when you use all your strength just for a jar lid to not even budge from its position. It’s worse if you have sweaty palms because your grip is weakened.

Credit: Amazon SG

Thankfully, this five-in-one opener will come in handy and you can open all the jars that you want in mere seconds.

You can purchase this invention on Amazon for S$16.73.

4. Automatic hand wash dispenser

We all know how convenient it is to stick your hand under the automatic soap dispenser in the washroom of a shopping mall and wash your hands right after. This is also much more hygienic because you won’t get any germs on the soap bottle.

If only we had something like this for our home, right? Well, good news for you! We do, and it doesn’t cost an arm or a leg to own it.

Credit: Shopee

The dispenser is fitted on top of a Walch soap bottle, and when you place your hand underneath it, rich and dense foam will be dispensed within 0.25 seconds. This also helps you to save water because you no longer need to add water to get the same amount of foam.

Once you’re done with the soap in this bottle, you can order more refills.

You can purchase the Walsh Speed Foaming Automatic Hand Wash on Shopee for S$24.95.

5. Smart plugs

These days, everyone is all about making their home smart so that they can control their appliances with their voice or their smartphones.

While not all of us have had the opportunity to recently renovate our houses to fit it with a smart home system, tech companies have made it possible for us to transform our non-smart appliances into smart ones through the use of a smart plug!

Credit: Amazon SG

EVOLVE’s smart plugs do not require any hubs at all. All you have to do is plug them in and connect them using the EVOLVE smart app. This is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, so if you’ve always wanted to upgrade your home into a smart one, get this now and try it out!

A set of two smart plugs is sold for S$38 on Amazon.

6. No-tie elastic shoelaces

When you’re rushing out of the house because you’re late, it can sometimes be frustrating when you have to spend an extra couple of minutes tying your shoelaces.

These no-tie elastic shoelaces are designed to turn your lace-up sneakers into slip-ons so that you can easily put on your shoes without having to bend down at all.

Credit: Shopee

Plus, you’ll never have to deal with loose shoelaces when you’re out and about.

There are two metal capsules at the end of the laces that stick together to keep them from moving. Purchase a pair of laces in a colour of your choice for just S$1.73 on Shopee.

7. Lazy readers prism glasses

This pair of prism glasses is the ultimate tool for all lazy people. With this invention, you can now lay down fully and still be able to read or use your phone without putting any strain on your neck.

Credit: Shopee

You can also watch the television without having to prop yourself up on a pillow.

This lazy readers prism glasses can be purchased for S$7.50 on Shopee.

8. Neck phone holder

When you use your phone for prolonged periods of time on the bed, you might start to feel a bit of strain on your biceps. This is especially so if you’re just holding your phone in the air so that you can watch the drama you’ve been trying to catch up on.

Instead of holding your phone in your hands, use this bendable neck phone holder instead. It loops around your neck and keeps your phone at the right angle while keeping you hands-free.

Credit: Lazada

You can choose to rest your hands as you lay back on the bed, or even enjoy a snack while watching a show.

The area that rests on your neck is also padded to ensure maximum comfort even if you use it for long hours.

This neck phone holder is available for S$9 on Lazada.

9. Hands-free hairdryer

If you’ve got really long hair, you would know that it can sometimes be a pain to dry your hair because your hands will get tired from holding the hairdryer. Thanks to this company, your problems are solved.

Credit: Shopee

This hands-free hairdryer comes with a stand and you can angle it to blow directly at your hair while you lounge around the house. There is also a remote control that allows you to control the temperature and the windshield for the perfect hairdrying experience.

Get your own hands-free hairdryer for S$169 on Shopee.

10. Electric wine opener

Open your bottles of wine with the push of a button when you use an electric wine opener. With this, there will not be any struggles of twisting or pulling or any messy crumbling of the corks. It will just be a clean ‘pop’ and you can immediately delight yourself in a glass of wine.

Credit: Amazon SG

You can purchase one for S$26.35 on Amazon.