13 stylish laptop stands to help you work better – whether it’s from home or office

Working from home has its perks, but hunching over a laptop daily definitely isn’t one of them. Not only does it temporarily ruin your working posture, but it also sets precedence for future back and neck problems.

While the government has relaxed its regulations for working in the office, it is still recommended that employers allow employees to work from home at least half of their productive time. And we don’t know how long this arrangement will go on for.

If you use a laptop for work, it would certainly be wise to add a laptop stand to your setup – whether it is for home or in the office.

How to find the best laptop stand that suits your needs

The best laptop stand is one that is sturdy enough to support the weight of your laptop without feeling like it may topple anytime. It should also be designed with ergonomic in mind, at an angle that makes it comfortable for you when you use your laptop – most people will agree that the 25 degrees angle is a good position. Otherwise, consider an adjustable laptop stand so you can customise it according to your preference and needs.

If you’re planning to bring it around as you hotdesk or work from cafes sometimes, the portability and weight of the laptop stand will be an important point to take note of. Besides looking for something that is lightweight, also think about whether the laptop stand can be folded so it fits into your preferred bag.

If you’re ready to start shopping, here is a list of stylish and affordable laptop stands to consider.

1. NexStand K2 Laptop Stand


Finding enough space to set up shop at home can be a hassle, especially if you don’t have a dedicated workspace. The NexStand K2 is a small yet sturdy laptop stand that’s portable and lightweight, yet elevates six to ten inches off the desk. Four-pronged support makes it perfect for setting up anywhere at a moment’s notice, no fuss, no hassle.

Available on Lazada for S$19.90

2. Rain Design mStand


For the Mac users out there, this stand’s for you.

While it is compatible with most notebooks, the Rain Design mStand is designed specially for Apple MacBooks. It sports a sleek silver finish, which matches your MacBook and allows for stylish congruity.

The tilt design brings the screen slightly closer to you while you work, and a cable outlet helps to manage desktop clutter. Additionally, it is designed with a keyboard stash, where one can neatly store their bluetooth keyboard.

Available on realcooltech for S$68

3. Steklo X-Stand


Travel light and work smart with the Steklo X-stand. If you’re zipping down to a cafe to work, this is definitely for you. It’s foldable and ergonomic design makes it easy to set up shop anywhere, so you can get started right away.

Available on Amazon for S$32.99

4. XGear X1 Laptop Stand


Here’s one for those who don’t have a designated office space at home.

Sleek, fuss-free and collapsible. What more could we ask for? It may be small, but the steel-aluminium frame can support up to 15kg in weight. Suitable for laptops up to 17 inches in width, the XGear X1 laptop stand allows for seamless transition between your coffee table and your kitchen counter.

Available on Shopee for S$18.90

5. Mono Dsign laptop stand


Foldable yet sturdy, you’ve got a reliable stand that’ll easily fold and keep just as it’ll carry the weight of any laptop. It’s able to sustain up to 8kg and has rubber grips on the base to further stabilise the load. Not to mention it’s also portable enough to be moved around any and everywhere.

Available on Lazada for S$26

6. WIWU Portable Foldable Aluminium Laptop Stand


Sleek, effortless and completely adjustable, this no-fuss addition is sure to amp up productivity in your workspace. With its adjustable height, ranging from 7.5 to 10.5cm above table level, you’re sure to find that sweet spot that’ll have you churning out work in no time.

The aluminium alloy frame includes an aluminium panel that draws heat away and increases airflow. It also features non-slip rubber pads to ensure stability.

Available on ezbuy for S$21.91

7. MOFT laptop stand


This paper fibre cloth stand is an elegant addition to one’s device.

It offers a maximum of 5cm screen height elevation, which might not be the most ideal for those who sit for long hours in front of it. Whatever the stand lacks in screen height elevation, though, it surely makes up for in portability. A magnetic feature makes it seamless to fold and as it’s so sleek, one can easily carry it around without it taking up much extra space.

Staying hidden while not in use and unfelt when worked on, the stand allows for a blend of comfort and style. The sturdy contraption supports up to 8kg in weight, and is compatible with laptops up to 16 inches wide.

There are also several colours available, so you can pick one that is in line with your personal style.

Available on Shopee for S$32.90.

8. Baseus Mesh Laptop Stand


A sluggish laptop performance can cripple your productivity as easily as any other real-life distraction. That’s why the Baseus Mesh laptop stand uses a hollow metal mesh design that whisks away heat to prevent any overheating, ensuring a cool temperature throughout use. Additionally, silica gel components at the base ensure a stable, non-skid placement.

Available on ezbuy for S$20.56

9. CoolCold Laptop Cooling Pad


You know who uses the most ergonomic laptop stands? Hardcore gamers who spend hours and hours before a computer, of course.

That’s why even though this CoolCold cooling pad and stand is primarily made for gamers, office warriors are going to find it ideal too.

With six  fans split into various sections that go up to 2600RPM, expect superior ventilation that’ll keep you cool under pressure. It’s also angled at an ergonomic 28 degrees that’s sure to keep you focused on whatever task you have on hand.

It supports laptops below 17 inches wide and is complete with a non-slip base.

Available on Lazada for S$32.90

10. AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Holder Desk Stand


Try this sleek all-black addition to your workspace to kick things up a notch.

With a metal mesh that wicks away heat, your laptop is sure to keep cool even when you’re hard at work. Its six-slot cord organiser also tidies up that workspace so unsightly clutter is out of the question. Simply attach the cords to the back of the stand and you’ve got them neatly arranged and out of sight. You can also toggle between its three adjustable heights to find the one that suits you best.

Available on Amazon for S$27.26

11. Griffin GC16034 Laptop elevator Stand


This understated silver design is every minimalist’s dream. Its slender yet sturdy build is thanks to three solid pieces of aluminium that are easily assembled or deconstructed.

Long hours spent facing the screen are also made easier with its ergonomically designed 5.5 inch screen elevation. Portable, reliable and affordable, makes this a winner in any workspace.

Available on shop4sg for S$77.99

12. Homder Laptop Stand


This beast of a stand comes with many features that are sure to keep your workspace running at optimal performance.

It’s a 3-in-1 device station that holds not only your laptop but two phones as well. The rubber grips also keep it steady on any surface as you toggle through its nine different height settings. Not to mention, it has a cooling slot for you to slide in a cooling pad if required.

For someone looking to upgrade their workstation, look no further.

Available on Amazon for S$93

13. Huanuo Stand Riser


Sometimes, bigger is better, and justifiably so with this stand. Its 14-inch platform is wide and sturdy enough to handle whatever you throw at it, whether it’s a laptop, desktop or a printer, with ease.

With all that space below the stand, simply slide files, books or other accessories in to keep that workspace neat and tidy. Just plonk this stand down and you’re good to go, as quick as that.

Available on Amazon for S$33.38

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