15 gorgeous lamps that’ll elevate your space instantly

Typically, lamps are used as an item of necessity rather than as a decorative item, but who’s to say that they can’t also have that dual function? Here are 15 gorgeous lamps that will not only illuminate your living space but also brighten up your decor.

1. IKEA PS 2014 Pendant Lamp

Credit: IKEA
Credit: IKEA

Inspired by sci-fi movies, this stunning lamp looks like a work of art – which is probably why it isn’t surprising that it is a winner of Red Dot Award, ab international design competition. Its copper colour casts a warm and calming hue upon your room so it feels homely. You can also change the shape and intensity of the light of the pendant lamp with a simple pull of its string.

iKEA PS 2014 Pendant Lamp retails for S$149 on IKEA.

2. Seletti Studio AMeBE Cupolone Quarantacinque Resin Ceiling Lamp

Credit: Selfridges

Can you recognise what this structure is? This lamp shows off the architecture of St. Peter’s dome in the form of its majestic resin dome!

Designed by Seletti and Studio AMeBE, this resin lamp will add an architectural flair to your decor and will certainly be a conversation-starter among guests.

Seletti Studio AMeBE Cupolone Quarantacinque Resin Ceiling Lamp (47cm) retails for S$920 on Selfridges.

3. Seletti Verso Aluminium Table Lamp

Credit: Selfridges

Make a bold and striking statement with this Seletti piece that is shaped like a staircase. This dimmable table lamp has a touch-sensitive control and is magnetic so you can attach the movable man figure that comes with the lamp to whichever spot you want.

Seletti Verso Aluminium Table Lamp (37cm) retails for S$390 on Seflridges.

4. Hovnäs

Credit: IKEA
Credit: IKEA

This standing lamp has a very unique design, and is almost reminiscent of the Garden by the Bay’s Supertrees. The Hovnäs has a built-in variable dimmer which allows you to turn on, turn off, and dim the lamp as you see fit. With lighting that is perfect for any occasion at the touch of finger, this lamp is both a beautiful piece of decoration as well as a versatile and practical addition to your home.

Hovnäs retails for S$149 and is available on IKEA

5. Seletti My Moon Lamp

Credit: RED
Credit: RED

Can you promise someone the moon? Well, you can – sort of.

The My Moon Lamp by Italian homeware brand Seletti is most certainly a unique lamp as it also doubles as a lounge chair. At a first glance, the lamp appears to have a smooth surface, but once it is switched on, its gentle, yellow glow reveals the ridges across its surface that are reminiscent of the craters of the moon.

Seletti My Moon Lamp is currently sold out on Seletti’s website, but retails for S$1,734 on Amara.

6. Södersvik

Credit: IKEA

This wall lamp is great for the bathroom as it cast a gentle glow, creating a calming ambience so you can unwind at the end of the day. This wall lamp is also dimmable, and provides an even lighting that does not give off any harsh glares.

Södersvik retails for S$99 and is available on IKEA

7. Ann Demeulemeester Rey Porcelain Pendant Lamp

Credit: Selfridges

This lamp has an avant-garde silhouette that makes it a highlight in any living space. Featuring flowing needles and porcelain panels, the pendant lamp provides calming movement while sprucing up your room.

Ann Demeulemeester Rey Porcelain Pendant Lamp retails for S$780 on Selfridges

8. Light Luxury Butterfly Lamp

Credit: Shopee

For a more whimsical feel, this butterfly lamp will add a touch of delicate beauty to your living space while illuminating it with a bright glow. It is available in three different sizes and can also be controlled via a remote.

Light Luxury Butterfly Lamp retails for S$69 to S$138 depending on the size you wish to purchase, and is available on Shopee

9. Nordic Minimalist Ceiling Chandelier

Credit: Shopee

This Nordic-style ceiling chandelier should fit perfectly with any minimalist-themed home. Bonus: it uses energy-saving LED chips.

Nordic Minimalist Ceiling Chandelier retails for S$44 (Black colour) or S$46 (Gold Colour) and is available on Shopee

10. Brightech Helix LED Floor Lamp

Credit: Nordstorm

Besides an intriguing design, this floor lamp is also practical – it has a built-in foot pedal dimmer switch to easily create the perfect ambience for any occasion.

Brightech Helix LED Floor Lamp retails S$130.34 and is available on Nordstorm

11. Brightech Halo Split Floor Lamp

Credit: Nordstorm

This Halo Split lamp gives you more control over your lighting as each of its light rings are adjustable. This lamp provides you a practical feature of a built-in LED touch switch dimmer.

Brightech Halo Split Floor Lamp retails for S$144.82 and is available on Nordstorm

12. Carrie Table Lamp Bronzed Brass

Credit: The Fine Shop
Credit: The Fine Shop

This adorable lamp features a warm orb of light that is nestled gently into a basket-like base of brushed brass, and carried around by a sleek handle that is wrapped in leather. The lamp is portable and perfect for any indoor or outdoor setting as it is cordless and comes with a USB charger. The lamp also has four lighting settings.

Carrie Table Lamp Bronzed Brass retails for S$317.13 and is available on The Fine Store

13. Luxury Lamp with Coffee Table

Credit: Tmall

For a multi-functional lamp, this luxury lamp comes with an intricate and eye-catching design for a lamp shade, as well as an attached coffee table surface.

Practical? Yes. Decorative? Most definitely.

Luxury Lamp with Coffee Table retails for S$147.26 to S$231.74 on Tmall

14. Log Floor Lamp

Credit: cppc5.com
Credit: cppc5.com

This floor lamp will certainly be a conversation-starter with its unique design. It features a three-leg stand and a hanging lantern for its lighting fixture, and casts a soft light for a gentle ambience.

Log Floor Lamp retails for S$305.48 and is available on cppc5.com

15. Italian Crystal Glass Floor Lamp

Credit: Taobao
Credit: Taobao

A gorgeous decorative piece, this crystal glass floor lamp will add a touch of elegance to your decor while illuminating your living space with its unique rings of light. This lamp is also available in a variety of sizes and its design varies slightly with each size.

Italian Crystal Glass Floor Lamp retails for S$208.57 to S$446.63 and is available on Taobao.