8 best home karaoke systems in Singapore for you to belt your heart out

We all remember the good ol’ days of being able to head to karaoke joints to belt your heart out with your friends, then the pandemic came and we had to stop all of such activities.

While Singapore has started to ease restrictions on karaoke singing, we know that there will be many of you who would still be cautious when visiting these places. So instead of heading back to karaoke joints, why not invest in your very own home karaoke system?

With this, you’ll no longer be bounded by time limits or government restrictions! Interested to set up one? Here are the best home karaoke systems in Singapore that you can purchase.

1. Powerhouse Home Karaoke System

Credit: Powerhouse Home Karaoke System/Facebook

One of the best karaoke systems in Singapore is Powerhouse Home Karaoke System. What sets it apart from other karaoke systems in Singapore is that its music library is updated every week with new songs at no additional cost.This means you will never have to experience the disappointment of not being able to find a new song that you’d like to sing just like what you would when you head to certain karaoke joints.

We all know how much of a mood-killer that can be!

And if you notice that a particular song isn’t in the system yet, you can send in a request and you should be able to see it in the library within 10 days.

Another issue you’ll notice at many karaoke joints is that most of the Mandarin songs and those in dialects don’t usually have the pinyin of the characters written on the screen. This makes it difficult for those who are not familiar to sing along. Thankfully, Powerhouse Home Karaoke System recognised this issue and has included pinyin versions of thousands of songs in Mandarin and different dialects.

Don’t worry either if you can’t read Korean, because this karaoke system includes romanised lyrics so that you can still sing your heart out to your favourite Kpop songs.

Powerhouse Home Karaoke System’s basic karaoke system setup which comes with the Powerhouse UBOX Mini Karaoke Box (with songs) and Powerhouse micBASIC Wireless Microphones retails for S$799. If you’re looking for one that comes with an amplifier, speakers, and a subwoofer, opt for the UBOX MINI Slim Starter Karaoke System instead for S$999.

Get started on setting up your home karaoke system by purchasing a set from Powerhouse Home Karaoke System

2. MB Home Karaoke Singapore

karaoke system singapore - mb home karaoke singapore
Credit: MB Karaoke Solution Pte Ltd/Facebook

MB Home Karaoke Singapore is one of the most highly raved home karaoke systems in Singapore, and it’s not hard to see why. MB Home Karaoke Singapore offers free lifetime updates for its products via the internet, which means you’ll always have the best quality system no matter when you purchase your product. This works because all of MB Home Karaoke Singapore’s products are cloud-based.

Furthermore, MB Home Karaoke Singapore’s karaoke system actually comes with voice recognition as well as a song scoring system so that you can have friendly competitions with your loved ones and friends on who can sing the best!

Another reason to get a karaoke system from MB Home Karaoke Singapore is that it offers a three-year warranty for all of its products, along with full after-sale service support so that you don’t have to worry about any issues that you may face with your karaoke system setup.

One of the most popular karaoke systems is the MB Karaoke MB KTV-888 Box and MRS100 Home Karaoke System Package which comes with the MB Karaoke Box with songs, a three-metre HDMI cable, a three-metre audio cable, a power cord, an amplifier, two Smallest Three-Way Home Karaoke Speakers, and two wireless microphones. This retails for S$979.

Get started on setting up your home karaoke system by purchasing a set from MB Home Karaoke Singapore’s official website or Shopee.

3. AC Ryan Home Karaoke System

karaoke system singapore - ac ryan home karaoke system
Credit: AC Ryan Home Karaoke System

When it comes to setting up your very own home karaoke system, you can certainly count on the folks at AC Ryan Home Karaoke System to provide the best karaoke system possible. The sound bars offered here are specifically catered to not only replace your television speaker, but also be suitable for days you would like to sing karaoke.

With this sound bar, you will no longer have to make space for bulky amplifiers, subwoofers, and other speakers just to get the same karaoke experience.

AC Ryan Home Karaoke System’s latest product, the Gen 3 Karaoke System, is a sleek and powerful karaoke system that delivers the best acoustics for any voice. It comes with bluetooth so that you can sync the system to your smartphone and easily play songs from Spotify, iTunes, or Google Play Music on the system.

The Gen 3 wireless microphones also come with a Vocal Boost feature which uses the right amount of reverb that will make you sound just like a rockstar. Talk about a great home karaoke experience, right?

Also, something interesting to note is that AC Ryan Home Karaoke System is huge on sustainability, so you’ll notice that many of its products are made from recyclable materials such as wood, glass, and metal. As such, when you purchase a product from this brand, you will also be showing your support for sustainability!

The Gen 3 Karaoke System costs S$699, but you can get it together with the Touchscreen Player as a package for S$1,599 instead.

Get started on setting up your home karaoke system by purchasing a set from AC Ryan Home Karaoke System.

4. Laser Music

karaoke system singapore - laser music
Credit: Laser Music SG Pte Ltd/Facebook

Another karaoke system provider you can consider is Laser Music. With 300,000 songs available for download and weekly song updates, Laser Music does its best to ensure that you have the best home karaoke experience possible.

Unlike some of the karaoke system providers in Singapore, Laser Music actually has its own range of equipment, speakers, microphones, laser and lighting effects to transform your home into the real deal. And to add on to the convenience of selecting songs, you can also queue songs with your smartphone instead of having to select them through the touchscreen system.

The V60 Lite All-in-One Karaoke System retails for S$1,088 while the V60 Super All-in-One Karaoke System which comes with an additional sound bar and subwoofer retails for S$1,588.

Get started on setting up your home karaoke system by purchasing a set from Laser Music. Contact them at 8813 7467 or 6741 0988 for more details.

5. Teo Heng Trading & KTV Studio

karaoke system singapore - teo heng
Credit: Teo Heng Trading & KTV Studio

Teo Heng Trading & KTV Studio is one of the OGs when it comes to karaoke, and it broke everyone’s hearts when we found out that our beloved karaoke joint had to close down 11 of its outlets due to the pandemic.

If you’re looking to set up your very own home karaoke system, why not do so while showing your support for the homegrown brand? Teo Heng Trading & KTV Studio has pivoted to selling karaoke sets from its home brand, WASUKA, so you can look through its catalogue of karaoke systems to determine the best one for your home.

The WASUKA KOD-9000HP package (S$799) is the most basic of all, and it comes with a set of two wireless microphones, but if you’re looking for a karaoke system with speakers, opt for the WASUKA Mini Boss KTV System (S$999) or the Flagship Home KTV System (S$1,399) instead.

Get started on setting up your home karaoke system by purchasing a set from Teo Heng Trading & KTV Studio. Visit their Home KTV Experience Centre at 1 Woodlands Square, #05-01, Causeway Point, Singapore 738099 today for more details.

6. Dynamic Audio

karaoke system singapore - dynamic audio
Credit: Dynamic Audio – Karaoke KOD/Facebook

Dynamic Audio is another home karaoke system provider in Singapore that you can consider when it comes to investing in a karaoke set.

The packages offered here combines BIK speakers, one of Japan’s finest karaoke equipment brands, as well as MusicBox’s karaoke-on-demand (KOD) system to provide a great home karaoke experience.

The basic Compact Digital Karaoke System Package comes with a set of two speakers, two wireless microphones, and the MB-A100 Karaoke Amplifier. This retails for S$999 and it comes with free delivery and installation, so you won’t have to worry about lugging the entire system home and figuring out how to set it all up. This is definitely a value-for-money deal!

Get started on setting up your home karaoke system by purchasing a set from Dynamic Audio. Contact them at 6747 7238 for more details.

7. Popsical

karaoke system singapore - popsical
Credit: Popsical

Popsical is quite possibly the smartest and smallest streaming karaoke system in Singapore, and this is perfect for those who don’t have much space at home.

The Popsical Remix II boasts more than 230,000 songs in 14 languages, and it automatically corrects the pitch of your voice to make you sound like the best karaoke version of yourself. This karaoke system lets you choose songs directly from your smartphone or your tablet, making it that much more convenient for you to start a karaoke session anytime and anywhere.

The Popsical Remix II retails for S$599 and it comes with two wireless microphones in a sleek design. With such a compact design, the Popsical Remix II allows you to bring it around freely to your friend’s house or to your next staycation!

Get started on setting up your home karaoke system by purchasing a set from Popsical.

8. Hajuriz

karaoke system singapore - hajuriz
Credit: Lazada

If you’re looking for an economical option for your home karaoke system, especially if you already have your own set of great-quality speakers, Hajuriz is certainly one of your best bets.

The most basic Hajuriz karaoke machine (S$499) features a 15″ touchscreen player with a 1TB hard drive. With this, you will gain access to more than 300,000 songs on its cloud library, and if you happen to find a song that isn’t available yet, you can plug in your own USB and add or stream songs directly.

The system also allows you to record your singing so that you can keep it for memories. Alternatively, you can share it to your social media so that everyone else will be able to appreciate your singing.

Another special thing about the Hajuriz karaoke system is that it has a smart AI voice feature which allows you to select songs or adjust settings with just your voice! How cool is that?

Get started on setting up your home karaoke system by purchasing a set from Hajuriz.