15 of the latest launches you need to get your hands on in January 2022 to kickstart the new year

In just a blink of an eye, we’re already onto a new year – and the adage “out with the old, in with the new” never rings truer.

Now’s the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning and treat yourself to some of the latest gadgets and products across fashion and home.

AVENUE ONE has done the heavy lifting to round up 15 of the newest launches money can buy this January – happy shopping!

1. LG CordZero™ A9 Kompressor™

Since it is the new year, you might want to do some spring cleaning for your home. After all, there’s no better way to start the year clean and fresh than to deep clean every corner of your house.

In order to help you with that, you can consider getting the latest LG Electronics CordZero™ A9 Kompressor™, a cordless stick vacuum that comes with an All-in-One Tower™.

Credit: LG Electronics

Thanks to LG’s Smart Inverter Motor™ and Axial Turbo Cyclone™ technology, the vacuum has such a powerful suction that it’s able to clean any kind of flooring you have at home.

The All-in-One Tower™, which functions as both a charging station and accessory stand, is so advanced that it automatically empties the dustbin of the vacuum once it is docked, providing a more hygienic and convenient experience for the user.

Credit: LG Electronics

There is a washable motor protection filter and fine dust filter to prevent any small particles and allergens from escaping into the indoor environment.

The built-in UVC LED light source also ensures that bacterial growth is inhibited from building up inside the dust bag.

Credit: LG Electronics

Purchase it at selected outlets from authorised retailers like Best Denki, COURTS, and Harvey Norman for S$1,599. Click here for more information.

2. MAIKO by Pearl FALCO

Pearl FALCO is a Japanese luxury jewellery brand that specialises in Japanese pearls.

Recently, it established its first sub-brand, MAIKO by Pearl FALCO, to pay homage to the pearl farmers of Ise Shima, and to change the current old-fashioned image of pearls and encourage more people to embrace its beauty.

Credit: MAIKO by Pearl FALCO

MAIKO features more than 50 pieces of jewellery including pendants, rings, and earrings that spotlight baby Akoya pearls as the main focus.

Credit: MAIKO by Pearl FALCO

These pieces range from S$200 to S$3,000, and due to their minimalist designs, they can be worn every day or kept for special occasions.

Credit: MAIKO by Pearl FALCO

Check out the entire MAIKO by Pearl Falco collection here.

3. Skechers GOrun

If your New Year’s resolution is to be more active and engage in more sports to maintain your fitness, you might be on the lookout for a good pair of shoes that can withstand various sports activities.

Credit: Skechers

Look no further because Skechers’ latest GOrun collection boasts a series of technical shoes that will empower your run with more efficiency, stability, and comfort.

The collection is equipped with the proprietary HYPER BURST cushioning and HYPER ARC technology, allowing you to run effortlessly for long distances.

Credit: Skechers

There are a total of five models for this collection, and the top-of-the-line model is the GOrun Supersonic which is equipped with an additional ULTRA FLIGHT technology so the sneakers are ultra-lightweight, making it feel as if you’re running barefoot but with all the essential protective cushioning.

These sneakers can be purchased in stores and online on the Skechers website, Shopee, and Lazada.

4. LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection

As part of the Architecture Skyline Collection, LEGO is releasing a new city skyline model this January. Hint: It’s the fifth most visited city and is one of the most architecturally forward-thinking cities in the world.

Looking at the picture below, there are no prizes for guessing which city this is – you can now have the Singapore skyline which includes the Marina Bay Sands, OCBC Centre, One Raffles Place, Lau Pa Sat food market, Gardens by the Bay with the Supertree Grove, Singapore Riverfront with the shophouses, and The Fullerton Hotel Singapore displayed in true LEGO brick fashion within your own homes!

Credit: LEGO

This 827-piece set is perfect for adults who would love to get lost in the world of LEGO after a long day of work, or even for families to build together as part of their family bonding session. Find out more about this LEGO set here.

This retails for S$99.90 from 3 January 2022 onwards and can be purchased online on BricksWorld, Lazada, and Shopee or at major retailers and department stores.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

While we’re all on our smartphones these days, we have to admit that the screen size can sometimes be a little too small for certain activities, like gaming, watching shows, and editing documents on the go.

That is why Samsung has introduced its latest creation, the Galaxy Tab A8. Said to be the most streamlined and powerful Galaxy Tab A series device yet, the Galaxy Tab A8 is definitely suitable for all ages.

Credit: Samsung

It boasts an impressive screen size of 10.5 inches, good battery power that can let you stream shows for hours on end, and high performance, all packed into a slim and lightweight design.

The tablet also has functions that will boost your productivity, such as Multi-Active Window, Drag & Split, and Screen Recorder. You can also share texts, a webpage, images, and more between your Galaxy devices with the copy-and-paste function – easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 will be available in three colours: Grey, Silver, and Pink Gold. Find out more information here.

6. Bounceback anti-hangover pill

When there’s a festive gathering (that adheres to safe management measures, of course), booze will likely be involved. After all, it is a night to chill and let loose with your friends, right?

However, while we do love a night of drinks, we can’t say we feel the same for the hangover we get the next day that dampens our productivity and makes us feel miserable.

Thankfully, an ex-Senior Executive from Grab, Roy Ang, has come up with a pill that is said to help alleviate your hangovers and allow you to have all the fun you would like.

He partnered with a GMP Singapore-based manufacturing company to formulate Bounceback, an anti-hangover pill made from nutrients and effective ingredients.

Credit: Bounceback

The Bounceback Liver Defence+ Detox Pill is fully natural because it uses Dihydromyricetine (DHM) as the main component. This ingredients helps to speed up alcohol metabolism by lowering blood alcohol concentration and increasing alcohol clearance.

The pill is also made with 22 different vitamins, antioxidants, and herbal extracts, so it is effective in helping your body replenish all the depleted nutrients caused by drinking.

One box of 40 capsules is now retailing for S$49.90 (U.P. S$60), but if you purchase three boxes with 120 capsules, they will cost S$135 (U.P. S$180), which works out to S$45 per box. You can purchase them here.

7. New Balance x SneakersNStuff 574

Fans of New Balance would be familiar with the signature 574 design, and this time, New Balance has collaborated with SneakersNStuff (SNS) to release a new version of the 574 silhouette as part of their “Inspired by Nature” campaign.

Credit: New Balance

The exclusive pair of sneakers come in an earthy olive green with purple accents. The sneakers feature pigskin suede and synthetic leather upper, held together by nylon lining.

If you love the environment and you’re a fan of the 574 silhouette, this is a collaboration you absolutely cannot miss.

This pair of sneakers is available for S$179 online and at New Balance’s Paragon outlet.

8. LG UltraGear gaming laptop

It’s an exciting year for LG Electronics because they are launching their first gaming laptop under their premium UltraGear collection.

Credit: LG Electronics

This lightweight laptop has a sleek design, and is packed with exceptional features like an 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake H processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Max-Q graphics card, dual-channel memory, and an ultra-fast dual SSD setup.

It has a 17.3-inch IPS panel with a one millisecond response time and a 300Hz refresh rate, offering immersive and fluid gameplay.

Credit: LG Electronics

This laptop will allow gamers to take gaming anywhere, as it offers portability and flexibility without compromising on the quality of the gaming experience.

Check out the exact launch date and view more details here.

9. Casio G-SHOCK MTG-B2000XMG

Casio G-SHOCK has launched a new shock-resistant watch that is perfect for those who are bold yet adventurous.

The new MTG-B2000XMG has a multicolour carbon bezel made by laminating carbon with coloured glass fibre. This process creates a unique multi-layered pattern on the bezel, which mimics the colours of Rainbow Mountain where the different colours are a result of the oxidation of minerals accumulated from volcanic activity and tectonic movement over a prolonged period of time.

Credit: Casio G-SHOCK

The bezel is not the only thing that has multiple colours, the face of the watch, the buttons, crown, and even the buckle and band loop are of different accent colours to complement the multicolour bezel and complete the whole bold look.

You won’t have to worry about the time becoming inaccurate, as many watches do over time, thanks to this watch’s ability to receive radio wave time-calibration signals. Plus, you will also be able to tell the time even in the dark due to its high-brightness LED and solar charging.

The new Casio G-SHOCK MTG-B2000XMG is available for S$1,699 and can be purchased online and in stores.

10. New Balance All-Terrain 57/40

The last two years have been especially tough for everyone, with various challenges and curveballs taking a toll on our mental well-being.

Being cooped up at home can be quite detrimental, so New Balance is expanding on their performance campaign called “Own Your Now” to empower everyone to “Own Your Moment” and embrace the present by going outdoors and enjoying nature more frequently.

In order to endure all the various terrains of where your feet will take you, you’ll need the latest All-Terrain 57/40 sneakers.

Credit: New Balance

This collection of sneakers is made for all four types of terrain – concrete, grass, mud, and sand – so you’re definitely not going to experience any discomfort despite walking for a long time.

There are three pairs of sneakers you can choose: Cordura, Gore-tex, and 3M Reflective.

Cordura is perfect for those who are adventurous because its tear-resistant nylon panelling will allow you to tread the most treacherous trails without any worry of abrasions, while the Gore-tex is suitable for those going on expeditions thanks to its waterproof breathable membrane.

If you’re intending to start running, opt for the 3M Reflective because the material of the sneakers will cause them to light up and shine brightly, keeping you safe no matter where you go.

The sneakers retail for S$179 each and can be purchased in stores and online.

11. LG UltraGear gaming speaker

Looking to enhance your gaming setup? Invest in the newest LG UltraGear gaming speaker and take your gaming to the next level.

This is every gamer’s dream because the speakers offer LG’s proprietary 3D gaming sound technology where it uses a specially designed head-related transfer function (HRTF) algorithm to tailor a game’s audio according to its genre.

Credit: LG Electronics

This means that you will be able to immerse yourself completely in the game with the extremely detailed surround sound conveniently without the use of a bulky headset.

And since the speakers also allow you to go into RTS mode, gameplay will become even more realistic thanks to the genuine spatial sound it offers.

The speakers come with an in-built microphone, allowing gamers to communicate with others in-game without having to purchase an additional headset or microphone.

The LG UltraGear gaming speaker retails for S$699 and can be purchased on Shopee and Lazada.

12. Unilever’s The Vegetarian Butcher

Eating plant-based meat alternatives is now much easier thanks to The Vegetarian Butcher by Unilever

We all know meat alternatives can be quite expensive and difficult to find, but with The Vegetarian Butcher, these plant-based alternatives can now be easily purchased from our local supermarkets at an affordable price.

Credit: The Vegetarian Butcher

Interested to give them a try? Choose from the star selection of Chickened Out Chunks (plant-based chicken-style chunks), Mince Charming (plant-based mince), Big Winners (plant-based sausages), and Little Peckers (plant-based nuggets).

Each packet retails for S$7.95 and you can purchase them at major supermarkets like FairPrice and Cold Storage, as well as on RedMart and Amazon

13. myFirst Fone R1S Smart Watchphone

These days, we’re all surrounded by technology, and most of us have our lives on our smartphones. We hate to admit it, but as much as we want to, we can’t shield our kids from the internet forever despite the dangers surrounding it.

But now, there’s something else you can consider getting for your kiddos on top of educating them about the pros and cons of the internet.

Introducing myFirst, a local tech start-up that specialises in developing tech gadgets for kids. The brand will be launching myFirst Fone R1S Smart Watchphone, a smartwatch that also functions just like a phone.

It even has a SIM card slot so that you can remain connected with your children.

Credit: myFirst

The Smart Watchphone relies solely on its platform for connectivity, so the usage of social media platforms and online video content platforms is limited.

Credit: myFirst

It also has a class-mode feature where you can restrict your child’s use of the device during lessons, so this eliminates the chances of the device becoming a source of distraction when they are supposed to be paying attention in class.

The Smart Watchphone is available for S$269 and will come with six months of free data SIM. Interested to purchase one? Click here to order now.

14. Sanrio x thecoopidea wireless keyboard and mouse set

If you’re one of those who will be returning to the office to work in the new year, you might want to consider getting this new Sanrio x thecoopidea wireless keyboard and mouse set to make your return to the office more enjoyable.

Credit: thecoopidea

Instead of heading back to the usual black keyboard and mouse, brighten up your workspace with these pastel-coloured devices with Sanrio motifs on them!

When your workspace looks this cute, it’ll definitely brighten up your mood and motivate you to quickly return to the office.

Credit: thecoopidea

The keyboard and mouse offered are both wireless, so you can keep your workspace free from any clutter due to the coiling of wires.

Furthermore, the keyboard is a mechanical one, so there will be a soothing clicking sound every time you type.

There are three designs to choose from: Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, and Little Twin Stars.

The sets retail for S$99.90 each and can be purchased from Shopee.

15. RIMOWA’s new cross-product collection

RIMOWA has been the go-to brand for travel ever since it was established back in 1898. Over the years, it has expanded its collection to not only include suitcases but also travel accessories and bags.

To ring in the new year, RIMOWA is launching a new cross-product collection in designs inspired by its Never Still collection.

And this time, the products will be in two distinctive colours that are reminiscent of Tanzania’s dramatic landscapes – the sky and one of Africa’s most famous wildlife, flamingos.

Credit: RIMOWA

One of the colours is a saturated red called Flamingo while the other is a peaceful shade of blue called Azure.

Credit: RIMOWA

The collection will feature RIMOWA’s Essential suitcase range, travel accessories like the Packing Cubes in three sizes, the RIMOWA Personal cross-body bag, wrist pouches, backpacks, totes, as well as polycarbonate iPhone cases in those two new colourways.

Credit: RIMOWA

With such striking colours, you’ll never lose your suitcase or your belongings again!

Shop the new collection here.