This low-maintenance water purifier changed the way we drink water – here’s why the AVENUE ONE team loves it

Looking at how Singapore’s weather fluctuates, who would’ve thought that having a water purifier with adjustable temperatures complements extremely well?

This Hydroflux NAMI water purifier is incredibly user-friendly, perfect for couples and families with busy schedules, and has a temperature for every mood and occasion!

hydroflux nami water purifier review

Plus, Hydroflux has a near-perfect 4.8-star rating on Google (out of 1,404 reviews), where happy customers rave about the brand’s pristine products and services.

To find out just how hassle-free it is, five members of the AVENUE ONE team tested it out to see how the water purifier performs and intertwines with our lifestyles.

Elevate your homes and offices with the Hydroflux NAMI Water Purifier

hydroflux nami water purifier review

Made especially for new parents and homeowners, the NAMI stands as one of Hydroflux’s most popular water purifiers that offers ultimate usability and reliability in a tankless system.

It features the best essential functions, clear indicators, and intuitive controls that’ll make drinking water or making drinks a breeze.

And it has a slim, compact design that can fit almost anywhere in kitchen countertops where space is limited — a great way to jazz up your kitchen’s aesthetic and source of drinking water.

A personalised drinking experience with five temperatures

hydroflux nami water purifier review

With five temperatures available (85°C, 75°C, 45°C, 27°C, and 4°C), the NAMI can cater to everyone’s drinking preferences.

“The availability of multiple temperature settings with the NAMI is another remarkable improvement. Unlike the old dispenser in the office, which offered just two temperature options (hot and cold), the NAMI allows us to customise our drinking experience according to our preferences, whether it’s a piping hot cup of tea during a chilly morning or a refreshing cold drink on a hot afternoon,” shared Associate Editor Jade.

  • 85°C: Great for tea, coffee, cup noodles, and any other hot drinks
  • 75°C: Ideal for beverages like milo and hot chocolate
  • 45°C: Perfect for baby milk formula
  • 27°C: Room temperature for all
  • 4°C: Amazing for icy drinks and suitable for cold detox cleansing water

And, of course, there’s a child lock function for hot temperatures to ensure your kids (or anyone, really) won’t get into a scalding accident.

Experience water with top hygiene levels

hydroflux nami water purifier review

Now, we all know that tap water is absolutely safe to drink in Singapore, but why stop there when you can have the best of the best?

Thanks to NAMI’s tankless system and multi-stage filtration, your mind can be put to ease knowing that you’re only consuming clean water. There won’t be any curious cases of bad tummy aches from drinking water you didn’t know was unsanitary.

“The water from Hydroflux NAMI definitely tastes better, since it doesn’t have the bottled water taste. Knowing that it filters the water gives me ease of mind since I know the water that I am drinking is clean and goes through filtering,” said Marketing Executive Riziana.

The NAMI is also constructed with stainless steel internal piping and better insulation materials. Meaning to say, dispensing hot water won’t end up corroding the internal lining over time like how your typical water heater will.

It has an auto-sterilisation function and is effortless to clean

hydroflux nami water purifier review

Ever had to worry about drinking less than hygienic water because you haven’t had the time to clean your water purifier? Well, the Hydroflux NAMI does it for you and basically cleans itself!

It has a weekly auto-sterilisation function that initiates a high-pressure reverse flushing method with electrolytic sterilising water to clean the internal system and prevent any possible contamination.

It even cleans the filter, which prolongs the lifespan and top effectiveness of the filter. You can also set the exact time for it to happen so that it can work its magic while you’re out.

Plus, Hydroflux has a near-perfect 4.8-star rating on Google (out of 1,404 reviews) where happy customers rave about the brand's pristine products and services. To find out just how hassle-free is it, five members of the AVENUE ONE team tested it out to see how the water purifier performs and intertwines with our lifestyles.

“Maintenance is my biggest concern with water purifiers, but the NAMI addresses this with an ingenious solution. The auto-sterilisation feature not only ensures the purity of the water but also minimises the need for manual cleaning — something I have to set reminders for every few months,” said Jade.

What’s more, the whole machine can be easily maintained with a simple wipe down since the outer build of the water dispenser has an extra coating to prevent scratches and yellowing.

If you’re worried about metals turning brown, the NAMI has an anti-rust nozzle that can be removed to wash too.

Dispense your desired water amount

hydroflux nami water purifier review

As part of the NAMI’s user-friendly and well-designed interface is a quantity control feature where you can select from 120ml, 500ml, or CONT (continuous) options.

This makes it effortless to control and get a fixed amount of water into your mugs or bottles without having to pay any attention at all!

“I like how I am able to control the quantity of water intake. There are times when I do not pay attention to the water I am filling up (distracted by my phone usually, oops), which sometimes causes me to make a mess since it’ll overspill, but now I don’t have to worry about it anymore,” piqued Riziana.

Hydroflux NAMI Water Purifier vs. other water purifiers and dispensers

Now, on to the real question: How did the Hydroflux NAMI Water purifier fare in comparison to others and our office’s old water dispenser?

One of the most notable benefits that all five reviewers have noticed is the elimination of the backbreaking task of changing out heavy water tanks with our previous water dispenser, which required frequent lifting and the replacement of large, heavy water containers.

With the Hydrofux NAMI’s advanced design and direct water connection, this laborious chore has become a thing of the past!

Sherilynn, 23, Campaign Executive

hydroflux nami water purifier review

In speaking about her overall experience with the NAMI, Sherilynn said she found herself reaching to use the water purifier more often as it fills up her flask quickly without her having to bend down and hold her bottle in an awkward position.

“It’s convenient because I can just place my flask there while it refills with just a tap of the button. It’s also not too noisy and doesn’t disrupt the ambience around the office,” said Sherilynn.

Cleo, 25, Writer

hydroflux nami water purifier review

I love how high-tech it is and am especially in favour of the 45°C and 75°C temperatures where I can get my coffee to be semi-hot so I won’t end up burning my tongue (sometimes I get so engrossed in work that I forget how hot my drinks are)!

My household only had a small water purifier in our Malaysia home back when I was just a child and we never got one when we moved to Singapore. So I think I never really appreciated it or saw it as a necessity till now.

Just knowing that the water is squeaky clean makes me want to drink more while I’m at work! I kid, but it’s hard to fight the urge to lug the NAMI back home so that I can always have water with top hygiene levels at the tip of my finger.

Riziana, 26, Marketing Executive

In comparison with the water purifier she had, Riziana prefers NAMI as it allows her to control the temperature and quantity of her water easily.

“My previous water purifier was a simple one, where the water is purified through the tap and is not as high-tech, so NAMI would be what I prefer,” she explained.

She is also particularly fond of the Ambient temperature (27°C) which makes it easy as she wouldn’t need to use her “eye power” to gauge how warm or cold her drink is from mixing the two hot and cold options from the office’s previous water dispenser.

“Personally, as someone who drinks water regularly, it didn’t exactly change the way I drink or enjoy water. I do enjoy how convenient it is for me now to grab water since I don’t have to worry about refilling the water dispenser or making a mess from spilling the water,” added Riziana.

Jade, 31, Associate Editor

hydroflux nami water purifier review

Jade noted that the upgrade to the Hydroflux NAMI from the office’s old water dispenser has been a refreshing change.

“There’s definitely an improvement in water quality. The water from the NAMI tastes noticeably better and purer, enhancing the overall drinking experience for everyone,” she recalled.

Compared to her current water purifier, which boasts only four temperature settings, she finds herself drawn to the NAMI’s sleek and efficient design.

“Its focus on key functionalities, such as its user-friendly controls and auto-sterilisation feature, takes centre stage. The NAMI’s compact form not only saves valuable countertop space but also emphasises its modern aesthetics. In contrast, my bulkier water purifier falls short in terms of intuitive controls and streamlined maintenance,” Jade pointed out.

As a huge tea drinker, Jade thought that the ability to customise water temperatures to her exact liking had been a game-changer. She has enjoyed experimenting with different teas and finding the perfect temperature for each brew, which enhanced her overall experience with the NAMI.

Karin, 36, Associate General Manager

hydroflux nami water purifier review

“I realised I made more hot drinks during this period! Which is definitely a good thing as compared to always drinking cold drinks (due to the hot weather). Having the option to have room temperature and hot water makes a difference, especially when I need a perk-me-up during a long work day,” Karin mused.

She added how the Hydroflux NAMI is definitely more aesthetically pleasing as compared to her current water dispenser, which is bulky and occupies more space.

Karin also felt that the water purifier would be great for families and shared, “It is convenient to have ready-to-drink water for the whole family, especially when I have a young child at home, and I appreciate the time saved in having to boil hot water to make milk for my child.”

In comparison to the office’s old water dispenser, she appreciated the option to choose the temperature when making hot beverages as the previous dispenser can either get too hot or she’ll have to wait for the water to get hot enough.

Where to shop for the Hydroflux NAMI?

hydroflux nami water purifier review

To get more information about the NAMI Water Purifier, email [email protected], call +65 8388 8696, or send a message via the Hydroflux website.

If you prefer a more complete experience of the product, we highly recommend making an appointment to visit the Hydroflux showroom for a physical demonstration to speak to Hydroflux’s Lifestyle Specialists and see for yourselves what the NAMI can really do!

The showroom is located at 1 Tampines North Drive 1, T Space, #08-02, Singapore 528559.

This article is brought to you by Hydroflux.