How to ace your virtual job interview and feel prepared with these 5 simple tips

While the Circuit Breaker is set to formally end on 1 June, we’re still highly encouraged to work from home. That means our professional lives and hiring processes will continue to be conducted virtually until further notice.

If you are currently looking for a new role or have an upcoming virtual job interview to prep for, don’t worry. We have a few tips to help you make the best out of the situation.

1. Test your computer or laptop set-up

virtual job interview test your computer

Most virtual interviews will likely be held using Google Meet, but your potential employer or human resource (HR) officer will let you know which platform you’ll be using prior to your meeting.

Once you know which video-conferencing app your virtual job interview will be held on, familiarise yourself with the platform and its controls. You can also call a friend or family member with the app to ensure your equipment and audio system are working. If your interview is scheduled in the morning, make sure your laptop’s fully charged.

Consider investing in a pair of high-quality earphones or headphones with microphone function too. The last thing you want is to constantly ask your panel of interviewers to repeat themselves because you can’t hear them well (or the other way around).

2. Choose a tidy, bright location

virtual job interview bright location

While you’re conducting a trial run with a friend or family member, find a well-lit space in your house that allows you to focus. If that space is currently cluttered, take time to move certain things out of frame.

Let your family members or housemates know when your interview’s coming up, so they’ll know to give you some privacy when the time comes. This will help to remove any distractions from your virtual job interview.

If you want to look presentable in under 15 minutes, here’s a list of sneaky ways to look your best in video calls.

3. Prepare thoroughly

virtual job interview prepare thoroughly

Just like any other in-person interview, you should be ready to share why you want to join the company and what you will bring to the role you’re up for. Do a bit of research to find out some of the most common interview questions and prepare your answers beforehand.

Since this is a virtual job interview, you can take advantage of the situation by putting your answers in a document on another tab. If you tend to blank out under pressure, refer to it to guide you back on track.

Another thing you can do is practise your responses in the mirror or with your webcam. Take note of your facial expressions and remember to smile more if you appear too austere. A pleasant disposition will always leave a positive impression on your interviewers.

4. Dress appropriately for your virtual job interview

virtual job interview dress appropriately

Just because it’s a virtual job interview, it doesn’t mean you should be in your pyjamas. Try to dress professionally, even if it’s only from the waist up.

If a blazer restricts you and makes you uncomfortable, opt for a polished blouse or shirt to pull your look together. You’ll feel a lot more confident when you dress for the part, and your interviewers will know you’re serious about the position.

5. Join the meeting on time


Arrive early, just as you would for an on-site interview. Join the Google Meet or Zoom meeting five minutes earlier to give yourself some time to settle down.

Put your phone on silent mode and turn off any laptop notifications for the time being, so your eyes won’t dart to a pop-up or alert mid-interview. Once the virtual job interview starts, be present and give your interviewer all your attention.