10 simple ways to make your desk space more productive for work at home

Now that most of us are working from home, it’s much easier to get distracted by the television or be tempted by our bed.

You may have tried clearing your desk of clutter to no avail, so here are 10 easy ways that you might not have thought of to make your workspace at home more productive, without having to head out to get more supplies!

1. Rearranging your furniture

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Here’s an easy and cost-free way to minimise distraction and change up the look of your home in an instant. Shifting your desk to face a window or anywhere that doesn’t have visual distractions like TVs could increase productivity and focus. If you are easily distracted, even by the things outside your window, you can even face it towards an empty wall for minimal loss in focus.

2. Change up the colour scheme of your desk

If clearing your desk doesn’t work, try changing the objects on your desk to a more minimal scheme, like a monochrome, or simple black and white! Consider removing distracting stationary and unnecessary stacks of books from your desk entirely if you do digital work to increase focus and space.

3. Don’t use your desk as storage space

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Similarly, instead of stacking finished projects to the side or around your desk, stash it away in large boxes and keep it away to keep your workspace clean, so you can focus on your current projects.

4. Separate yourself from your family members

While it can be nice to have a real-life person to chat with beside you, it can get in the way of work progress. Instead, separate your desks sufficiently, or choose to work in another area if you find your family members to be too distracting.

5. Work in a bright, naturally lit area

Yes, getting work done in a dimly-lit nook can sound cozy and tempting, but it also makes you drowsy, and can strain your eyes, causing you to get migraines more easily. Opt to work in front of a window that gets plenty of natural light instead to see a productivity boost!

6. Organise your workspace

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Still have stray pens or pencils lying about? Organise them in old jars, small vases, mugs, or even on a plate as a catchall. This way, you’ll be able to find your favourite pen quickly, and an important hard disk or thumb drive never gets lost under stacks of paper.

7. Lower the temperature

While saving the Earth is important, treat yourself and turn on the AC once in a while – studies show the ideal temperature that increases productivity is between 21 and 25 degrees Celsius.

8. Restrict cellphone use

If your use of Instagram or Netflix is the main cause of low productivity, use an app that controls your screen time. Apps like Forest (SGD2.98 on App Store, free on Play Store) locks your screen for a set time so you can focus, and even has a fun virtual forest that flourishes each time you finish a session! Want a fuss-free experience? Tide (free on App Store and Play Store) allows you to set a timer and records how many times you unlock your phone to track productivity.

9. Add a to-do list

A physical to-do list in front of you reminds you of all the tasks you need to complete by a certain time, so why waste your brain space on it? Plus, you don’t need a cute one for it to work, simply use recycled pieces of paper, or even your “notes” app will do.

10. Scent your room!

Here’s a fun one that’ll keep your space smelling nice, while boosting productivity levels. If you have a diffuser lying around, consider adding oils of lemon, peppermint, and lavender to refresh the mind.