Home Fengshui 2019: how to re-arrange your house and what are the lucky items to get in the coming year

Even if you’re not into Fengshui – if you’re new to buying your own brand new house (hello, BTO home-owners!) – we’re willing to bet that you’ve gotten curious about it at some point. So what is Fengshui all about, and what are the various forecasts for 2019?

We’ve enlisted the help of Jacelyn Phang, the spokesperson from the renowned Fengshui business, Yuan Zhong Siu (New Trend Lifestyle Pte Ltd) and asked her some questions to clarify myths of Fengshui, and the forecast of 2019. Read on to find out!

What is Fengshui?

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“Feng Shui is an environmental science, it helps individual live in harmony with the environment. It integrates Yin & Yang, 5 Elements, Topography, Design studies and more. When you live in a surrounding where you are comfortable in, the individual can focus better and excel in his or her role. In other words, it is a study to maximise geographical space,” Jacelyn said.

Certainly not the hocus-pocus superstitions many people think of when Fengshui comes to mind, most definitely, nor does it have any affiliations with Buddhism, a common misconception of Fengshui.

Guidelines on furniture layout in 2019?

“The Fengshui cycle changes every 20 years. From 2004-2023, we are in the eighth sub-cycle of Fengshui. Specifically, if we talk about 2019’s Fengshui energies, we have to refer to the 9 Flying Stars Distribution Chart.

This chart tells us specific energies that are flying to a certain sector of our home. For instance, in 2019, the North location is a great place to place your study table. That particular direction is governed by this star called the Si Lu star or otherwise known as the enlightenment star,” Jacelyn told us.

For those confused by the Fengshui jargon, the Si Lu star is basically an auspicious star that promises academia and career success – not without putting in the due diligence and hard work necessary first, of course!

“Hence,” Jacelyn added, “you can consider arranging your work table in the north direction or sector of your home. You can also consider placing green potted plants in this area as it brings grounding energy to help create a foundation for your academia or career pursuits,” Jacelyn added.

Are y’all taking notes, people? Because we sure are!

Common mistakes made in furniture layout that can be easily corrected?

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“The most common mistake I’ve seen in house layouts is when the dragon vein (the path from the door and balcony) is completely unobstructed,” Jacelyn said.

When asked why, she replied: “This is because an unobstructed path between the door and balcony will result in the chi flowing out from the mouth of the home and out without nourishing the home, which will cause the wealth to leak out.”

“The most important thing to remember about Feng shui is that it emphasises the flow and containment of chi or energy, which means that the most ideal scenario is when chi is able to linger in the home,” she said.

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“Another common mistake I’ve seen is living rooms that do not have good lighting. The living room essentially congregates the wealth of the home-owner, so when the living room has poor lighting, or irregular corners, or is not connected to the dragon vein, it is a bad Fengshui layout,” Jacelyn commented.

She added: “If your living room has many components such as a long corridor and a separate dining area, good wealth luck will not reach you easily. A big house does not equate a good Fengshui. Rather, we need an interconnected relationship amongst the three parts of our home – living room, main door and dragon vein. If present, this is a good Fengshui layout.”

Well then, we guess this completely dispels the common myth of small space equals bad Fengshui, then!

How should people counter their space constraints in their apartments to have better Fengshui?

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“Fengshui is not about the size of the premise. It is more about having positive mutually generating energies between the home and its home owner’s ba zi (birth information).”

“The living room of a residence is usually connected to the main door of a home. Hence, the door opening direction is also a crucial factor which we need to examine. If the door opening direction is aligned with the home owner’s ba zi (i.e. date, time, month and year of birth of the individual), it will have positive spillover effect. Conversely, if there are opposing energies, the environmental energies will suppress the accomplishment of the home owner,” Jacelyn said.

Mirrors are often used to brighten up the house. Guidelines on where ideal and bad places to put a mirror?

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“Mirrors belong the Fire Element in our 5 Elements Study. Hence, they can be placed everywhere at home except the North direction, which is governed by the Water Element.”

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“Basically, since Fire and Water are opposing energies, you want to avoid as much as possible putting opposing energies against each other within the house. You’ll feel that inhabitants are more easily irritable or might have frequent emotional outbursts,” Jacelyn explained.

“Additionally, placing mirrors just opposite the bed is not ideal. The reflection provides a sense of insecurity to the person living in the room. Instead, it can be placed beside the bed (as long as that is not the North Direction of the room),” Jacelyn added.

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“As for ideal places for mirrors, it will be beside your dining area. Due to the mirror reflection, it will create the illusion that the food on the table is always doubled. It signifies multiple rewards and good returns of harvest. It is best to have floor length mirror that is beside your dining area (but try not to have mirrors that cut the reflection of your head).”

Is dark furnishing associated with bad Fengshui?

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“Dark furnishings or colours are not associated with bad Feng Shui! Every single year, our company works with Nippon Paint to discover lucky colour that matches the individual’s zodiac sign to enhance prosperity factors and open the doors to greater happiness,” Jacelyn explained.

In other words, if you love your dark colours – cross your fingers and just pray that your favourite colour will be your auspicious colour this year… or wait another year.

“That said, I wouldn’t suggest placing sad art work or paintings at home unless they have a special meaning to you. In Fengshui study, the rule of thumb is that we want to replicate the energy that inspires us. A sunrise portrait symbolises new beginnings and fresh starts, which I would recommend. Generally, opt for items and colours that make you happy,” she added on.

Simple must-have items to have in the house in 2019?

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“There are no must-have items for Fengshui. In our company, we emphasise on customization and individual needs. Popular items for home include the wealth congregator Ju Bao Peng (聚宝盆 ) to be placed in their wealth position (East or Centre location of their home in 2019),” Jacelyn said.

“But for me, I love displaying crystals. Crystals are powerhouse of energies and they are believed to have the abilities to help dispel and negative energies.”

“For instance, the Amethyst crystals are long known to bring victory and success to individuals. Hence, they are often favoured in the form of the Amethyst Mountain for businessmen in their office.  What it does is to draw in good benefactor luck and energies for the individual. If the Amythyst mountain is too bulky for you, you can also choose to wear it in the form of crystal bracelets too,” Jacelyn added.

“Other than the use of furniture, the colours of your walls are also very important in relation to the Fengshui for the home,” Jacelyn mentioned. “There are certain colours that can have a positive effect for the home. For example, the colour navy blue can have a calming effect on hyperactive children.”

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“Colours can also be used based on the individual’s ba zi; we will use the 5 Elements study to pick colours for the individual to generate a mutually energy-generating relationship.”

“For instance, if the living room is in the central area of the home (it belongs to the Earth Element) and if the home owner has a Fire Element ba zi, they can use metal related colours for their living room. Metal related colour is associated with gold and white color; the latter is a popular choice for smaller houses,” Jacelyn explained.

Are there items that are specifically geared towards increasing certain traits?


“For those interested in boosting their career prospects, individuals can place inspiring quotes at the North Sector of their tables or rooms to motivate themselves. Popular items also include a crystal pyramid, amethyst mountain and name seal stamp,” Jacelyn said.

“To boost other aspects like, say, love and romance, a professional Geomancer will activate the love position (which falls in the North-West sector in 2019). Pink crystals can be placed in the sector to draw in good passionate love and romantic relations,” she added.


Yuan Zhong Siu


New Trend Lifestyle (NTL) was founded in 1989 by Grand Master Hillary Phang. Since 2012, it is the only Feng Shui organisation in Asia listed in London Stock Exchange. Yuan Zhong Siu, a geomancy brand, provides professional Fengshui, Zi Wei Life Analysis, Selection of Auspicious Date, Baby Naming Services and more.

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The article content is contributed by Jacelyn Phang, the youngest Fengshui speaker in Singapore and she is also the daughter of Grand Master Hillary Phang. For more information, check out www.facebook.com/yzs.sg.