Heavenluxe bedding set review: Is this the sheet of our dream?

Ever wondered why you immediately feel relaxed when you lay on a hotel bed? Here’s why: the sheets are of a higher quality than what we are used to sleeping on at home.

We know that good quality bed sheets can make your sleep so much better, and we are even surer that a good night’s rest is often all we need to brace ourselves for another day of hustle.

heavenluxe bed sheets
Each bedding set comes in a box like this.

This is why when I heard about Heavenluxe sheets, which says it is made from Austrian Tencel fibres that are 500 times thinner than cotton, I thought I had to find out if it’s merely a hype.

Heavenluxe bed sheets review: Did we like it?

heavenluxe bed sheets
A nice quote greets you when you open the box.

The first impression we had when we held the bed sheets in our hands: how incredibly soft it feels. It is also extremely thin – but without feeling like it’s of poor quality.

heavenluxe bed sheets
First impression: the sheets feel incredibly soft.

The difference between the Heavenluxe bed sheets is very apparent the moment you lay on top of it. The sheets feel softer than your regular cotton ones – I felt like I was resting on clouds. I also like that it feels slightly cooler than regular sheets, which is definitely a huge plus point in hot and humid Singapore.

heavenluxe bed sheets
This is taken of my infant son with baby care products that Jurlique sent us to congratulate me on his arrival. The Heavenluxe sheets makes for a great Instagram backdrop. He also looks very comfortable laying on its soft texture.

But there are still a few things I’d complain about:

First, I wish they come in more colours. Currently they only come in Angel White. While it is an easy colour to match with any bed frames and bedroom colour schemes, it is also one of the most unforgiving colours as far as stains are concerned.

I also noticed that each set only comes with one fitted sheet and two pillow cases – how about duvet cover? I can only imagine how nice it’ll be to have the same softness and coolness of these sheets as a comforter.

Heavenluxe – I hope you’re reading this: I’ll love you more if you come with a duvet cover and more colours!

What else do you need to know about Heavenluxe

According to their website, there are many other unique points that set Heavenluxe bed sheets apart from regular bed sheets.

First, it says that they are ultra breathable, can prevent sweat build-up, and remove 20 times more sweat from your skin. It is also odour-resistant and chemical-free, which makes it more suitable for those with sensitive skin. On top of these, it also claims to be more durable as it is more resistant to tears, and feels even softer after every wash.

These are benefits that I’m unable to verify at this point, but is certainly something you might want to consider if you’re looking into investing in Heavenluxe sheets.

Each sheet set comes with a fitted sheet and two pillow cases, and retails at S$297 on their website. For good quality bed sheets like this one, I think the price is rather reasonable.