Now’s not the time to be lazy, go get yourself a Gudetama EZ-Link card!

If you haven’t heard of Gudetama, you must have been living under an eggshell. Gudetama is an adorable little egg yolk with a bum, but the rest of its features are generally undefined. It has a shadow of a face and tiny limbs, but no indication of where its head ends and its body begins. It doesn’t matter it doesn’t seem anatomically normal (well, Hello Kitty has no mouth, remember!) because it’s absolutely cute.

A relatively new addition to Sanrio’s family of cute characters, Gudetama has unexpectedly shot to fame within the last six years due to its lazy character, which many have reported to feel a sense of relatability towards.

EZ-Link has just released a Gudetama-themed card featuring three iterations of said lazy egg on the front. Retailing at SGD10 each with no load value, more than 500 Gudetama fans have already snapped up the limited edition card. If you know someone who loves Gudetama, be sure to act fast and get one (or five) for collection’s sake. Now’s really not the time to be lazy!

Get the Gudetama EZ-Link card at SGD10, and is available at Golden Village.