Here’s everything you need to know about the newly opened GRiD

For many of us, the pandemic rendered us unable to travel for leisure. As such, to appease our boredom, we travelled to various parts of Singapore and did everything we could on our sunny island – from gymming, to shopping, to exploring new nature trails. You might think that there isn’t much left to do since you’ve done pretty much everything, but wait till you see the newly launched GR.iD!

Situated in Dhoby Ghaut, GR.iD is said to be the next entertainment-centric meeting place for new-age shoppers to explore their own identities and personalities through meaningful interactions. Spanning over 92,000 square feet, GR.iD is filled with owner-led businesses and offbeat experiences that will give a whole new shopping and entertainment experience like never before.

GR.iD’s unique design

Credit: GR.iD

The architectural design of GR.iD was inspired by Tetris, the well-loved colourful puzzle video game that was released back in 1984. The mall features stacked glass blocks, pop-orange steel frames, and neon lights that make it a hard-to-miss landmark. The neon lights breathe life into GR.iD at night by illuminating the area and keeping the energy levels of the entertainment centre high even past midnight.

The design doesn’t just stop there. When you enter through the Kirk Terrace, you’ll be met with a triple height Social Staircase with custom-made benches, powerpoint outlets, fans, and a a large format LED screen that will screen movies from time to time. We can already predict that this will be the place everyone heads to just to chill and hangout with their friends.

Credit: GR.iD

And with the aesthetic colours on the walls, this will be the next photo spot that you’ll probably see popping up on your Instagram feed.

Even the toilet is not spared from any designs, making it perfect for those who love taking toilet selfies. Named the Social Washroom, the area has been transformed into an inviting place for individuals to connect.

Credit: GR.iD

And another highlight that you would probably want to take note of is the two-storey tall and 26-metre long mural titled ‘Motherboard’. This is the largest indoor wall mural in Singapore, and it was painted by seven painters from LASALLE College of the Arts, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, School of the Arts, and Nanyang Technological University over a painstaking 750 hours.

Credit: GR.iD

The mural is meant to inspire creatives and also serve as a conversation starter for individuals to have meaningful connections over.

Things to do at GR.iD

Looking past the design, there are definitely many things to do at GR.iD. After all, it is an entertainment-centric centre.

The things to do here are split into three main concepts – Retail-tainment, Edu-tainment, and Eater-tainment.


Get your game on and head to Loading (Live Action Role Playing Game) for some murder mystery game fun! Here, you’ll get to take on different roles as you explore the thematic rooms with your friends to gather evidence and solve the mystery of the murder that occurred. This would be an exciting thriller, and it allows you to put on your thinking caps as you figure out what actually happened.


For something a little more light-hearted, you can head to Social OK – By The Gym Studio, a live streaming e-sports studio concept where you can meet with your friends and train, team up, or even compete with one another in games.

Credit: Social OK – By The Gym Studio

For those whose main form of entertainment is keeping fit, you can head to The Battleground for a functional training workout in any of the 10 different battleground formats and circuit classes. This offers a refreshing change from going to your usual gym.

Credit: The Battleground/Facebook

Alternatively, you can also put your golf skills to the test at GOLFTEC Singapore, a centre which features instant video feedback and proprietary Motion Measurement Technology. Get feedback and learn how to throw the perfect golf swing here!

Credit: GOLFTEC SG/Facebook


If you’re always on the lookout for opportunities for your kids to express their creativity, sign them up for classes at MADDspace – School of Music, Art, Drama & Dance! These classes are suitable for preschoolers and up, and will guarantee a safe space for your little ones to explore their own personalities through art.

Credit: MADDspace – School of Music, Art, Drama & Dance

For the musically-inclined folks, head on over to Green Drumming by BEAT’ABOX, a social enterprise powered by youths who use music to express themselves. And something notable about this place is that they promote giving back to the community by making music out of recyclable materials. Join them if you would also like to make music in a greener and unconventional way!

Credit: Green Drumming by BEAT’ABOX

Train your accuracy by going to Darts Legend and challenging yourself to a series of dart games with your friends! With veteran professional darts player Mr Paul Lim at the helm, Darts Legend will be the place to go to for friendly darts competitions and darts events. Just like many other darts centres, you can order a drink here and chill while you take turns with your friends to throw some darts.


After all the fun that you have doing the activities at GR.iD, we’re pretty sure you would be famished by the time you’re done. Thankfully, food isn’t too far away.

GR.iD is home to many food outlets, including interesting options that you can’t quite find at other shopping malls!

One of the main highlights is CHUNZ, a brand-new Korean chain where you can enjoy authentic Korean corn dogs made with halal-certified ingredients, along with various add-ons. Take a short break in between activities and snack on these Korean corn dogs before returning for more fun.

Credit: CHUNZ

Looking for a place where you can fill your tummy up with a heavier meal? Look no further as popular virtual brand OOTB (Out of The Bun) has opened its first outlet right at GR.iD. Savour delicious and sinful burgers with a classic cup of Coke or a Kombucha.

Credit: OOTB

If you’re heading to GR.iD for a date, we’d recommend going to Kamikaze Asian Tapas Bar, a restaurant that is located on the rooftop of GR.iD so that you can have a romantic al fresco dining experience. Indulge in creative Asian Tapas alongside various Japanese fusion dishes as you have intimate conversations under a blanket of stars.

Credit: Kamikaze Asian Tapas Bar

Conclude the night by visiting House On The Moon, an Asian fusion dining concept conceived by multi-Michelin star Chef Juan Amador that offers wine and dessert pairing.

Credit: House On The Moon

If you’re just looking for some place to chill with your colleagues after work, pop by Grain Works, Singapore’s largest craft beer cafe concept for a few glasses of beer!

Location details

Credit: GR.iD

GR.iD is located at 1 Selegie Road, Singapore 188306 and the mall’s official opening hours are 10am to 10pm. If you’re interested to know more details about the new mall and the full directory of what it offers, you can check out GR.iD’s official website. There will also be news of future deals, promotions, and events in celebration of the mall’s grand launch, so be sure to check it out!