11 green cleaning brands you can get to keep your house clean while staying eco-friendly

COVID-19 has turned most of us into clean freaks (if we’re not already) – and as if our waste output isn’t alarming enough, it’s also caused us to use a whole lot more single-use products like wet wipes, masks, and also go through bottles of cleaning agents, which cost the earth greatly.

If you’ve been worrying about the amount of single-use products you’ve gone through for the past year, fret not. AVENUE ONE is here to help with a solution to your problems: eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

1. Grab Green Stoneworks Laundry Detergent Pods

green cleaning supplies grab green

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are quick to wash all of our clothes as soon as we get in the door after spending the day outside.

If you’ve been looking for a more eco-friendly laundry detergent, give these non-toxic pods a try.

They deep clean clothing, eliminate odours, and fight stains effectively using only naturally derived ingredients. On top of being free of phosphate, chlorine, and dye, it’s also formulated without any animal testing.

Retails for S$18.36 on iHerb.

2. Delphis Eco Daily Shower Cleaner Spray

Photo: @delphiseco on Instagram

Delphis Eco Daily Shower Cleaner Spray has a low pH level and still thoroughly cuts through any limescale that may be present.

You can use it on all shower surfaces from screens and tiles to mirrors and glass.

Retails for S$17.91 on Lazada.

3. Method All-Purpose Surface Cleaner

Photo: @methodhomesingapore on Instagram

COVID-19 has made us all really paranoid about any germs and bacteria we may have brought into our homes.

As a result, we have gone through numerous plastic bottles of all-purpose cleaners to deep clean our house frequently. This time, why don’t you give this environmentally friendly cleaner a chance instead?

Method’s cleaning solution is made from biodegradable ingredients such as corn and coconut and their bottles are also made from recycled plastic. Furthermore, Method is cruelty-free.

This all-purpose cleaner can be used on countertops, tiles, stones, wood, and glass surfaces.

Retails for S$8.50 at Fairprice and other major supermarkets.

4. Bio-home Floor Cleaner

Photo: Shopee

Bio-home’s floor-cleaning solution is made from biodegradable 100% plant-based active ingredients.

It’s good for those with sensitive skin as it has been dermatologically proven to be gentle on skin. It is also suitable for most types of surfaces, including marble and parquet.

Retails for S$9.90 on Shopee.

5. Earth Choice Multi Purpose Spray

Photo: @earth.choice on Instagram

Earth Choice’s biodegradable plant-based spray cleanser is made only with natural resources minus all the nasties.

It is also non-toxic and contains no ammonia or chlorides, plus it has a low sodium content of only 0.1%. While it is great for tiles, benches, walls, bins, stainless steel and many other surfaces, it is not recommended to use on glass.

Retails for S$4.65 at Cold Storage and other major supermarkets.

6. Ecover Washing-up-Liquid

Photo: @ecover.uk on Instagram

Ecover Washing-up Liquid uses biodegradable plant-based ingredients to achieve a powerful formula where just one squeeze is enough to leave a sink-full of dishes sparkling and clean.

It also comes in Ecover’s brand new recyclable bottle made from recycled plastic.

Retails for S$6.50 on Shopee.

7. MILLY&SISSY Zero Waste Hand Wash Trio Set

Photo: Selfridges

Due to the pandemic, we are consciously washing our hands more often and as a result, we have gone through loads of hand soap bottles.

Give  MILLY&SISSY’s zero waste hand wash trio set a try instead. This set consists of three different hand soaps in powder form such as Honey and Almond, Sweet Cherry, and Fresh Apple together with a glass bottle.

To use it, just add 400ml warm water to the bottle and add in all the powder from the sachet. Then, give it a really good shake and leave the bottle overnight for the ingredients to react. The next morning, give the bottle another shake and you’re all set.

MILLY&SISSY’s Zero Waste Hand Wash is vegan, cruelty-free, and uses compostable packaging.

Retails for S$39.50 on Selfridges.

8. Method All-Purpose Natural Cleaning Wipes


Method’s cleaning wipes are multi-purpose where you can either use them in the house or bring them out with you.

They are made using non-toxic plant-based ingredients such as corn and coconut to easily wipe away grease and grime. In addition to this, each wipe is compostable and biodegradable.

Retails for S$9.90 at Fairprice and other major supermarkets.

9. Ecozone Anti-bacterial Multi Surface Cleaner

Photo: @ecozoneproducts on Instagram

This powerful spray uses natural plant extracts to remove dirt and is suitable for use in the kitchen and on most hard surfaces such as tables, chairs, and even areas of the bathroom.

Besides coming in a recycled plastic bottle, it also has aloe vera-cucumber fragrance that leaves your home smelling crisp and refreshing. Ecozone is vegan and cruelty-free.

Retails for S$12.90 on Lazada.

10. Attitude Daily Shower & Tile Cleaner

Photo: iHerb

Attitude’s Daily Shower & Tile Cleaner is a vegan, sustainable formula as it uses only biodegradable plant-based ingredients in the formulation.

On top of that, it’s also great for those with sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic! The spray cleaner can be used daily on all wet shower surfaces.

Retails for S$13.42 on iHerb.

11. Cloversoft Plant-Based Unbleached Bamboo Toilet Tissues – Coreless

green cleaning supplies cloversoft

We think you’d agree that toilet tissues are equally important to keep the household clean.

While we don’t yet have reusable toilet paper, you can definitely choose a more eco-friendly option like this coreless toilet roll from Cloversoft.

Toilet roll cores are often an overlooked area in the waste that we generate in our households. However, the volume we generate is not to be belittled as the cores can fill up 164,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools on an annual basis!

In addition to being coreless, these toilet rolls also now come in new plastic-free packaging and are instead packaged in cardboard boxes and a thin paper lining to maintain the hygiene of the rolls.

Retails for S$49.90 on Lazada.