14 gift ideas for your Christmas party hosts that are both thoughtful and practical

Being a courteous guest at a Christmas dinner can be both easy and headache-inducing. All you have to do is actually show up, help clean up after the dinner, and most importantly, bring a gift.

While showing up and offering to help clean up don’t take much preparation, figuring out what gift to bring is a whole different story. You don’t want a generic gift that tells your host you put no thoughts into it. Neither do you want something so extravagant that it takes the attention away from everything the host has prepared.

To save you the headache, we have put together a list of gift ideas for your Christmas dinner host that are both thoughtful and practical. Being a courteous guest is never easier!

For the kitchen

If someone volunteers to host a dinner, chances are they are into cooking and are total kitchenware enthusiasts!

1. Vasconia 4-Cup Granite Molcajete

The Molcajete and tejolote are, respectively, the Mexican equivalent of the mortar and pestle, to help your host grind up herbs and spices or prepare dips. The stylish design means it would also make a beautiful serving bowl for salsa or guacamole on the dining table.

The best thing about this particular set of molcajete and tejolote is that unlike quite a few other brands, these don’t require seasoning or curing before use. After all, the last thing you want is to give your host even more work to do!

The Vasconia Granite Molcajete is available on Amazon at SGD36.19.

2. Evviva Golden Chef Manual Pasta Machine

Store-bought boxed pasta does the job just fine, but homemade one is always well worth the extra effort. And if your host has ever mentioned wanting to up their pasta game, this is the perfect gift to get them!

The machine will stretch pasta dough into a thin sheet before cutting it into strands of different adjustable thicknesses.

Besides its functionality, this hand cranked pasta roller is an absolute stunner and would transform any kitchen counter it sits on.

The Evviva Golden Chef Manual Pasta Machine retails for SGD145, available at TANGS.

3. Hedley and Bennett Crossback Apron

Cooking can totally be done in style! This apron from Hedley and Bennett not only protects the wearer from kitchen splatters and spills, but also provides all-day comfortable wear thanks to the thoughtful cross-back design that distributes the apron’s weight on the back instead of the shoulders. The stylish design is a huge bonus, too!

This Crossback Apron is available in a variety of colours. Get them from Hedley and Bennett’s website from USD76.

4. Aplat Plat Culinary Dish Tote

This is one of those things that sound totally unnecessary at first, but once you’ve used it, there’s no going back.

The Aplat Plat Culinary Dish Tote is a reusable carrier that allows you to carry plates or even a casserole upright with just one hand, perfect for bringing dishes to a potluck or picnic.

You can purchase this tote from Aplat’s website. It retails at USD50.

5. The Little Dröm Store Tea Towel

Add a local touch to your gift with these Singapore-themed tea towels from The Little Dröm Store. From images of iconic dishes such as roti prata, to how to order your kopi and teh the local way, these quirky designs could even double as kitchen decor, too!

The tea towels are available on The Little Dröm Store’s online shop, at SGD26 each.

For the dining table

Unless something disastrous happens, this most likely isn’t going to be the last time your host organises a party. Get them one these stunning tablewares to wow their next batch of guests.

6. Amelia Kingston Handmade Ceramic Plate Set

These unique handcrafted ceramic plates will totally steal everyone’s attention with the hypnotic waves pattern and elegant gold accents. It’s like displaying a piece of art on your dining table!

This set is available on Eat&Sip’s website at SGD73.

7. Crate&Barrel Wood and Marble Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan stores spices and condiments. But a great lazy Susan like this one from Crate&Barrel can double as a stunning centerpiece on the dining table. The combination of mango wood and white marble will look great not only in real life but in photos, too!

You can order this Wood and Marble Lazy Susan from Crate&Barrel’s website. It retails at SGD209.95, but is currently on sale at SGD178.80.

8. WMF Manhattan Wine Cooler

Showing up at a Christmas party with a bottle of wine is so last year. But hand your host said bottle of wine stored in this chic wine cooler ready to be consumed will make you their favourite guest of the night!

The high-quality double-wall material will help keep the wine cool without the need for ice or thermal packs, while the simple and timeless design will go with any decoration theme of your host’s dining table.

You can purchase the WMF Manhattan Wine Cooler from Amazon, at SGD129.

9. Thirstystone Cinnabar Coasters

To the uninformed eye, all coasters are the same, but your host will appreciate this set of coasters from Thirstystone Cinnabar made from natural sandstone. The unique organic wood pattern that differs in each coaster gives them a simple yet modern and elegant look.

Each coaster also has a natural cork backing to prevent it from sliding or scratching the surface of the table.

These Thirstystone Cinnabar Coasters are priced at USD13.24, available on Amazon.

For the host

Hosting a party or a dinner is hard work. From planning the menu, shopping for ingredients, cooking, to cleaning the house and putting up decorations, it takes some serious superpower to be a dinner host.

Show your host that you care with these lovely gifts that would give them a pick-me-up amidst all the preparations they have to do.

10. L’Occitane Holiday Hand Care Trio

Cooking and tidying up the house the entire day sure take a toll on your host’s hands, which is where this Holiday Hand Care Trio from L’Occitane will come in handy.

The set contains three limited-edition hand creams (Shea Festive Garden Hand Cream, Shea Butter Hand Cream, and Shea Honey Harvest Hand Cream) at 30ml each. If the names of these hand creams haven’t given it away, the key ingredient is shea butter, which will help nourish the skin, keeping your hands soft and moisturised.

You can order this Holiday Hand Care Trio from L’Occitane’s website, at SGD43.

11. Gift Cards from Giftano

If you know your host well enough, consider getting them a gift card for their favourite retail stores, restaurants or classes.

And e-commerce platfom Giftano makes buying gift cards easier and more convenient than ever. Simply search for the service you want from their catalogue or browse through their offerings, divided into four categories: “Experience”, “Retail”, “Spa and Beauty”, and “Restaurants”, make payment directly on their website, and have the gift card delivered to you.

The gift card comes in a beautiful envelope with a festive red ribbon ready to be handed to your recipient. No one can say gift cards are last-minute and low effort any more!

12. T2 Gorgeous Green Tea Kit

If your host is a tea lover, what could be better than this Gorgeous Green Tea Kit from T2 to give them a bit of down time to recharge during their busy day?

The set comes with two flavours: Strawberry-tinted Gorgeous Geisha and tropically floral Green Rose, as well as two matching gold infuser and tea scoop for the ultimate luxurious tea ritual.

The Gorgeous Green Tea Kit is available on T2’s website at SGD35.

13. Atlas Coffee Club Coffee Subscription



And what if they prefer coffee? This coffee subscription service from Atlas (choice of three, six or twelve months) will send them to coffee haven.

Every month they will receive a box containing a bag of single-origin coffee from a different country with detailed tasting profile, a brewing recommendation tailored for each type of coffee, and a postcard with each country’s coffee growing methods and history. If this isn’t every coffee lover’s dream gift we don’t know what is!

You can get these subscription services from Atlas Coffee Club’s website. Prices start from USD50 for a three-month plan.

14. FOSSA Chocolate Christmas Hamper

Nothing says self-care and indulgence like chocolate does. Get your host this festive hamper from local artisan chocolate maker FOSSA to show them just how much you appreciate all their efforts put into hosting the dinner.

Using high-quality cacao beans, these chocolates are locally made and handcrafted in small batches with no additives, ensuring the highest quality and purest flavour in each bar. FOSSA offers a variety of unique flavours, including local specials such as Salted Egg Cereal Chocolate or Chilli Peanut Praliné Dark Chocolate.

The Christmas hamper features a variety of unique flavours such as Salted Egg Cereal Chocolate, Honey Orchid Dancong Oolong Tea Chocolate, Sea Salt 70% Dark Chocolate. It also comes with a Merry Gift Box (Frosted Cinnamon Nut Mix, Jubilee Apple Crumble Granola Bites, Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge Bites), a jar of Caramel Pecan Almond Butter, and a Christmas tumbler.

This hamper retails at SGD98 and can be pre-ordered here.