12 easy ways to make your house look more spacious than it really is

In land-scarce Singapore, it’s hard to find a house that has lots of living space. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make your house feel bigger with a few simple tricks! Check out these easy ways to make your HDB flat look more spacious!

1. Get sofas and armchairs raised on legs

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Instead of getting sofas and armchairs that rest on the floor, look for furniture raised on legs instead. This creates a sense of light and space in your room so that it doesn’t make your living quarters feel too cramped.

2. Add mirrors

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This common trick is used in restaurants and shops that want to create the illusion of its space being much bigger than it actually is, and you can definitely apply it in your home as well.

3. Striped floor

Source: HGTV

Stripes create the illusion of continuity, which will make your rooms appear like it goes on forever. If you can’t get striped tiles, opt for a striped floor rug.

4. Multi-purpose furniture


Cramped for space in your house but still need space for an extra chair? Multi-purpose furniture combines great design and functionality so that you can have the best of both worlds in a small space. There are many options available on the market for any need, such as sofas that can be rearranged to form chairs, tables, or tables that also double up as storage.

5. Shift furniture around

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One easy way to create the effect of more space in your house is to simply shift existing furniture around. How you move through your space has a big effect on how spacious your home is perceived. For example, instead of putting a bulky sofa right at the door of your living room, try rearranging so that the sofa is placed in another corner of the room instead. The aim is to disperse the weight of a room equally throughout your house, so that the illusion of space is created.

6. Clear counters and floor space

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Too much clutter in small spaces, on your counters and in full view definitely cramps the line of sight. Consider decluttering your current storage and maximising the space you have in the house through simple installation of items such as hooks, shelves, etc.

7. Change your curtains

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Long flowing curtains that end at the floor look aesthetically heavy, and encloses the space so that it feels a lot smaller than it actually is. In fact, one of the best options is to forego curtains completely and let natural light in for an airier feel. If you need some window covering, do opt for shorter ones, but be careful not to make them too short or your rooms will feel too bare.

8. Choose light colours

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Choosing light and airy colors for your room encourages a feeling of openness. Making sure that your house decor and furniture are close to the same monochromatic colors creates a similar effect.

9. Draw line of sight upward

Source: Home & Decor

Be it hanging ceiling decor or building wall shelves, the basic idea is to lead the line of sight upwards, so it feels like your ceiling is a lot higher than it actually is and that you have a lot more room to look at.

10. Pull furniture away from the wall


There’s a natural tendency for us to line up our furniture against the walls and fit them in corners, but these tend to make the space look a lot smaller than they really are. A quick and easy way to create the illusion of spaciousness is to simply pull your furniture away from the walls.

11. Fewer, but bigger decorations

Source: Timely News

It would be natural to assume that having smaller decorations always makes your house look bigger, but Sabrina Soto, a home style expert from Target, begs to differ. She says: “Decorative accents smaller than a cantaloupe crowd a room.” So instead of overloading on small decorations around the house, go for fewer decorations that are bigger.

12. Buy glass and lucite items

Source: Etsy

Glass and lucite decor pieces are great for an elegant and modern feel. They also provide an added function of not taking up too much visual space, so consider buying these materials the next time you’re on the hunt for new room decorations.