21 cute and easy ways to DIY your child’s birthday party décor! Even a DIY Pinata!

Usually when we think of home parties, we imagine something fuss-free, with minimal décor like balloons and streamers. You may even buy a ready-made décor set from your nearest party shop. It is convenient but can be pretty common. Instead, why not get creative and try making your party décor? All you really need is some creativity and a good glue gun to get going. Check out these 21 cute and easy ways to DIY your child’s next birthday party!

1. Napkin Crafts

Source: Martha Stewart

Ditch those plain old serviettes for some cute napkin cut-outs. This is an easy way to add some creative elements to whatever theme birthday bash you are throwing. Not to mention, it is affordable and easy to do, even the kids can help cut out these napkins. You can check out Martha Stewart for the tutorial.

2. Cupcake liner Flowers

Source: DIY Network

Instead of buying the flowers, try creating your own paper flowers. Pop these into a vase or bottle, and you have a centre-piece for the table. You can even have this as an activity to do with the kids. Check out DIY Network for the step-by-step guide.

3. Mini Bunting Cake Topper

Source: ArtBarBlog

Cake toppers are a really fun way to jazz up a birthday cake. Some bakeries will be able to provide cake toppers and some may even customise one for you. You could, instead, follow this easy tutorial from ArtBarBlog to create your own cake topper. It comes with some printables to make things that much easier!

4. Balloon Garland

Source: Pretty Providence

What is a party without balloons? Without a doubt, balloons are a must-have at any birthday party, for the young or old. You could go with standard balloons, blown up and tied randomly around the space. Or, could go a step further and put a balloon garland together. This tutorial by Pretty Providence convinces us that anyone can do it.

5. Balloon ice cream cone

Source: eVite

Another fun way to dress up balloons at the party, is to create “balloon ice-cream cones”. You might be thinking of buying those fancy foil balloons, but with this tutorial you can make these fun balloon ice cream cone with some latex balloon and construction paper and string. Visit eVite for the step-by step guide!

6. Paper Rosettes

Source: Darice

Every party needs a focal point, usually it is a birthday banner, or a simple backdrop for a nice photo op. A fun way to dress up your party is with these paper rosettes. You can make these well ahead of time and save them for future parties when you are done. This is also something older kids can help with. Check out Darice for a tutorial to make these gorgeous paper rosettes.

7. Table skirting

Source: James Costiglio

A nice way to dress up the party is to add some finishing touches like table skirting. This really elevates the décor from simple to elegant. Also a great thing about table skirting, is you can hide all the party gear and décor under the table while the party goes on! Check out JamesCostiglio.com for a step-by-step guide.

8. Tassel Garland

Source: Pizzazzerie

Tassel garlands are a fun and inexpensive way to dress up a party. You can customise the colours according to the theme of your party. Tack it up the wall or along the table to add some fun colours to your party décor. Here is a step-by-step guide to make your own tassel garland from Pizzazzerie.

9. Rainbow Garland

Source: Ice Cream Off Paper Plates

Still on the theme of garlands, another fun and colourful garland to try out is the rainbow garland. This is super easy and something the kids can help with doing. If you have a specific theme, you can change it up and use colours specific to it. This tutorial from Ice Cream Off Paper Plates shares with you how to create it exactly.

10. Lace Crowns

Source: Pinnie Lou

Tired of the same old paper crown hats for the birthday girl or boy? Take some time to create a lace crown, and if you are up for it, make a few as party hats. These are so unique, even adults could wear them. You can keep it simple or go crazy with the bedazzler, choice is yours! Visit Pinnie Lou for the tutorial.

11. Pineapple Poufs

Source: Frog Prince Paperie

If you are throwing a beach or Hawaiian luau theme party, or just nuts about pineapples, be sure to spend time making these cute pineapple poufs that you can learn how to make from Frog Prince Paperie.

12. Safari Party Favour Bags

Source: Celebrate Creativity

Customised goodie bags and party favours can be a bit pricey.  If you are planning a safari-themed party, then these DIY safari theme goodie bags are a great way to add some fun to the party. You can, of course, change the design to suit whatever theme you have in mind. Check out the tutorial here on Celebrate Creativity

13. Pinata

Source: Martha Stewart

Kids love candy and having candy fall out from a piñata is way more exciting than receiving them in a goodie bag! Instead of just buying it ready-made, give yourself a little challenge and make your own. This way you can customise it and make it as colourful and fun as you like. Here is a tutorial from Martha Stewart to help you get started. Don’t forget to stuff it with candy and chocolates when you are done!

14. Personalized paper cups

Source: Martha Stewart

If you are planning a smaller party, this is a fun activity to do for your guests. All you need is some plain paper cups, water colour or markers, and some creativity! It is a great way to add a personal touch and also guests will keep using their own cups and instead of throwing them away! You can check out this how-to from Martha Stewart.

15. Customized party supplies

Source: Martha Stewart

A fun way to add some personality to the party is to personalise your party supplies. Instead of spending a bomb and ordering customised ones, you can very easily do it yourself. All you need is plain party supplies, a printer and some glue. Here in this tutorial from Martha Stewart, a fun idea is to print the birthday child’s photo and stick it on!

16. Party hats

Source: Jones Design Company

Party hats are a dime a dozen and it can be so easy to just grab those ready-made ones for a party. But where is the fun in that? Get creative instead and design your own party hats for your guests. You can customise them according to the theme of the party. Better yet, make it a fun activity for the kids to personalise their own hats. Here is a tutorial from Jones Design Company to get you going!

17. Cardboard Train Play Area

Source: Fire Fixie Party

If you are looking to incorporate a play area, you can try creating this train display. It may be big project to do, but it will give the kids lots of fun play time at the party! Visit Fire Pixie Party for a step by step guide. You can get creative and create cars, trucks and buses too!

18. Tissue Paper number or monogram

Source: The BajanTexan

There are so many ways to get creative with party décor. Here is a fun project that you can do to add colours to the show. You can go with either a number or a monogram (or both!) and dress it up with some coloured tissue paper. Check out The BajanTexan for a complete tutorial for this project.

19. Monthly photo frame display

Source: Making Joy and Pretty Things

Remember all those monthly photos you took of your little bub? Print them off and display them at their first birthday party! You can check out Making Joy and Pretty Things for some inspiration and the tutorial to create your own display. Best part? This makes for a wonderful keepsake for the little ones as they grow up!

20. Confetti Poppers

Source: Suburban Soap Box

Parties will not be complete without some fun poppers. Glitter and surprises are two of the things that children love most. Give them out to your guests during the birthday song for some added fun! You can make your own using this tutorial from the Suburban Soap Box and even customise the confetti to suit your theme.

21. Photo Props

Source: Kristen Duke Photography

Photo props are now a must-have at any occasion from weddings to birthday parties. Instead of renting them, make them with these simple steps instead to save yourself some money. Head on to Kirsten Duke Photography for some free printables to get you started.