Dyson launches first wearable device; available in Singapore from March 2023

We’ve been anticipating the launch of Dyson Zone, the brand’s first wearable device.

This is a pair of noise-cancelling headphones that doubles up as an air-purifier.

Dyson Zone_2_cr to Tom William Chapman

The strange-looking device is the product was conceived after Dyson engineers dream up a device that offer a bubble of clean air around the nose that can move with every head movement, and as a solution to combatting outdoor air pollution.

This is why the engineers decided that the device needs to be a pair of headphones and a wearable purifier in the form of a visor has to be mounted on the gear.

Dyson Zone_4_cr to Tom William Chapman

Dyson Zone works by pulling in surrounding air through the earpieces via a pair of motors that work using Dyson’s existing technology. Air is cleaned by electrostatic filters that are mounted on the earcups and then piped through the visor before it’s breathed in by the user.

The magnetic visor is snapped onto the headphones in front of the face without touching it. Filters can last up to 12 months before they have to be changed.

Besides having an air filtration technology, the headphones are able to perform passive and active noise cancellation and have embedded sensors that automatically starts or stops music playback when the headphone is worn or removed.

Dyson Zone_MyDyson app
MyDyson app

All the features of the Dyson Zone can be controlled with the MyDyson app.

Dyson Zone will be available in Singapore from March 2023, and its retail price is unavailable at the moment.