19 ways to dress up your HDB flat if you’re hosting a Christmas party

It may be impossible for us to celebrate a white Christmas in Singapore, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it feel like one with some artfully placed holiday decorations.

This especially applies if you’re hosting any holiday parties or festive gatherings this year. After all, there’s nothing more impressive than making your guests feel as if they’ve been transported to a winter wonderland, right?

If the thought of it sounds appealing already, don’t go anywhere because Avenue One has all the best tips and tricks for you to dress up your HDB for the holiday season — large spaces not required!

1. Make your very own small space Christmas tree


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No space? No problem! Instead of lugging a Christmas tree back just to cram it into whatever space you can manage in your house, create this gorgeous small space Christmas tree instead.

All you need is a bunch of cedar branches, Christmas ornaments, and some heavy duty blu-tack to get them up and mounted on the wall. You can even repurpose your old Christmas trees by cutting the branches off and fashioning it to this minimalist design!

Simply tie and decorate as you want, and voila! A space efficient Christmas tree.

Read the full DIY guide here.

2. Or, failing that, make some origami paper Christmas trees


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This is a great option for anyone allergic to cedar, pine, or simply just doesn’t enjoy seeing pine needles scattered everywhere during the holiday season. Fold a bunch of these adorable origami Christmas trees instead!

You can place them at certain points throughout your flat, or opt to congregate them in a single space by your mantel or desk. How cute!

Read the full DIY guide here.

3. DIY some modern Christmas wreaths


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You don’t have to get the traditional Christmas wreaths that takes up almost all the space on your mantel — opt for these modern, minimalist ones instead that can be hung from windows or doors!

All you need are some gold rings, floral wire, tape, and gold string. Oh, and not forgetting whatever you wish to decorate it with, of course! Also, the fact that they are lightweight means you don’t have to worry about it crashing to the ground (and causing a mess) if not secured properly.

Read the full DIY guide here.

4. Make Christmas cocktails in ornaments


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Because sipping from a wine glass is more boring than it is festive. A great tip to bring the Christmas spirit in your home? Craft up some Christmas cocktails and serving them in ornaments.

All you really need are some open ended ornaments, a great recipe or two,  and some decorative elements like ribbons and sprinkles.

Read the full DIY guide here.

5. Add a festive touch to your gift wrap


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Sure, you can always go purchase Christmas themed wallpaper and call it day, but why not go the extra mile and add some extra flair to it? Add honeycomb balls, festooning, and even Christmas ornaments you have lying around to decorate.

And of course, don’t forget to get your wrapping paper in the traditional red and green shades. Or, failing that, anything bright or colourful (in either a polka dot or plaid print) should suffice.

Read the full DIY guide here. 

6. DIY your own Christmas stockings


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There’s nothing that screams Christmas more than a Christmas stocking. You can always buy yours at the store and hang them off door knobs, countertops, or even along the stairs.

Go the full hog and DIY, or alternatively, buy a stocking kit which you can customise. Innisfree has one this year, which costs only SGD2 with any purchase from their Green Christmas collection.

Read the full DIY guide here.

7. Make a Christmas tea tree


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Tea lovers are guaranteed to love this super cute (and space-efficient!) hack. Instead of leaving all your tea packets lying around, glue them onto a foam cone to create this make-shift Christmas tree of sorts.

This is also a great idea for last minute decorators— it’s easy to make, is super whimsical, and can be done with a lot of materials that you probably have lying around your house. Score!

Read the full DIY guide here.

8. Hang up some paper snowflakes


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This will require some skill with scissors, but trust us when we say it is worth it. You can even make a garland out of them so it appears as if they’re falling from the ceiling!

Attach them from balloons, gifts, or at any point where you can along higher ground.

Read the full DIY guide here.

9. Make yourself a Christmas card display


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This is especially great for those who receive lots of Christmas cards and invitations, and not sure what to do with them. Instead of just shoving them in a cupboard somewhere, consider making it a focal piece of your home with a Christmas card display board.

SImply buy yourself a wooden board along with some shelves (IKEA is a good bet) and start decorating it. Not only does it add a personal touch to your decorations, but you can always re-use it for Chinese New Year and or any other celebrations!

Read the full DIY guide here.

10. Set your table with holly leaves


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Your guests are going to have a jolly time with these gorgeous table settings. If you’re stressing out as to the best way to display your home ware, decorate it by sliding some holly along napkin rings.

Not only does this add a special festive touch to the proceedings, it is a great conversation-starter (and distraction!) from everyone’s table manners.

Read the full DIY tutorial here.

11. Deck your space out with candles…


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Is it really Christmas if your house doesn’t smell of peppermint, candy canes, and mandarin orange? Luckily for you, there are tons of candle shops in Singapore that sell holiday inspired scents, and they’re relatively inexpensive and space-efficient, too!

Our pick? Try out Yankee Candle or Woodwick Candles.

If you’d like to make your own, read the full DIY tutorial here.

12. …and decorate them with Christmas countdown stickers


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While advent calendars can be pretty to look at, they do take up a significant amount of space, especially if they’re the type that comes with the full 25 days.

Opt for a countdown sticker that you can place on candles, mason jars, and the like instead! They will be a constant reminder of the number of days left before the arrival of Christmas, and you wouldn’t have to worry about it clashing with your other decor either.

Read the full DIY tutorial here.

13. Bling out your bar cart


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Decorate your dedicated bar area and or cart with fairy lights, picture frames, and more! After all, it is bound to be a pretty popular area with all the drinking and feasting going on, so ensure it looks gorgeous by putting some festive touches to it.

A safe bet is to simply wind fairy lights around the area (as pictured above), and you’re good to go.

Read the full DIY tutorial here.

14. Lay out Christmas crackers


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There’s no doubt that Christmas crackers add a touch of fun (and surprise!) to the holiday season, so lay them out at different points of your house to get the fun and games going.

Worried that they might be a touch out of budget? Luckily for you, there are lots of DIY options out there these days that is bound to help you save on some cash.

Read the full DIY tutorial here.

15. Hang up a photo backdrop


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A good Christmas themed photo wall can give you some serious street cred and bragging rights when people post up their shots of your abode on their Instagram.

Opt for a simple one, such as this bow-inspired backdrop, or, failing that, getting some Christmas themed wallpaper and hanging it up.

Read the full DIY tutorial here.

16. Create a matchbox advent calendar


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If you’re dead set on having an advent calendar, try out this space saving one that is both modern and minimalist!

Don’t be intimidated by the design, either— it is actually deceptively simple to make, requiring only matchboxes, a cedar branch, scissors, and string. Oh, and black numbered stickers, of course, though you can always write them on yourselves.

Read the full DIY tutorial here.

17. Use ribbon candy as place card holders


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This is ideal for those hosting sit-down Christmas dinner parties. Instead of simply just using a piece of cardboard for a place holder, grab one of those adorable Christmas-themed sweets from your nearest supermarket and use them, instead.

We recommend picking hard candies, though, as the softer ones can be pretty difficult to manoeuvre into a certain shape.

Read the full DIY tutorial here.

18. Get yourself a disposable Christmas wreath


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A balloon wreath?! Nope, you’re not seeing things! Fun, colourful, and also pretty easy to dispose of (thus leaving you with no clutter or organisational struggles after your Christmas party), these bad boys are an excellent option, especially for those throwing last minute Christmas parties.

Balloons aren’t all that difficult to come by, after all, and you won’t have to stress about storage after. Nice!

Read the full DIY tutorial here.

19. Create a DIY hot chocolate stand


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Whether it’s hot chocolate, mulled wine, or Christmas cupcakes, it is always fun to let your guests DIY their very own snacks and drinks.

Set up a station by the side with all the necessary condiments and toppings and watch people go gaga over it!

Read the full tutorial here.

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