21 daily, weekly, and monthly planners to make 2021 your best year yet

Say hello to a new year of big goals and detailed plans with a planner designed to encourage and get you right on track to a great year ahead!

Whether it’s what you need to keep track of all the brunch dates or as a practical last-minute Secret Santa gift for a dear friend, here are 21 planners to help you make 2021 your best year yet.

Best daily planners for 2021

1. Leuchtturm 1917 Daily Planner

You know exactly what you want and nothing gets between you and your goals. Sound exactly like you? Then the Leuchtturm 1917 Daily Planner might just be your best friend in 2021.

Minimalistic in design and spacious in layout, this planner will make sure you accomplish each and every single one of your new year’s resolutions.

The Leuchtturm 1917 Daily Planner retails for S$41.65at Shopee and is available in Black, Port Red, Pacific Green, and Navy Blue. 

2. Klosh Plan Your 2021 Daily Planner

Enter 2021 with a refreshing pastel pop of colour, thanks to Klosh’s Plan Your 2021 daily planner. This pastel blue beauty with a matching bright blue spiral binding will make sure that there will be no Monday blues to slow you down.

Klosh Plan Your 2021 Daily Planner retails for S$22.90 and retails at the Klosh website. It is also available in Black.

3. DayDesigner 2021 Mini Daily Planners

With their handy 6.6” by 8.3” dimensions, the DayDesigner 2021 Mini Daily Planners are perfect for those who want a stocking stuffer that’s small, convenient to bring around, and pretty to look at.

Trendy and available in abstract, floral or minimal designs, these planners will go wherever you go, making sure you’re all set for a productive year ahead.

DayDesigner 2021 Mini Daily Planner retails for US$49 at the DayDesigner website. It is also available in weekly format.

5. Ardium 2021 365 Days Daily Journal

Conquer 2021 with a jewel-toned assistant that’s guaranteed to impress and make sure you get things done.

The Ardium 2021 365 Days Daily Journal is colourful, vibrant, and has plenty of space for you to jot down reminders for all the coffee dates, Zoom meetings and staycays next year.

Ardium 2021 365 Days Daily Journal retails for US$45.75 at the Fall In Design. It is available in Red, Light Pink, Mint Green, Indigo, and Navy Blue.

6. Urban Outfitters Daily Planner Journal

Urban Outfitters’ Daily Planner Journal might just be what you need to say hello to a year full of sunshine and good memories. Its cheerful brightly coloured design is the epitome of “better days”; many of which will fill up your daily schedule, keeping you organised and motivated at the same time.

Urban Outfitters’ Daily Planner Journal retails for S$35 at the Urban Outfitters website. It is available in both cactus and floral print.

6. Kawaii Pen Shop The Simplicity Daily Diary

No frills, no fuss. The Simplicity Daily Diary by Kawaii Pen Shop lives up to its name, promising a year full of focus and productivity with a sleek and slim design that’s designed to make sure you’re able to channel all your attention on making 2021 your best year. It also ensures that you have enough space to keep track of all the family dinners and staycations.

Simplicity Daily Diary retails for US$20.99 at the Kawaii Pen Shop and is available in Blue, Gray, Black and Pink.

Best weekly planners for 2021

7. The Paper Bunny 2021 Weekly Planner

The Paper Bunny’s weekly planners will make sure your 2021 is filled with mindfulness and you’ll have a pretty way to keep all your appointments in one place.

Filled with inspiring quotes for every month to encourage mindfulness and self-love, these weekly planners will make the new year one of growth, goal-setting and goal-achieving.

The Paper Bunny’s 2021 Weekly Planners retails for S$39.90 at The Paper Bunny website, and is available in aesthetic shades of Sage, Charcoal and Latte.

8. Kāi 2021 Personal Planners

Who said 2021 couldn’t be fun? Make sure you schedule plenty of time to relax, enjoy and have fun the next year with Kāi’s 2021 Personal Planners, designed in cheerful shades of Lilac and Mint.

Each planner comes with colourful stickers and inspirational quotes that are perfect to inspire a year full of possibilities and good memories.

Kāi 2021 Personal Planner retails for S$49.90 at the Kāi website.

9. Actspressions 2021 Planner

The Actspressions 2021 Planner is filled with hand-illustrated visual reminders to fight harder and seize opportunities for the whole of next year, which is great for the one who’s ready to take a giant leap into new beginnings.

Filled with mindful quotes and finished with a metallic copper foil, this planner might just be exactly what you need to remind you to push through and strive for more in the days to come.

Shop Actspressions’ 2021 Planner retails for S$21.90 at the Actspression website.

10. Typo 2021 Weekly Buffalo Diary

Functional, affordable and reliable, Typo’s 2021 Weekly Buffalo Diary will make sure 2021 is free of distractions with its minimalist layout.

This planner is designed to make sure you enter the new year focused on making plans and achieving all the goals you set.

Typo 2021 Weekly Buffalo Diary retails for S$8.49 at the Cotton On website. It is available in multiple colours, including Deep Green, Mustard, and Jet Black.

11. kikki.K 2021 Signature Leather Planner

kikki.K’s 2021 Planner has it all – pages for you to fill up, a pen holder, a pouch for name cards; everything you need to stay organised and remain on top of things.

Add that extra personal touch to your planner by having it monogrammed, just because… 2021 is your year.

Kikki K’s Signature Leather Planner retails for S$99.90 at the kikki.k website. Besides being in Birch (featured above), it is also available in Blush, Almond, White and more.

12. Collins 2021 Calendar Year Diary

If you’re someone who wants something unique and vibrant, Collins’ 2021 Calendar Year Diary comes with a camo design or rainbow edges to spice things up whilst keeping the layout simple and easy to navigate. The subtle touches of your vibrant individuality will stand out from the crowd wherever you go.

Collins 2021 Calendar Year Diary retails at S$29.90 at Zalora, and is available in multiple shades, including Indigo and Red.

13. Fox & Follow 2021 Muse Roses Planner

Fox & Follow’s 2021 Muse Roses Planner is designed for the dreamy romantic. The dusty pink cover with a minimalist rose illustration is exactly what you’ll need in 2021; a perfect time for you to bloom and grow even in the midst of a hectic schedule and busy days.

Fox & Follow 2021 Muse Roses Planner retails for S$46 and is available at Revel.

14. Klosh Stardust 2021 Planner

Want to enter 2021 with dreams and plans that will bring you out of this world? Klosh’s dreamy Stardust 2021 Planner will help you do just that.

The ethereal, gold design of cosmos and planets might be perfect when reminding you that it’s time to bounce back and soar to newer heights next year.

Klosh Stardust 2021 Planner retails for S$38 at the Klosh website, and is available in Pink and Black.

15. Cath Kidston A5 London 2021 Diary

Thanks to its cheery blue cover and brightly coloured illustrations, the London 2021 Diary by Cath Kidston might help recall some of your best vacations.

Fill up the illustrated pages with exciting plans with friends or new work goals, and perhaps even make plans for travel, which will hopefully be possible soon.

Cath Kidston London 2021 Diary retails for S$57.48 at Amazon. You can also check out diaries in other designs from Cath Kidston in the online store. 

Best monthly planners for 2021

16. Mossery 2021 Planner

Celebrate the new year with a classy, chic planner that carries a design that speaks to you.

Mossery allows you to personalise it with your name or zodiac constellation, making sure that you aim for the stars, whenever you fill up the diary with your plans for 2021.

Mossery 2021 Planners retail for US$28.50 at the Mossery website. Besides the featured design, it is also available in other cheerful looks such as Sand Stone, Pink Clay, City Lights, Tulips and Cosmic Adventures.

17. Indigo 2021 Slim Prism Monthly Diary

This is available in 10 different colourways and perfect as Secret Santa gift. You’ll love that the diary has a clean layout and habit trackers to make sure that your days are filled with productivity. The cheery pop of colour doesn’t hurt as well!

Indigo 2021 Slim Prism Monthly Diary retails for S$19.90 at Naiise. It is available in 10 shades, including Mint, Lavender, Wine, and Cream.

18. Helumi Slow Down Monthly Planner

Helumi’s Slow Down Monthly Planner is what everyone needs in a planner – pocket-friendly but with lots of spaces for notes.

This compact companion will make sure that there will be no missed Zoom meetings or café-hopping sessions because its small size means that it can go wherever you go.

Helumi Slow Down Monthly Planner retails for S$11.90 at the Helumi website.

19. The Laze Co Planners

For those who want something to remind them to take it slow, The Laze Co’s planners will definitely be a great go-to.

With personalisation options available as well, this versatile planner is ideal for jotting down appointments and thoughts every day.

The Laze Co’s planners retail for S$10.50 at The Laze Co’s website, and are available in designs such as Pink Marble, Black Marble and ColorStrokes.

20. Wanna This 2021 Delight Monthly Planner

The Wanna This 2021 Delight Monthly Planner is functional and neat – and pretty to boot.

Compact with a minimalist layout, the Delight planner will make sure the new year is one of happy memories and plans to look forward to.

Wanna This 2021 Delight Monthly Planner retails for US$22.45 at Fall in Design, and is available in Cream, Sunset and Rain.

21. SHP 2021 Planner

2021 is a year to let your individuality shine through and this planner by SHP can be customised with your name so that it’s unique to you.

The vibrant planners will be the best way to inject a little colour into long days, encouraging you to push through all your obstacles in the new year.

SHP Planners retail between S$42.47 and S$29.23 at Etsy.