These 12 cute cleaning equipment will make spring cleaning more fun than you imagine

From cheerful pink llamas to Darth Vaders that clean, these adorable helpers will make spring cleaning so fun, even your kids will offer to help you out.

CNY is around the corner, which means it’s time for the inevitable spring cleaning again.

Although it may be a tedious chore to many of us, it doesn’t necessarily have to be so – especially if you use adorable and quirky cleaning equipment that will make sprucing up your home a fun activity that you can even do with your kids!

Read on to see a list of delightful tools that will make cleaning more fun than ever before!

1. Felissimo penguin mop accessory

Find mopping the floor too mundane a task for you? Spice it up with this penguin accessory that comes with a hole in its torso – it slides through the handle so that you can help this penguin glide around your house while making your floor spanking clean.

When you’re not mopping the floor, you can even use this penguin as a tissue case or keep two packs of disposable wipes in it!

Get Felissimo penguin mop accessory at USD39.99 on Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop.

2. Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Limited Edition – Darth Vader

If you are too lazy to get up and do the vacuuming yourself, you can rely on trusty ol’ Darth Vader to do the job instead.

This robot vacuum not only thoroughly cleans corners and edges of walls, but also comes with fun movie-inspired sound effects for lots of entertainment.

Get Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Limited Edition – Darth Vader at USD975.37 (around SGD1316.76) on Amazon.

3. Qualy Cacbrush Toilet Brush

If you dread cleaning the toilet, this Cacbrush might just change your mind.

It looks like an evergreen succulent cactus when not in use, hiding away its bristles in its ceramic-looking pot – keep this in a corner of your toilet and fool guests into thinking that you’ve kept a fresh succulent in your toilet!

Get Qualy Cacbrush Toilet Brush at SGD49 on Lazada.

4. Fuzzy Pink Llama Duster

This delightful, bright pink llama duster will always put a smile on your face every time you use it – be it from the absurdity of using a smiling llama to dust your table, or from the dust-free furniture that really sparkles after a day’s worth of spring cleaning.

Get Fuzzy Pink Llama Duster at USD12.93 (around SGD17.46) on Amazon.

5. Cartoon Duster

Even if you are not a fan of llamas, you can still get your spring cleaning done with the help of ladybugs, bears, cats, dogs… there’s really no excuse not to be giving your room a little dusting when you have such cute helpers on hand.

Get a cartoon duster at SGD10.93 on Shopee.

6. VIGAR Flower Power Pink Dish Brush with Vase

This multi-purpose brush can be used to scrub any surface clean, and then double up as an ornamental piece on your table to welcome guests during Chinese New Year gatherings – what’s not to love about this?

Get VIGAR Flower Power Pink Dish Brush with Vase at USD10.59 (around SGD14.30) on Amazon.

7. Bear mop slippers

Here’s an easy way to get your young ones to help out with spring cleaning: bear mop slippers! Get everyone in the family to don on these slippers and take a leisurely walk around the house to mop the floor and clean away any traces of dirt and dust.

Get Bear mop slippers at SGD8.10 on Lazada.

8. Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Microwaves are notoriously difficult to clean, so here’s a handy and quirky tool that can cut your cleaning time by half.

All you have to do is pour in vinegar and water into Angry Mama (apt!), add a drop of lemon juice for enhanced fragrance, and then leave it to microwave for seven minutes. The steam will easily clean the curd, grease, and food stains that have accumulated there to give you a microwave that is as good as new!

Get Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner at SGD5.32 on Lazada.

9. Cute broom and dustpan

Don’t settle for boring and plain brooms when you can get one with a cute design – in fact, your kids may love it so much that they will volunteer to help out with sweeping the floor!

Get a cute broom and dustpan at CNY31 (around GSD6.02) on Taobao.

10. Silicone shark scrubber

It’s time to scrub your utensils clean so that they look presentable during reunion dinner, but long-standing food stains are not the easiest to remove.

This humble tool allows you to scrub away the stains on plates and other dining utensils effortlessly using a shark’s teeth, sans the dangers of getting bitten.

Get a silicone shark scrubber at CNY7.50 (around SGD1.46) on Taobao.

11. Bear monitor and keyboard cleaner

Television screen looking a little dusty or desktop monitor dotted with oily fingerprints? You can use this bear’s behind to give your monitor a good wipe so that nothing obstructs your crystal clear view of the usual CNY movie reruns.

Get a bear monitor and keyboard cleaner at CNY18.79 (around SGD3.65) on Taobao.

12. Fruit dishwashing sponge

Take your pick from honeydews, strawberries, mangoes, and oranges  – or just get them all to decorate your kitchen sink.

Get a fruit dishwashing sponge at CNY3.14 (around SGD0.61) on Taobao.